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It’s very nice to have a jailbreak for the purpose of modifying your iOS device(s) any way you want to, but should you move forward with the iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak in its current state?

In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not you should.

Choosing whether or not to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

The jailbreak for iOS 9.2-9.3.3 just came out of nowhere. Nobody was expecting the jailbreak to drop over the weekend when it did, and because of that, very little is known about the nature of the jailbreak and just how reliable it is going to be over time.

There are some pros and cons to this jailbreak that need to be considered before you even attempt to jailbreak your daily driver. We’ll do our best to cover most of them in this piece.

The ups of jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3

For those of you that haven’t had a jailbreak for months because you accidentally updated your iOS version or something went wrong when you were jailbroken and you were unable to downgrade back, this is the jailbreak for you. This is your chance to have something to hold you over until iOS 10 is released.

The jailbreak is fully functional and lets you take control of and modify your device how you want to. With it, you get full access to your iOS device’s filesystem, and you can modify lines of code to change the normal look and behavior of your device.

Jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 has also been made ultra-simple, as not only do you have the choice of jailbreaking from a Windows PC or a virtual machine on your Mac, but you can even jailbreak the device directly from your Safari web browser just like you could with JailbreakMe 3.0 in 2011.

Pangu has also released an English version of the jailbreak tool that works on all platforms (OS X, Windows, and Linux) and lets you jailbreak your iOS 9.2-9.3.3 devices.

As another plus, iOS 9.3.3 has all of the latest new features, bug fixes, and security updates of all of Apple’s recent iOS releases, and as a result, there’s a big advantage in usability and peace of mind when jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3.

On the other hand, there are some cons to the jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 as well, so let’s touch on those next.

The downs of jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3

If you’re already jailbroken with iOS 9.0.2, then you’re enjoying what’s called an untethered jailbreak. This means you can reboot your device as much as you want to, and Cydia is always going to be there for you, ready to launch and utilize.

Of course, the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak isn’t as luxurious. Here, we get what’s known as a semi-untethered jailbreak, which means you can still reboot your device as much as you need to, but every time you do, you will need to re-run the Pangu app from your Home screen in order to revitalize Cydia. Otherwise, it’s just going to crash every time you open it.

For most people who have been without a jailbreak for so long, the semi-untethered jailbreak is a small price to pay for convenience of modifying your device in any way you want to. But for others, who are already comfortably jailbroken at iOS 9.0.2, upgrading to iOS 9.3.3 and jailbreaking with this semi-untethered jailbreak is going to feel very much like a downgrade.

If you’re using a 32-bit device like an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, or iPhone 5c, then you can’t jailbreak at all right now. These devices are unsupported by the tool, as only 64-bit devices can be jailbroken whilst on iOS 9.3.3.

Some who have successfully jailbroken their devices are even seeing bugs where lots of apps on their devices are crashing more often, and this may be due to a corruption during the jailbreak process that happened because the process is still buggy.

And the grand-daddy of all the cons of this jailbreak is that it relies on certificates. These are little files that expire after some time, and when they do, you will be forced to re-run the jailbreak tool to refresh your certificates. If you don’t, the jailbreak will expire and your jailbreak will become dysfunctional until you re-run the tool.

Free certificates expire after 7 days, while full developer certificates will last 1 year.

Meeting in the middle: the compromise

Despite the pros and cons, there are some compromises that can make things either worth it, or not:

  1. Apple ID: Despite the fact that you need to sign in with an Apple ID to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3, you can always make a phony Apple ID on Apple’s website and use that Apple ID to sign into Pangu. This way, you don’t trust unknown entities with your personal information.
  2. Safari method: The Safari jailbreak method is significantly more convenient than the Windows method. It doesn’t require an Apple ID, and the developers behind them can run certificates with extended expiration dates, which may be preferred by users.
  3. Semi-untether: Although the semi-untether isn’t the most convenient form of a jailbreak, it’s still much better than having a tethered jailbreak. You may remember the rednsn0w days when you would actually disable your device when you turned it off until you connected it to a computer and re-ran redsn0w. Well with a semi-untether, that will never happen.
  4. 3rd party app store: A third-party app store is installed with the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak hosted by 25PP, but it’s super easy to remove so you can just focus on what’s important: Cydia. The English Pangu jailbreak tool doesn’t bundle the store with it.
  5. Bugs: Bugs are an unfortunate reality of every single jailbreak released in the history of this community. Things are always rocky at the start, but after a while, enough updates are pushed for the jailbreak that it’s stable enough for everyone to use. So just remain patient.

