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Duo, a video calling app announced at Google I/O 2016, released today in the App Store as a free download. A one-to-one video calling app “for everyone,” Duo allows iPhone users to call their Android-toting friends, and vice versa. After signing up with your mobile phone number, you can place video calls to contacts who also have Duo installed on their device. According to Google, Duo for Android and iOS began rolling out today and will be live worldwide in the next few days.

Knock Knock

Duo includes a feature, called Knock Knock, which lets you see live video of your caller before you answer, giving you a sense of what they’re up to and why they want to chat.

Once the call is accepted, the video continues uninterrupted.

Google claims Knock Knock helps make the video calling experience “more spontaneous and welcoming, helping you connect with the person before you even pick up.” The company, however, did not specify whether Knock Knock is available on iOS and in which form given iOS does not permit video to be shown before the user unlocks the handset and answers the call.

Duo’s minimalist user interface strives to take the complexity out of video calling and the underlying technology was designed to connect video calls quickly and work well even on slower networks by adjusting quality to changing network conditions.

When bandwidth is limited, Duo will “gracefully reduce the resolution” and/or switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically, without dropping the call.

“We built Duo with an emphasis on privacy and security, and all Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted,” says the company. As mentioned, no separate account is required to use Duo—all you need to sign up is your mobile phone number.

Grab Duo for free from the App Store.

Source: Google

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Google will dominate the app market soon.
    Google photo’s unlimited backup has no match.

    • nirmitlamed

      Google does already has a lot of apps but i wouldn’t be so sure about those new apps that will make an impact on the rest of the messaging apps. Google due has a unique feature but not powerful enough to make people abandon their other apps. The same about Google Allo. Whatsapp and other Chinese messaging apps have to many users and more usable features than Google allo has. Not to forget the messaging apps can be updated to support the same Allo features if only the company wants to.

    • Rowan09

      Google photos has no match? Flickr gives you backups as well and more popular, there are tons of other and better options. None of Googles apps besides maps and YouTube is a huge success if you ask me. Hangouts failed, Google + failed, Google voice failed, drive is like every other services, etc. Samsung users has their own built in video calling service.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        I had Flickr in my mind while typing but how almost everyone uses gmail as email service it’s no surprise Google photos will gain popularity at a fast pace, of course I may be wrong but after using google photos I’m in love with that app. I never worry about backing my photos no more like I used to every week a year ago.
        And the fact Google being the largest search engine it’s artificial intelligence algorithms will develop faster than any other algorithm.

      • Rowan09

        I tried it but couldn’t get it to upload some videos I had so I stopped using it, plus the fact Google can use your photos is a no go for me. Gmail offers nothing over any other popular mail service, I use it along with live and live works more consistent than gmail.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        If you are worried about your online privacy then I must say nothing is private online. Everything can be hacked. And in this age with Facebook, Google and tons of other clouds nothing is safe unless you go old school and backup your data in a hard drive and put it in a bio metric safe buried 10 feet under ground on some remote location.
        Did you ever thought how almost your entire life is online from your bank accounts to that check in at some movie, if a hacker decides to specifically target a person that person is so fuked.
        I bet world war 3 will be a digital one.

      • Rowan09

        I use my own WD cloud storage and it’s 2 TB which is perfect for me. I also don’t have anything crazy on the cloud.

      • Blip dude

        It’s not even a privacy concern, but man cloud storage just outright sucks. It’s always either the data or just the service itself. Also, by having on a solid flash drive it’s already there.

        I feel bad for the kids on campus whenever servers go down and can’t access their assignments because apparently flash drives are now obsolete (hahaha), yet complain because they didn’t have a plan B to access their stuff.

        I tried Google Photos, and yes I enjoyed it but it still came down to crappy connections and waiting hours to restore my stuff back so just like all other cloud storages, I had to pass.

      • Mike

        I’m a college student and servers rarely go down.. plus when you are working with a big company like google the chances of servers going down is close to none. The benefit of have cloud backup is that if you have a 2tb hard drive and if your house burns down, HD breaks, or etc. all your pictures will still be backed up.

        @Rowan09 Also for the people that are so worried about google using their pictures are straight up stupid… Think about this… There’s millions of people in the world that use Google photos. Just on android there’s 500 million downloads… Now pretend each person has 10 pictures so the number of pictures would be 5 billion… So the chances that your picture would be picked is 10/5,000,000,000. Just I only have over 500 pictures backed up.

    • jalexcarter

      no…Amazon’s unlimited everything backup has no match.

    • ravinigga

      True also the have a lot of power on our private info

  • Syed

    Google did mention this but:

    Incoming calls will not automatically show the Knock Knock preview on iOS. iOS users will not receive a Knock Knock video preview from incoming calls unless Duo is already open. Outgoing calls will show a video preview to Android contacts only. All users can disable Knock Knock at any time.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    This app is not available in India and I really want to try it. And yes I do have a state iTunes account but switching deletes all your Apple Music.

    • racerhomie2

      dont worry ,they said they will launch it worldwide within a few days

    • Kiran Bhavikeri

      It is available in India…look up Google Duo in App Store.

  • oo.p

    previewing the video before picking up the call is a terrible idea

    • Bill

      I disagree and liken it to screening a call on an answering machine. If you don’t know what I mean- I’m referring to a land line phone with a physical answering machine. When someone would call and you let the machine pick up, the caller would start to leave a message. If it was someone you didn’t want to talk to you let them leave the message. If you did want to talk to them you picked the phone up and did so. This was before caller ID was a thing, mind you.

      At any rate, I think knock knock is a novel idea.

    • Blip dude

      I wouldn’t call it a bad idea, but I can see scenarios where it could go terrible.

  • John Smith

    “Unable to register”. Their servers are overloaded and in the error message they blame my connection.

    • Robert Martin

      same here.

  • diggitydang

    Not available in Canada yet… 🙁

  • Abdullah Safdar

    I want a Huawei Nexus 6p….

  • Sebastián Junca 

    It looks nice, bit it drains your battery more than facetime or even Skype. Hope they’ll fix it soon.