CameraTweak 4 iOS 9 photography

By far one of the most comprehensive jailbreak tweaks for the iOS Camera app known as CameraTweak 4 has been updated with full support for iOS 9 this week.

The tweak brings a wide range of features to the stock Camera app that empower you to turn yourself into a professional mobile photographer. We’ll talk a little about it in this review.

The king of photography tweaks?

I’ve been in the jailbreak tweak review business for several years, and CameraTweak is probably the one photography tweak that I get excited about each and every year. Although I’m on the fence about jailbreaking my daily driver, CameraTweak 4 certainly makes things more tempting, even on iOS 9.3.3.

The tweak basically takes a lot of the features you can have from several third-party App Store apps and bakes them right into the stock Camera app so you don’t have to download other apps from the App Store. But, because it’s a jailbreak tweak, you can bet it has more to offer than the App Store does, simply because the App Store is limited by Apple’s restrictions and Cydia is not.

With CameraTweak 4, not only can your iPhone photography improve, but so can your videography. The tweak adds features to the photo-snapping and video-capture features in the app, as we’ll discuss below.

Features for photographers

If you’re an amateur photographer and you like how automatic Apple’s iPhone cameras are in terms of point-and-shoot capability, then you’ll probably love to see what the iPhone camera is capable of when you take full manual control over its features. Yes, full manual control.

CameraTweak 4 iOS 9 photography

CameraTweak 4 provides an all-in-one interface that is built directly into the stock Camera app on your iPhone. You can hide and show the additional features by tapping on the Camera-shaped button just by the Camera Roll button.

Among the features that the tweak provides for iPhone photographers are:

  • Manual ISO
  • Separated focus and white balance
  • White balance lock
  • Aperture settings
  • Various photography guides
  • Lapse timer
  • Un-mirrored selfies
  • And more…

Everything is built right into the “Photo” section of the Camera app, and you can swipe left and right between them to get into the settings you really want to use. The tweak works great on all iOS devices, whether you’re using a small iPhone SE or a larger iPhone 6s Plus.

With these features, you can better control your focus and your exposure, giving you better shots that Apple’s automatic software just aren’t good at catching.

Features for videographers

In addition to improving the photography aspect of the default Camera app, CameraTweak 4 also builds off of the core functionality of recording videos.

CameraTweak 4 iOS 9 video recording

If you’re looking to capture better-quality video than you could with Apple’s own automatic software, then CameraTweak 4 has you covered with several add-ons, including:

  • Manual quality selection
  • Manual FPS adjustments
  • Changing the video stabilization
  • Pause and resume for video capture
  • White balance adjustments
  • And more…

With the beautiful 4K video recording capability that is built into Apple’s latest handsets, having this additional software to give you more manual overrides over the hardware is going to present you with opportunities to record video like you never have before on your iPhone.

To access the new settings in video-capture mode, you just need to enter the “Video” section of the Camera app and you will see a new quality and FPS selection button to the right of the recording button. Simply tap, and then make adjustments where necessary.

Configuring the tweak

The tweak honestly doesn’t have anything to configure. A preferences pane is added to the Settings app where you can enable or disable the tweak on demand.

CameraTweak 4 preferences pane

The developer notes right under the user manual that there are going to be updates in the future that add more configuration, so it seems this is an early release of a growing project for iOS 9 devices. So we recommend you stay patient, because this is, and always has been, one heck of a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices.

Wrapping up

We’ll skip the “My opinion on…” part of the post where I usually include in my personal opinion because, to me, it seems pointless to add in this review. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about CameraTweak 4 and it’s always been one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks to have just because of the photography features you get from it that you don’t normally have in a stock installation of iOS.

If you want to take better photos and videos, get this. It’s a wonderful add-on for iOS 9.0-9.3.3 that can be had for just $1.49 in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Moreover, if you already own a previous version of CameraTweak, then CameraTweak 4 is a free upgrade!

What are your thoughts on having this additional functionality built right into the stock Camera app in iOS? Share below!

  • Manor

    Nice tweak, but having manual controls won’t turn your iPhone into a professional camera.

    • sg1969

      and having a professional camera doesn’t turn you into a good photographer. What’s your point?

      • Manor

        I don’t see how is that related.

  • tjedison

    Also, you can get all of these features without jailbreak with any of a half-dozen camera apps.

    • Noted in post. But I prefer stock apps.

      • tjedison

        You prefer stock apps, yet you jailbreak the OS. Seems odd.

      • Personally I don’t jailbreak my daily driver. I keep separate devices for jailbreaking and tinkering and keep my daily driver free for reliability and ease of restoring. Especially surrounding the confusion of this jailbreak.

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Your logic sucks. Non jailbroken users use stock apps as well. Jailbreaking has nothing to do with using stock apps. It depends on the user.

      • tjedison

        I know. I just felt it odd to be loyal to a stock app over a specialized third-party app, while meanwhile you hack the system to modify the stock app to no longer be stock. That’s all. To each his own.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    What is the tweak that allows you to change the video quality without going to Settings?

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Is the screenshots for 4-inch, 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch screen?

  • andiebrust

    Thx. Good review. Will give it a shot (pun intended) 🙂

  • Steve

    Love this tweak!! (And great review!)

  • Mike T4

    Still using its iOS 6 version, very handy, although sometimes freezes

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for an update for a while.

  • Bluerose

    great app, but after updating to 9.3 this version is lacking the FPS feature fro video. It says “NAN fps. tap here to apply”… but it doesnt do anything. Is there a fix.

  • plumed

    What does the yellow exclamation mark mean in the video mode (as pictured)?