My opinion

Because I want the choice to be as simple as possible for everyone out there, I firmly believe that those with an untethered jailbreak on iOS 9.0-9.0.2 should stay where they are. I think the untethered jailbreak is a very valuable jailbreak and isn’t worth giving up for something like this just yet.

On the other hand, if you have no jailbreak at all, then a semi-untethered jailbreak is always better than no jailbreak, so if you fall under this distinction, then I say go for it!

I’m sure that within a week or two, this jailbreak will become more stable and the process to keep it up and running will become a second nature to everyone involved in the community. By the time iOS 10 is launched, it hopefully won’t be long before another untethered jailbreak sees the light of day.

Wrapping up

So should you jailbreak? Ultimately, the choice to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 is up to you, and I can’t change your mind, but I do think that waiting a few more days until more stable jailbreak tools, or better yet an English version from Pangu themselves, are released.

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Have you jailbroken your iOS 9.3.3 device yet? Share in the comments!

  • Johnny

    Already done

    Love my NEW iphone SE

  • TwinSon

    I’ll wait. I’m enjoying iOS 10 Beta and there is too many hoops to jump through. I’m sure in a week or two we will have a fully functioning untethered JB at which point I’ll go ahead and get it.

    • Yeah, me too. I’m surprisingly happy on stock iOS 10

      • AlphaPoppy

        Same here. iOS 10 exceeded my expectations

    • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

      Me too…iOS 10 beta has lots of nice features. However I decided go back 9.3.3 jailbreak it while Apple still sign it. What if 9.3.4 came stops jB as well as official iOS 10 then you stuck! That’s why I am now completed JB 9.3.3 and I can always decide to go iOS 10 later if I want.

      • TwinSon

        That is literally my only concern. I don’t think the signing window will close that early but we’ll see.

      • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

        My option as mentioned can’t go wrong. But if we assume Apple will takes time for stop signing 9.3.3 then by all mean…Apple has known for surprises us many times in the past. iOS 10 beta is super nice and I love it. But we have an option to go back up version – not able to downgrade…We got nothing to loose to JB 9.3.3 now. But to stay at iOS 10 beta could miss an opportunity of JB- It’s your call everyone and I am enjoying my new JB, all feature I needed available at this point….Except Activator and Springtomize then should be completed for me

    • Leslie B

      What hoops? The Safari version is the easiest jailbreak ever!

      Please tell me what’s so great about iOS 10. I’d much rather have my jailbreaks than the few meager “improvements” Apple adds each year.

  • Hugo Guardado

    Got a question im 9.1 havent jb my phone barely got my device replacement and this new one came with ios 9.1 haven jb it jet. Should i upgrade to ios 9.3.3 and jailbreak it or stay on ios 9.1 and jailbreak it?

    • Bryan M. Hill

      Stay on 9.1 and JB. Once fully untethered 9.3.3 JB comes out then upgrade. I’m know 9.1 JB and will stay

  • peter

    Any news on the Apple TV 4 jailbreak. It is 64 bit

  • iFlasher

    You forgot that iOS 9.0.2 with jailbreak is very unstable (Random Reboots, random slowdowns). I had my device in ios 9.0.2 with jailbreak, I see pagun releasing 9.3.3 jailbreak and I updated without doubts.

    • It’s not very unstable on my device at all. Very stable. I’ve been using it for months.

      • Alex-V

        Then try iOS 9.3.3 will definitely see or feel a difference

      • I have one device on each, there is little difference. Granted the 9.3.3 device is a much newer one, so to feels slightly snappier.

      • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

        agreed…I have JB 9.0.2 on iPhone 5s and 9.3.3 on iphone 6s….much snappier on 6s….I think combination of hardware and JB coding helps a lots….. Loving my 9.3.3 JB on iphone 6s now….So far so good and smoooooooth

      • Blip dude

        No way!! I was on iOS 9.0.2 and had to deal with the constant crashing and random reboots, even without any tweaks installed. I ended up updating to 9.2 and it was refreshing to say the least. I’ll wait it out a few more days with this Jailbreak.

      • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

        Sorry to hear that….you need to restore it and perform 9.3.3 JB as I see it very stable so far. Hint: Don’t queue up lots of tweaks on Cydia. Just install one at the time. Simple tweaks you might be fine.

    • Chris

      I’ve been running iOS 9.0.2 for a long time now and haven’t noticed any slowness, the worst thing that occurs is random reboots which happened on stock iOS 9 too.

    • h4nd0fg0d

      Funny bc I’ve been on 9.0.2 jb ever since its inception, have about 25 tweaks running and have literally never experienced what you describe on my 6s+. So, semi tethered, buggy 9.3.3 jb being better. Lol, if you say so mate.

      • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

        Don’t be hard head my friend 🙂 Believe us, just JB, don’t like it go back unless you are currently JB 9.0.2. I don’t say it for the heck of it. I jb since 2007 and not skipping a single version of diff developers. So currently JB is the reason I bought new iphone yesterday as I was holding on my 5S for looooong time.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        I am jb 9.0.2. Cheers

    • Digitalfeind

      I e never had an issue with 9.0.2 jailbreak. Random reboots were on stock iOS 9 as well. Slowdowns were probably your fault in loading many tweaks and such. As always tweaks are not always compatible with other tweaks.

    • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

      Totally different experience here with my JB 9.0.2 (iPhone 5S) nearly perfect JB ever since iPhone 2G in 2007. The latest JB 9.3.3 nice too on my iPhone 6S. I use lots of tweaks and not a simple JB. Perhaps lucky me or else someone must have done incorrect some step during the JB process

    • 5723alex .

      You forgot that iOS 9.0.2 is missing 100 security fixes including FaceTime and Stagefright.

  • Tim

    Haven’t had a jailbroken device in almost a year now and I can’t say I miss it very much… iOS has grown a lot.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Hell no! Full untether or bust!

  • Andrew

    I’m so glad I jumped from 9.0.2 to 9.3.3. Feels like a new phone. Only one or two tweaks I like aren’t updated yet, but I can wait it out.

    I say go for it if your device is already on iOS 9.0 or higher. If you’re on iOS 8.x that depends on if you want to upgrade to iOS 9 and risk the performance loss.

    • Kristina

      I’m still on ios 8.x (I missed the signing window for the 9.0 jailbreak) and trying to decide whether to do this Chinese version or wait for the English one. You mention a performance loss – is there a loss in performance between 8.x and 9?

      • Andrew

        It depends what device you’re on. I actually haven’t upgraded any devices of my own from iOS 8 to 9, but I know older devices (like iPad 2, iPad Mini 1, iPhone 4S) might struggle. I’m using an iPhone 6S as my daily driver, so it’s never been on iOS 8.

  • Alex-V

    Hard to I switched from android phone to iPhone 6 6 months ago..and now had my new contract with an iPhone 6s 128gb..I tried the jailbreak and it run good..some fine things installed from cydia..and it’s nice to have for example..16:9 photos on normal camera..or make a wave the hand on the proximity sensor to get display off…but most of the times I tried some things..I get to safe mode because its not ready for ios9.3.3 and so yeah bit buggy..on the other hand I had my 6s with iOS 10 Beta…and if i must choose..i would stay at the iOS 10 Beta ..its more stable..and the things they changed are good..did anyone see that they changed the alarm clock in the lockscreen or the timer that displays now in lockscreen..

