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Facebook has announced that it is shutting down its newsreader app Paper. The app itself is no longer available for download in the US App Store, and the company says it will cease functioning for existing users at the end of next month.

Introduced in January 2014, Paper received praise for its beautiful design, swipe-based navigation, and exclusion of the typical Facebook noise like ads and game invites. However, it failed to gain much traction among the 1 billion+ users.

Facebook says that ideas from Paper have made their way into other Facebook apps, most notably Instant Articles, the fast-loading story format that the company introduced last year. Instant Articles borrowed several design elements from Paper, including full-bleed images and custom designs for individual publishers’ articles. “Our goal with Paper was to explore new immersive, interactive design elements for reading and interacting with content on Facebook, and we learned how important these elements are in giving people an engaging experience,” the company said in its message to users.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it will be tweaking its News Feed algorithm to ensure news articles aren’t outranking posts from friends and family.

Source: The Verge


  • iByron

    And there was much rejoicing at 53 headquarters!

  • Anonymous

    Sebastien Wont be happy about this!

  • I am pissed, won’t use fb anymore without this app.

    • Steve R.

      I deleted the Paper app today and will just use facebook on mobile now :/

      • Aspyn La Mond Walton

        You can use Friendly, it’s no paper but better than the actual Facebook.

  • xoFoxtail

    Guess I’m done with Facebook then

  • maaya1989

    I’m not surprised, it was the only thing that was right about Facebook, apparently it couldn’t find its place in a company that only promotes big ugly buggy full-of-unnecessary-crap apps.

  • Aspyn La Mond Walton

    This angers me to no end

  • Thomas Flores

    This sucks. i refuse to download both a Facebook app and Facebook message app. Paper allowed me to have both in one app like it should be.

  • deepdvd

    **Apple Best Apps of 2014**
    **Apple App Store Editors’ Choice **
    **Fast Company Best Mobile Apps of 2014**

    “Let’s kill it… We won’t make any money with an app that people actually like.”

  • Matt

    It bugs me how they’ve successfully forced Messenger on all of us, but gave up on this beautifully designed app. Damn

  • Jason B

    I’m not surprised, I switched back to the regular FB app about 6-8 months ago, because Paper didn’t allow the recently introduced functionality of the regular FB app, such as editing posts, and the reply to a particular comment ability…

    I liked it, but figured it was a matter of time, since they weren’t bringing the same functionality to the sister app.

  • DorHirschel

    Feed is dead..