iOS 9 adoption rates August 18

Various editions of iOS 9 are currently installed on 87 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, a one-point gain versus a month ago. During the same period, iOS 8 has dropped from eleven to ten percent of devices, suggesting much of iOS 9’s growth could be owed to upgrades. Earlier editions of iOS continue to comprise about three percent of devices.

The stats were derived from Apple’s logs capturing devices that accessed the App Store on August 15, 2016, and are publicized on the App Store dashboard.

By comparison, Google’s official stats have Android 6.0 Marshmallow powering 15.2 percent of smartphones and tablets, with the two-year-old Lollipop (5.0-5.1) OS found on more than one-third of Android hardware (35.3 percent).

Google’s numbers don’t take into account the following:

  • Devices without Google Play services, like those sold in China
  • Forked Android builds, like Amazon Fire OS
  • Devices running Android versions older than 2.2
  • Any other devices that did not visit the Play Store during a seven-day period ending on August 1, 2016

Google’s fragmentation problem and slow rollouts of software upgrades by carriers and device vendors should be blamed for the fact that a vast majority of Android device owners run software more than two years old.

Android adoption 20160818

Of course, Android continues to dominate in terms of worldwide market share.

As per Gartner, Android smartphones accounted for 86.2 percent of worldwide sales in the June quarter. During the same period, iOS lost two percentage points, falling from 14.6 percent worldwide in the second quarter of 2015 to 12.9 percent.

“In the second quarter of 2016, Samsung had nearly 10 percent more market share than Apple,” said Gartner. “Samsung saw sales of its Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones compete strongly with Chinese manufacturers. Its new smartphone portfolio also helped Samsung win back share it recently lost in emerging markets.”

Gartner smartphone platforms 2016H2

iPhone sales dipped sharply in Greater China and Asia/Pacific and slightly in Apple’s two strongest markets: U.S. and Western Europe. On a more positive note, its sales in Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Sub-Saharan Africa grew 95 percent year over year.

Gartner smartphones 2016H2

All told, the Cupertino firm has had three consecutive quarters of slowing demand as sales declined 7.7 percent. In Apple’s defense, market share doesn’t tell the whole story.

For starters, the company does not compete in the mid and low-end of the global smartphone market at all—its most affordable iPhone is the $399 iPhone SE.

With strong global sales of sub-$400 devices (most of the handsets sold in India are sub-$100 phones, for example), of course market share numbers are going to be skewed significantly in Android’s favor.

Bottom line: Android is the world’s most-used mobile OS, but iOS remains the king of the hill when it comes to device and app profitability and third-party software support.

What’s your read of these stats?

Source: Apple

  • Scott Curry

    Gee. I wonder if the late rise has anything to do with a recent jailbreak release…

    • Dany Quirion

      99% of ios users dont give a crap about jailbreak

      • Scott Curry

        Nice made up statistic you have there…

      • John Smith

        It’s not made up. 1 billion iOS devices, probably saying 100 million jailbreak is a huge exaggeration. 99.99% would be more accurate.

      • Scott Curry

        Not made up? Cool. Show me where you got your information from. Links andor citations?

      • John Smith

        I know I’m wasting my time because you’re going to continue being a childish prick, but for others who actually will do their research this is what I have. When Apple reached the 500 million mark for iOS devices, roughly 23 million were reported to be jailbroken and active. This was at the time iOS 6 was released I believe, so jailbreaking really was in high demand, as on top of tweaks, full fledged themes could have been made, which since iOS 7 have been limited to simply changing icons.

        As the theme customization went down, and iOS went more colorful and feature-rich, less and less people felt the need to jailbreak their devices apart from the dedicated fanbase, and piraters (which you probably are as well).

        And as quality tweaks disappeared, less and less people have been inclined to rejailbreak because their tweak purchases would go to waste an update or two later. By iOS 9, only about 7 million people jailbroke their iOS devices, which really is saying something about the jailbreak scene.

        Even when you take outdated devices that can no longer be hacked, over half a million devices still support the latest iOS version. By adding numbers, it is still less than 1%. If you’re seriously going to continue saying “where’s your proof”, you can go do the research yourself under “percentage of people jailbreaking iphones”.

      • Tommy

        correct, shut up the child 😀

      • Scott Curry

        I did 🙂

      • Scott Curry

        It’s not on me to do any research as I’m not providing any statistics. I didn’t know asking for validation of stats was childish. I thought it’s childish to spout stats with nothing to back it up.

        Dig on this: 83.6% of reported statistics are made up on the spot.


      • John Smith

        You do realize if I post a link Disqus will “queue” my comment to be approved by iDB right? Sometimes it takes them a few days to approve it. Stop dragging this further than it needs to go and look it up. Or continue being obnoxious, whichever seems easier for you. I got Stranger Things to catch up to.

      • Scott Curry

        I stated a possible correlation, nothing more. You want to try to be a ‘childish prick’ and throw out justification of stats just trying to continue an argument that you didn’t even start in the first place. No one was even talking to you until you felt the need to step in with your anonymous login. So…John Smith (lol)….go watch your Netflix and just chillllllllllll. I’m done with you. Bye Felicia.