    • Juschan

      well off topic but i got to ask… you came from android .. i have been an iPhone nearly ever since and had my last android phone almost 3 years ago.. but i am actually planning on getting an android phone again would you call it a bad idea? i would really appreciate the opinion of smb who might not be a fanboy

      • flosserelli

        I’ve had multiple jailbroken iPhones as well as multiple rooted android phones. A jailbroken iPhone isn’t exactly the same thing as a rooted android phone (besides the obvious differences in operating systems), but they are similar. It really depends on which operating system you feel more comfortable with, and which app store you’ve dumped the most money into. If you have already spent a lot of money in Google’s Play store, then you are better off sticking with android, and vice-versa. I think a rooted android phone offers more versatility & overall functionality than a jailbroken iPhone. However, I still use iPhone because (1) iMessage runs circles around any stock android messaging app, and (2) now that legit adblockers are available on iOS, I don’t miss AdAway as much.

      • Alex-V

        Well..both systems have some Good’s ..but I got back on iPhones simply smoother as android..also in gameplay..and of course the better updates..and build quality..all my android phones from htc and Samsung I must sent in repair…and I was in love with android but this is over I even was made rims and such things..was a dev in xda development..

      • flosserelli

        Same here. I was a flashaholic, but I eventually got tired of tweaking everything, and every custom rom has its issues.

      • Alex-V
  • I was on iOS 9.0.2 (untethered jailbreak) and due to my situation, went against the advice of the article and updated to 9.3.3 and installed the semi-untethered jailbreak. Because I used a direct update and not a restore, all of my previous preference files were kept intact and I didn’t have to set up all of my tweak configurations from scratch (they had to be reinstalled, though).

    For me, this was better than 9.0.2, as for some reason that iOS version had a graphical bug that caused serious frame rate drops in UI animation whenever blurs were used (this was an issue even on stock, before jailbreaking). The system used to crash and respring sporadically and no crash logs were generated, so I was never able to find the cause of the problem (although in the diagnosis process I did end up uninstalling a bunch of tweaks which somewhat improved system performance). Finally, I wanted to use a Smart Battery Case and also might be issued with an Apple Watch soon. iOS 9.0.2 doesn’t support the battery case and also doesn’t allow me to use the latest version of WatchOS. With 9.3.3, all of the above issues were fixed and despite the slight inconvenience of the semi-untether, it was worth the improvements.

    Side note: While Activator isn’t updated to support 9.3.3, if you were already jailbroken before updating to 9.3.3 and rejailbreaking, your gesture settings would have been kept and you can keep using most of them. Activator’s main issue is that it sends you to Safe Mode if you try to add new gestures, but with pre-existing preferences this becomes less of an issue.

    • jeffrey

      Were you able to fix the frame drops? I have the same problem after Jailbreaking on 9.3.3. I had originally no problems when I used the Chinese program but it started after the safari certificate was blocked and I ended up using the English version of the tool, I’ve no idea if that is what is causing it.

      • I haven’t switched from the Chinese tool to the English version, 9.3.3 is generally stable and very occasionally I get some frame rate drops but these aren’t as severe as the constant issues on iOS 9.0.2 and usually go away by themselves rather than being persistent as before. If rebooting doesn’t fix your device, maybe a recently installed tweak or update could be causing it? (Or maybe Spotlight is indexing in the background)

      • jeffrey

        I had tried rebooting without any result but this time it seems to have worked. I also disabled some spotlight options. Thank you very much for the help!

  • xoFoxtail

    I like iOS 10 too much to downgrade. But, oh do I miss Zeppelin.

  • Douglas L. Warren

    I’m still jailbroken on 8.4. Can’t decide if I want to pull the trigger yet and go to 9.3.3. I’m sure most of my current tweaks aren’t ready yet. I may wait for a more stable JB release.

    • Alex-V

      Think you should stay maybe 2 years longer..maybe iOS 12 or so..ironic off..

      Apple make updates for they phones very long on android you have problems to get 2 years updates..and people who have an I device did not install the updates..can’t believe

      Problem is still that apple doesn’t want to let the people for example have a official way to get the full up the put more developers could do there job to update’s a no go for me to wait from iOS 8 to 10 because of jb

  • Cones1r

    I’m on 9.0.2 JB with my 6Plus and I’d love to make the jump but I want a stable untethered jailbreak first. #comeon7/27

  • Prince

    your opinion
    ((((((Because I want the choice to be as simple as possible for everyone out there, I firmly believe that those with an untethered jailbreak on iOS 9.0-9.0.2 should stay where they are. I think the untethered jailbreak is a very valuable jailbreak and isn’t worth giving up for something like this just yet.)))))

