iPhone 7 rear case video TectTastic image 001

Following a bunch of photographs, most of which have been leaking out of Asia, that purport to depict various iPhone 7 components, dummy cases and molds, a fully assembled iPhone 7 case has now been caught on video.

Posted to the Chinese social network Weibo by an unknown source, and first spotted by Dutch site TechTastic.nl, the short six-second clip gives us a look at the backside of what appears to be a 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

The rear casing shown on video reveals many similarities with the leaked iPhone 7 casing photos released in recent days and weeks. Again, you can see a bigger camera hole on the back suggesting either a new sensor with larger pixels or improved low-light photography by letting more light in, or probably both.

The antenna lines are more subdued as they now run along the top and bottom edges of the device. The 3.5mm headphone jack is nowhere to be seen, corroborating prior rumors, and there’s a pair of speaker grilles at the bottom for stereo speakers.


The same publication yesterday published early Geekbench 3 scores for a likely prototype of the Apple-designed ‘A10’ processor that will power the next iPhone and iPad, suggesting a modest eighteen percent speed gain in terms of single-core CPU performance versus the existing A9 and A9X processors.

Source: Weibo via TechTastic.nl (Google Translate)

  • Jamessmooth

    ugh this is just as edge of your seat as knowing who Trumps veep pick is… just release the phone already I can’t handle it!

  • Very unexciting. I’m waiting for iPhone 8.

  • John Smith

    If that’s really the iPhone7 I’ll be very disappointed… For the first time in 5 years or so I’m not getting the non-S model! I want a new design with smaller bezels (top/bottom), OLED display, and way better battery life!

    • Tommy

      That’s what you say now. Half year down the road and you’ll be at the Apple Store begging for an iPhone 7.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Posting the same comment on 9to5mac wont magically change the appearance of iPhone 7.

    • Rowan09

      If you have the 6/6s then expect 6+/6S+ battery life at best. If that’s not what you’re looking for then you won’t be satisfied with any flagship phone right now. I have the S7 Edge along with my iPhone 6S+ and the battery life is the same.

  • Dao Sasone

    Iph 7= iph6 with bonicular camera lens

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Those are Dummies as confirmed by Onleaks on twitter

  • Jon20

    Didn’t see a headphone jack. If this video is true, looks like we will see it this year after all.

  • YaBoyLilMayo

    I can’t believe they’re really removing the headphone jack, they’re really idiots for this I hope they lose so many sales for this dumb move and then maybe they’ll start listening to us ….they really dropped the ball on this one

    • Steamer

      i’m actually really curious as to why you’re so against it

      • YaBoyLilMayo

        Cause it’s bs almost everyone I know uses regular headphones, I have Bluetooth headphones too but I only use them if I’m gonna be listening to music for an hour or two cause once it dies u can’t listen to music anymore and the apple headphones suck. On top of that I’m not trying to carry around some tiny adapter everywhere just to be able to listen to music cause that’s one more thing to forget or lose and then ur screwed , this phones gonna flop if they don’t have an option with a headphone jack. A few hundred thousand people signed a petition to stop it from happening so that already shows a decent amount that don’t want lightning/wireless headphones . People are either not gonna buy this phone or jump ship to android, I feel like everyone’s getting tired of Apple slacking and not giving people at least some of the features they ask for, Which aren’t even crazy features it’s simple stuff androids been had for years already so the technology is already there to do it they just choose not to and that’s like a big FU to their loyal customers

      • Sharkey311

        I counted 2 periods

      • YaBoyLilMayo

        Good thing I wasn’t responding to u cornball this isn’t English class I don’t need to spell perfect as long as ur slow @ss gets the point

      • Rowan09

        You do know at some point the headphone jack will be changed right? Apple is rumored to have lightning connected headphones which is essentially the same as a wired headphone or go Bluetooth. If you’re given Bluetooth headphones I really don’t see the huge issue. Plus Bluetooth 5 is suppose to be a lot better than Bluetooth 4. Time will tell what will happen but the headphone jack is not going to be around forever, so if Apple choose to get rid of it, watch everyone else follow along.

      • The headphone jack port is over 30 years old! Its crazy that we still use it! The quality and efficiency when changing to lightning is a no brainier, the issue i have is how i connect lightning headphones to my mac, hmmmm

    • Martynet

      Almost everyone uses apple headphones. And then, there is millions of people who switched to Bluetooth. I didn’t use the headphone jack connector once since iPhone 6. I love my BT headphones.

  • Sanjeev

    I use bluetooth headphones daily for the GYM. I’ve never used the headphone jack. If you have wired headphones your phone is more likely to fall and smash when at the GYM. My Apple headphones stay sealed in the phone box they come in.

  • Elias Chao

    I can hear Tim Cook saying “We’re using the same design we know you love” or something along those lines.