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A sketchy Weibo post claimed two months ago that the next iPhone would arrive outfitted with a slightly stronger battery than the iPhone 6s. Today, prolific leakster OnLeaks gave us a more specific information as to precisely how bigger the iPhone 7’s battery might be in comparison to the current iPhone 6s/Plus and previous-generation iPhone 6/Plus.

According to his Twitter post, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have a 1,960 mAh battery, comparing very favorably in terms of sheer specs to both the 1,715 mAh package found in the iPhone 6s and the 1,810 mAh battery in the previous-generation iPhone 6.

A bigger battery in most cases results in a longer run time before the handset needs to be connected to power. Having a fourteen percent bigger battery than the iPhone 6s should help the iPhone 7 squeeze out an additional hour of run time.

That’s without factoring in other power savings stemming from an Apple-designed, power-sipping ‘A10’ system-on-a-chip, fewer chips on the iPhone 7 logic board and software-related optimizations.

In terms of the numbers, you’re looking at the following:

  • iPhone 7—1,960 mAh
  • iPhone 7 Plus—2,810 mAh
  • iPhone 6s—1,715 mAh
  • iPhone 6s Plus—2,750 mAh
  • iPhone 6—1,810 mAh
  • iPhone 6 Plus—2,910 mAh
  • iPhone 5s—1,500 mAh

Take this story with a grain of salt—the leakster cautions that he couldn’t guarantee that the information was 100 percent accurate despite receiving it from a trusted source.

I wonder if this iPhone 7 battery increase is a result of the removal of the headphone jack, which takes a lot more space inside the device than most people imagine.

Source: OnLeaks

  • John Smith

    “A bigger battery in most cases results in a longer run time before the handset needs to be connected to power. ”


  • mickey

    Would be nice if the 7 plus capacity exceeded the 6 plus.

    • You’re asking for too much! One feature upgrade at a time.

      • mickey

        Sarcasm I hope

    • The new processor in the iPhone 7 will be crazy more efficient at running iOS, i’m expecting battery life, camera and audio quality to be the big selling points of this upgrade

      • mickey

        I’m sure that and iOS 10 will give battery life a boost. But I’m not expecting a huge one especially since the 7 plus capacity is still smaller than the original 6 plus (if these numbers turn out to be true). I believe the next big step in battery will come from an oled screen and/or a physically bigger battery.

      • JZ

        Doesn’t matter how efficient it is, with a bigger size battery, it’ll last even longer. I, for one, don’t need phones to be wafer thin. I rather have bigger batteries.

      • Why are they making it thinner? It’s not because they like thin devices, it’s because there is less material which makes it less expensive to manufacture. Every year the phone’s battery life has to get better, it’s a lot cheaper to spend money on improving iOS than buying batteries that have more mAh. Android has to have huge batteries and more RAM because the OS requires more power.

        Seen as they’re saving money on a redesign, I’m expecting its specs to be a lot better!

      • gqukyo

        Phones ain’t getting any cheaper and the amount they make, what’s a few more cents to provide something that most people who love. The prices are pretty much flat over the last decade. Again, adding a bigger battery will always be better even with a more efficient soc, you can’t argue that. Simple math.

      • iPhones are cheaper to make.. Apple doesn’t push that to the user they invest it into more research. Of course adding a bigger battery will give the phone move power, but its cheaper to focus on the software than to try and add more mAh. Do you want an efficient electric car or a non-efficient electric car with a bigger battery?

      • JZ

        Wow, you just don’t get my point. While there’s plenty of reasons and speculations, we can also have both! In both the phone AND your car example. I don’t see why you can’t just get that. I’m done beating a dead horse with you. lol

      • I get your point haha, both would be great, i’m saying Apple doesn’t need to do both and they know that. All they need to do is increase the battery life by a decent amount, they will choose the methord that gives them the best bang for there buck and they dont want to make the phone thicker! lol

  • Saulo Benigno

    What about iPhone SE?

    • leart

      it’s not the flagship line..

  • askep3

    At least they aren’t going to make the battery smaller!

    • tiltdown

      hahaha true!

  • askep3

    Really if his is from the headphone jack being removed I’d rather keep the headphone jack, especially if I won’t be able charge while using headphones. Maybe the adapter will fix things but still, for only an hour of battery life?

    • Gabriel Anaya

      The headphone jack is pretty dated tech and I honestly won’t be sad to see it go. Although to be honest I don’t quite think the inscrease in battery size is completely attributed to the removal of the jack. As for the lighting cable earbuds, maybe there will be an adapter to connect power too, or perhaps more conveniently just get some Bluetooth earbuds. They’re getting to be pretty affordable with good quality these days.

      • What about those who prefer high quality audio? The sound is too compressed on Bluetooth. Even the high end headphones don’t compare to the cabled headphones.

      • Konrad Paul Mertner

        Seriously, nobody can tell the difference between a good wired headphone or a good Bluetooth connected headphone in a Subway or a Bus. That’s where headphones are used the most. At home most people are using their Hi-Fi system or their crappy speakers from Walmart. And for anybody else, there is the Lightning-connector that has by the way a much better potential to increase the audio quality, since there is more space outside the phone for the DAC. Getting rid of this audio-jack, that had it’s beginning over 100(!) years ago, is probably the best, not only the phone industry will face the next years. When you’ll wear headphones with a much better DAC built in, than those in mobile devices, you’ll be happy about this step and you can even enjoy your music longer when those headphones can charge your next iPhone. 🙂

      • With a good headset you can definitely tell he difference on a bus or subway. It’s why I don’t buy the cheap shitty ones anymore. And if your head phones are charging your phone they won’t last that long unless they doubled the battery capacity.

      • Gabriel Anaya

        Bluetooth 5 is a thing now and chances are that the iPhone 7 will have it. With its speeds, perhaps that high quality audio barrier will be broken soon from now.

      • I hope so

      • mrgerbik

        ‘Dated tech’ LOL.. just because something is dated doesn’t automatically mean its somehow inferior or broken

  • The King

    It’s like a six flag ride. The numbers are going up and down.

  • Dao Sasone

    I don’t understand why apple just won’t put in at least a 3000 mah. Same for Samsung. Im a heavy user. I hate having to recharge after every 5.5 hrs

    • Konrad Paul Mertner

      Because the jeans-industry is refusing to make their pockets bigger.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I’d like to see the headphone jack AND lightning connector removed. Go with wireless charging