    I agree … my iPhone untethered jailbreaken on iOS 9.0.1 and i will not update it to 9.3.3

  • Macy Palacio

    staying at 8.3jb

  • Jayy

    I’ll wait till iOS 10 to update cause right now I’m happily Jailbroken on iOS 9.0.2 and I experience no speed issues or bugs. (For those of you that might say, but what about bugs and speed) ect..

  • Justin de Vreugd

    IDB i have a quick question i think i already know the awnser but are the exploits patched in iOS 10 beta 3? If They aren’t and they patch it in beta 4 is it possible that we see this supporting iOS 10 beta 3 because i updated my watch and i just can’t mis it

    • Steve Harvey

      Same! My watch is holding me back otherwise I would jump all over this.

  • Michael Pearlman

    Am I the only one who LOVES the fact that is semi-untethered vs untethered? It is the best of both worlds. Being able to switch from jailbroken to unjailbroken then back and forth whenever needed is bad ass. I don’t see semi-untethered as a “limitation.” I see it as “true freedom” of device. It literally takes 30 seconds to rejailbreak if you need to reboot your phone. I can’t tell you how many posts I read 3 weeks after every new jailbreak release about “phone is buggy” or “this tweak is lagging my phone” BUT “I don’t want to give up my jailbreak.” GREAT, now you can unjailbreak until a fix or update to your fav tweak or if you need your phone at optimal speed for an event/occasion.

    • h4nd0fg0d

      I guess switching my 9.02 jb to safemode is an inconvenience? Sticking with my flawless running 6s+ until untether drops for 9.3.3.

    • Konrad Paul Mertner

      Well, it was always possible to “unjailbreak” your phone by holding down the volume up button while rebooting. Of course it was not unjailbroken, but in this semi untethered version neither, right?
      I was using this unjailbroken boot up when I needed optimal performance. So in this regard I see no benefit in this jailbreak.

  • Gorinemax

    settings crashing after jailbreak… does anyone else have this problem?

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Sticking with my 9.0.2 jb. Runs flawlessly, no hiccups. Maybe jump to 9.3.3 jb after stabilization and untether.

    • Nguyễn Xuân Hiệp

      hiccups happens even with poor iOS from Apple without JB my friend. But makes sense to stay with 9.0.2 while fully untether 9.3.3. Most people don’t have previous JB version, then semi-tether of 9.3.3 really feel like got of jail’s walls such a long wait.

  • Diego Milano

    Nice article, well done with this one, Anthony!

  • gg915

    I don’t know why people consider it an inconvenience. I remember when being untethered with an iPod 2g. How we had to program calculators to boot our device. And they wouldn’t boot at all if it was executed correctly. It’s convince that the untethered is solved with an app on the PHONE!

    • h4nd0fg0d

      Agreed, it is far from an issue. Smh

    • amarioguy

      Program calculators? Unless you are talking about ARM7_GO or diags, i disagree

  • wwian

    … And articles like this are why I always read iDownloadBlog before other sites.

  • p0is0nX

    ios 9.3.3 jailbreak take the a lot space in root partition , after installing the necessary packages the free root space is 3-4% only.
    so I believe the update will fix the issue…

  • Y2J

    Downgraded from 10 to 9.3.3, jailbroke, unjailbroke, and now my phone app (among others) keep crashing. Is anyone else having issues on 9.3.3

  • rockdude094

    Just wondering if it is a good idea to jump from 8.4.1 jailbreak to the latest firmware. Any opinions on the performance I have a 5s

    • Quita J

      I went from 8.4 to 9.3.3..Works great! Also, now I can sync my iWatch that I’ve had for over 7 months now.

  • Christian M. Maya

    I’m still jailbroken on iOS 8.3. Should I update and jailbreak?

