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Springtomize 3 is arguably one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks in Cydia today, mostly because of its vast array of customization options for the multiple features throughout iOS.

Despite an iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak having dropped without much warning, the developer maintaining Springtomize 3 has already launched an update with full support for the new jailbreak from Pangu.

Customize your device how you want to

It’s no secret that Springtomize 3 packs a lot of features into one single jailbreak tweak for a fair price. In fact, with this amazing all-in-one monster tweak, you eliminate the need to install a lot of petty individual tweaks from Cydia.

The tweak was originally created by well-known iOS developer Filippo Bigarella, but as he became busier with his life, the tweak’s development was passed on to iOS developer Janosch Hübner (AKA sharedRoutine) to maintain for future jailbreak releases.

Springtomize 3 gives you options for modifying all the following parameters of your iOS device:

  • Animations
  • App Slider
  • Control Center
  • Dock
  • Folders
  • Icons
  • Lock screen
  • Notification Center
  • Pages
  • Status Bar

The list of options from each pane are extensive, and the new tweak update is virtually no different than the version before it, so going too far into the specifics would be redundant. Instead, we’ll let you watch Jeff’s old review of Springtomize 3 below:

Since the tweak’s core functionality really hasn’t changed, all or most of the same settings still apply. You can still use Springtomize 3 to customize your SpringBoard and other features of iOS with extreme precision and depth.

Wrapping up

Springtomize 3 is a $2.99 download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for everyone who doesn’t already own it, however Cydia is not yet allowing purchases from jailbreakers given the fact that the Pangu jailbreak is still so new. As a result, the only people who can download the updated version of Springtomize 3 right now are those who already own it, as it’s a free update for everyone that owned it previously.

Saurik should be enabling purchases in Cydia after a week or two when the jailbreak and Cydia become more stable, so be sure to check back frequently to see if you can purchase it if you’re unable to do so right now.

Keep in mind that Springtomize 3 also currently works with iOS 7 and iOS 8, in addition to iOS 9.

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  • Connecting Mac User 

    I miss “Jeff with iDownloadblog” far better than “Jeff from 9to5mac” doesn’t sound sweet.. Just saying 🙂

    • tariq

      Agreed! He is my fav. blogger

    • Steve Harold

      I still come here, but I now use ad block

  • tariq

    what about activator? thats my main consern

  • Wak Jon

    it doesn’t work well with landscape orientation, turns out this way, help needed

    • It may be because the developer forgot to iron out iPad bugs. Email him.

  • Ds

    there are still some bugs with it. Landscape on some devices doesn’t work, as well as custom carrier leave you with no signal fluctuation. You are either left with it showing you have no signal or that you have full bars.

    • Definitely some bugs, but they’ll get ironed out. Forward all that you find to the developer.

  • Neal Savage

    Just got it, but it says it doesn’t work on my ios ( iOS 9.3.3 )

    • Make sure to refresh your Cydia sources. It sounds like you’re looking at an older version.

  • Rahimo

    Have you noticed when the device resprings, the screen gets blurry before Apple logo appears !! what is the tweak that can do that blur???