iPhone 7 dark blue Martin Hajek 001

Apple’s suppliers are ramping up production of iPhone 7 parts ahead of the big reveal on September 7, but some manufacturers have been reportedly experiencing serious defects in the waterproof speaker and dual-camera modules for months now, and are yet to be resolved.

As a result, customers may initially face iPhone 7 shortages at launch as Apple’s supply chain deals with low yields, according to a recent report in Nikkei Asian Review. An industry source familiar with the matter did not name any suppliers beyond indicating they’re struggling to produce iPhone 7 parts in volume.

“Apple may need to contend with a supply shortage of the soon-to-be-released new model of its iPhone during the first round of the rollout, due to problems with faulty components,” the outlet has learned. If a single iPhone component cannot be produced in volume, the entire production chain and assembly lines suffer setbacks.

iPhone manufacturer Pegatron and other suppliers have been under pressure recently to reduce their quotes for iPhone 7 parts, which they’ve reportedly refused to do.

In manufacturing, the yield rate tells you how many salable units a client receives at the end of the production process. In addition to incurring higher costs for manufacturers, low yields often hamper their ability to deliver volume of product to the client.

The concerning ripple effects of low yields of the iPhone 7’s speaker and dual-camera components: Apple’s orders for iPhone 7 chips have dropped 15 percent annually while panel orders for new iPhones decreased 20 percent year-over-year.

An industry source told the publication that “If Apple sticks to its launch schedule from last year, there may not be enough supply at the beginning.”

Apparently, iPhone 7 suppliers are trying to fix their low yields as we speak.

iPhone 7 Plus concept  courtesy of 3D artist Martin Hajek.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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      Love this.

    • Of course, we can’t have a perfect release with out supply constraints. It just wouldn’t be right.

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    Good so maybe I can sell mine when I preorder at a premium. I like that blue, please be true.

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    I may have to go with the Note 7 this year and see if it works for me….

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      I am so tempted to do the same

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        The Note 7 explode. Samsung halts shipments.

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      I have an iPhone 6S Plus, 6S and S7 Edge. After 7 years of using android, I still can’t stand it. It looks and feels wrong.

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        6s Plus user here too. I’m on the fence man, I’ve had Notes and Galaxy S variants and you’re right, they just lack refinement right??

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        Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always felt that Android is somehow unfinished. The software has never tried to make anything easier, just more accessible. I’m sure it’s great if you want to tinker and move things around and have widgets and such but I’m not that guy. I use the phone to launch apps, search my phone for emails notes, and documents, browse, and make and receive phone calls/messages. I have all Apple gear (MacBook, AppleTV) which means that the iPhone is infinitely easy to set up for all of the additional features like iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud, Photos, Continuity and Handoff to work on all the other devices. Perhaps I can jank around with Android to get it to do the same thing but it’s easier out of the box! 😉 Good luck on your decision!

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      If it wasn’t such a slow fone I would consider it, as per Phonebuff speedtests.

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    Same rumor ever year.

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    That camerahump

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    Fuckin piece of shit isn’t even out yet and it’s already defective!


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      It’s a rumor, dumbass. Gtfo and go to some horseshit android blog.

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        Why the fvck would I go to an Android blog when I own a fvckin iPhone? I guess like all the other little bitch fanboys that was the only fvckin clever thing you could think to say. SMH

        Yeah a fvckin rumor that like 85% of all the other rumors will ultimately end up being TRUE! Especially with crApple’s shitty ass track record these days, it wouldn’t fvckin surprise me!

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        lmao fanboy hurt af hold this L

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        I’m not a fan boy lmao it’s just annoying, if all you’re going to do is bitch about Apple and call them “crapple” why are you even here?

    • Why are you blaming Apple though. It clearly says the suppliers for the parts have the issues..blame the company’s suppling the parts because that definitely makes more sense. You might say they should get better suppliers but what company out there is perfect, none so just relax.

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        bruh its apples fault stop defending them when they’re straight up wrong

      • Oh sorry I forgot Apple makes the world go around. I apologize..

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        “what company is perfect” You should explain that to all the lame ass fanboys who pretend like crApple is PERFECT then! =)

      • Pretending and actually seriously saying it is two different things. In fact I’ve never seen a fans comment stating Apple is perfect… Thats what haters think they say..

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    How is it that every year it’s always some bull****?? Really, faulty speakers?? How wasn’t this a problem before?? I already decided to skip the next few iPhones but like always there’s going to be some “shortages” at launch.

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        I very much object being called a “little bitch ass faggot fanboy”. I’m more of a very, very big bitch. And as for the “ass faggot” bit, well you got me there, only I don’t shove my iPhone up my arse, I woud use something much bigger, maybe your head might fit? You undoubtedly have a large one. Oh, and I don’t eat shit. Never. Only people like you. Which, coincidently, would be very much like eating shit. As they say in France “Merde chatte mangeant”

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        hold this L….you fanboys will defend apple no matter how wrong they are lmao apple has been taking Ls consistently and slacking on updating their phones then rather than giving people what they want they take away what they want as if its their decision on whats best for customers. they’re gonna go under if they keep up with this, thats exactly why their sales are down

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        I called the crApple store tonight and let them know that I found one of their “tools” they been missing. Don’t worry bro, we’ll get you back safe in the toolbox in no time. =)

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    Lol apple realy need to stop thinking profits and put their customers first. If they really wanted to they can find a company that can meet demands at certain deadlines.

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      If crApple would put their damn customers FIRST then they would be making more PROFITS! But instead they wanna release the same recycled shit year after year after year that only idiot fanboys will buy! Everyone else (myself included) are just continuing to enjoy our older devices rather than “downgrading” every year.

      I mean seriously, what’s the point in buying a new device when the one you got is 98% identical to the newer model? Doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention that if you’re into Jailbreaking then it’s just a no brainer to NOT get a new device which will ultimately come with a new version of iOS that is useless and full of issues that by the time crApple gets them worked out it will be time for a new device to come out! SMH