    • Kcamp

      I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve waited about 2 years to update and i think i’m ready. The only thing i’m iffy on is the certificate expiring every 7 days, it seems like a hassle but maybe i’m just lazy hah

      • Christian M. Maya

        Yeah. I don’t wanna do that either

  • techfreak23

    Haven’t had any problems yet

  • Retired CMS Stowers

    Explain what the word “jailbreak” is using common language words…please. Thank you, Leonsends, 7/25/16, ~8:53pm, PDT

    • Denial

      It means getting your device out of the limitations put in place by its manufacturer. Here we talk about Apple’s.
      A brand new iDevice (meaning Apple device) is “limited” by what Apple allows (through the Apps available on the App Store & through the functions on the operating system -iOS).
      When you jailbreak you iDevice, you can add much more features & personalise it to your will: for example, I read books on my iPhone before sleeping: I find it very convenient that the screen shuts off by itself after a while + the size of the screen makes it comfortable in bed.
      With stock (meaning “not jailbroken”) iOS, the wifi/3G still run and there is a concensus around the fact that the waves might be dangerous for your health at a lengthy exposure. So, with a jailbroken device, I can program the phone to automatically go into airplane mode at a certain time & to get out of it in the morning. Great, don’t you think? (For this, I use the schedule function of a tweak called Activator).
      With another tweak, BetterWifi (if my memory serves well, don’t quote me on this, I haven’t yet jailbroke iOS 9 so I may mistake one tweak for another), I can disable the need to input my password when my phone is connected to a certain wifi, like at home or at a friend’s.

      Hope that helps.

      • Retired CMS Stowers

        Thanks, much appreciated. Mahalo

  • I’m gonna fresh restore my relative’s iPhone 4S from iOS 7 to the latest iOS available, use this to jailbreak it, then use this process ( https://goo. gl/73xTJM ) to restore back to iOS 6.1.3…

  • fawaz badranii

    i have a question if any one tried it. Am on 9.2.2, if i update by OTA to 9.3.3. Will the jailbreak still be good since its improved a lot or like i stay on 9.2.2? you know, since i restored it to this version a while back

  • Chris_Topher12

    Anthony, great article! Finally, iDownloadBlog is back doing what it does best. Thanks for such a detailed and enlightening article.


  • iltas

    Plz im still non jailbroken should i jailbreak my 6s+ plz

  • 5723alex .

    Should you pull the trigger on the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak? No.
    It is valid for only 7 days .

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Im sticking with 9.0.2 until iOS 10 is jailbroken. Well… IF iOS 10 is jailbroken

  • Leslie B

    I like the idea of this semi-tethered jailbreak. If something goes terribly wrong, it may give me the chance to fix it without needing to upgrade to the latest iOS version and lose my lailbreak. I lost my 9.1 jailbreak on my iPad that way. Some newly installed app caused my device to crash, and it wouldn’t reboot because of it.

    Besides, the Safari jailbreak is easier than an untethered one. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

  • Jeff Smith

    I have 9.0.2 Jb Right now do I have to update to 9.2 or 9.3.3 to put the 9.3.3 jb?

  • Kcamp

    This really is a great article, very informative. Now the question is what am i to do with this information. I’m still on IOS 8.1 with an untethered jailbreak…i missed my chances to update for quite some time ha. Now im wondering if to update to ios 9.3.3, i really want that upgrade in emojis lol. I feel like this could be my chance to finally update as well as have a jailbreak. Anyone else in the same boat?

  • Kcamp

    Well I finally upgraded from IOS 8.1 to 9.3.3 on my 5s and i have to say i am enjoying it so far. I never had that many tweaks installed in the first place, just bridge, cercube, phantom for sc and a few other minor tweaks. I definitely recommend upgrading if you are on IOS 8.1 or lower. Everything is running smoothly but then again I don’t have many tweaks as i said, so as for stability i can’t really speak on. But everyone else seems to enjoy it. Thanks for the article!

  • Philip Bennett

    Why would you ever go with the windows jailbreak if the safari no computer one works too? Then you don’t have the re sign in every week or so you still have to do that? If you don’t then I’m going to jailbreak now.

  • tiltdown

    Can I still use Cydia Impactor/Eraser on 9.0.2?