One of the headlining features in the just-released iOS 10 update is the new Messages app. It now includes support for iMessage animations, sketches, enhanced emoji, and third-party apps and sticker packs.

As such, there has been a number of app updates and new releases today with a focus on the new iMessage platform. And we thought it’d be handy for our readers if we rounded up 15 of our favorite downloads. 

Genius – Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge, and with its new iMessage app, you can easily send lyrics from your favorite artists to friends.


Super Mario Run – Show off your feelings with Mario’s expressions or use items to decorate your conversations to make them look like a scene from Mario’s world.

Square Cash – Easily attach money to a message and send to a friend. They can then tap once to claim the cash. Optional gift wrapping lets you keep the amount a surprise.


Fandango – Planning a night out with friends? Got a hot date? Now you can buy movie tickets with friends without ever leaving Messages! Just tap the Fandango icon in Messages and send movies you want to see to your friends, suggest showtimes and buy tickets. Moviegoing has never been easier.

ESPN – Share scores with your friends and watch game highlights directly from iMessage. Just tap the app store logo within Messages and add the ESPN App.


Imoji stickers – imoji is the place to search, share and discover stickers. Create your own and search through millions of imoji stickers created by the community. Now there’s a sticker for every conversation.

JibJab – Choose and send your favorite GIFs with one tap in iMessage on iOS 10 without switching apps or toggling between keyboards.

GamePigeon – Have fun with your friends by playing a collection of excellent two-player games like pool and various card games via iMessage.


OpenTable – With iOS 10, we’re excited to serve you more ways to connect with restaurants, friends, and family around a great meal. We love having you visit us directly, but now you can grab a seat with OpenTable from within Messages!

iTranslate – Communicate with people from all around the world, in over 90 languages from within the iOS 10 Messages app. Features include two-way, real time communication, handy emoji flags, and smart language detection.


Cookie Monster Stickers – Cowabunga! Sesame Street’s favorite cookie-loving monster has his own fun-filled pack of 20+ stickers. You can peel and place these stickers on anything in your conversation — bubbles, images, or even other stickers.

KAYAK – With Kayak for iOS 10, you can easily share your trips and recent searches directly in iMessage.

Iconfactory Stuck On Stickers – from the excellent designers behind hit apps like Twitterrific and various popular Mac icon packs, comes Stuck on Stickers. There’s nothing ground-breaking here, just some very well designed images. My favorite is the pizza sticker!

Words With Friends – Play the world’s most popular mobile word game in Messages! Invite friends from your phone’s contact list and play your moves directly in Messages – No Facebook log-in required.


Emoji Remix – Customize your own emoji! Emoji Remix lets you mix and match features from classic emojis as well as our constantly growing database of new emojis, right inside iMessages.

Find a cool iMessage app or sticker pack that’s not on this list? Tell us about it below!

  • Scotow

    Do my friend has to download the stickers app to see the ones I send ?

    • VITICO

      I doubt that.. im sure they have to be on ios 10 tho

      • Scotow

        Because when I tried to send Mario stickers to my friend, he received it as full size image. But I was not sure about it because we where in the subway and the network was laggy. Will try again tomorrow.

    • askep3

      I’ve had the beta, this is how it works: sending stickers to iOS 10 devices shows them in the proper size, and they do not need the pack installed. On the other hand, non iOS 10 devices (including other OS) display it as they would any other image file.

  • I really want some Pokemon stickers!

    • Olicoop

      So download the Pokemon sticker pack…

      • There’s tons of them and I don’t know which one works with iOS 10.

      • :D

        They all do…

  • Wow, those are some high quality sticker packs and apps!
    I’d like to add “Selfie Stickers for Messages”, which allows you to create your own stickers out of your photos with just three taps. Disclaimer: I made it and it’s pretty basic (but also fast and easy to use)

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Some of my imessage apps aren’t working…I have no idea why. The weather ones are working but the other ones wont load…I was jailbroken and had to go from 9.3.3 to 9.3.5 via ITunes and then OTA to ios 10. You don’t think that screwed anything up do you?

    • iShaun3.84

      I’ve been on the JB train since the beginning and I have never had as much trouble as with doing the exact same thing you did. The only difference is I went 9.3.3 > 9.3.5 > >

      I was getting errors on all my restores/upgrades….I tried restore mode and DFU mode. It was a big pain in the ass. I was finally able to get it working, but it took an atypical amount of effort.

      What I’m getting at is that it’s probably a good idea to just do a restore with since you’re already running it and know you signed without issue. Then you can put those worries to rest. You might even want to go as far as building a clean backup with ibackupbot (there’s a few good articles out there on how to do it…iDB, included) and restore that.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Yeah I was having some issues too. wouldn’t let me go from 9.3.3 to 10 on iTunes I kinda don’t wanna restore. lol I was hoping I wouldn’t have to last night and I didn’t. Maybe reinstall ios 10 would do it. Or is that what you’re saying? lol I wanna try that Genius lyric imessage app! I’m a lyric guy so I was disappointed to see it not load..also I don’t seem to have the music optimization feature in my settings. Do you have to be on icloud music for that to appear?

      • iShaun3.84

        Yeah…just saying a restore is probably best. Also, coming from a JB, even doing a fresh install and restore brings along a lot of the JB stuff. There’s an article on iDB walking through how to take a backup and build a new 1 without all that extra data. It recommends a tool called iBackupbot, I believe. I’ve done it a few times and it really does reduce space used along with making stock iOS snappier. I’ve gotten into a habit of going through that process when moving from JB to stock. Of course, when the new JB comes out, I’ll be hopping on that though 🙂

        I don’t have the optimization option either. I also don’t have iTunes Match so you may be right about that.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Well actually I googled the issue and it seems like, although I havent confirmed for myself, that if you updated the app while on iOS 9 it wont load but if you delete and reinstall the app it will. So when I get home and on wifi im gonna try that.

        Yeah if thats the case thats some BS. When that feature was announced I didnt see anything about what kind of music. I just have 30GB of music in my app thats not from Apple music and was hoping to optimize that.

      • Corey Moore

        I was having the same issue with the ESPN stickers and reinstalling worked for me.

  • nyanken

    check StiChara iMessage app!
    It gives you 48 cute animated stickers for free!