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Online retail giant Amazon on Tuesday announced a new Page Flip feature for its Kindle lineup of e-readers and mobile apps. Page Flip lets you flip back and forth between pages to reference different parts of the book while you read, without losing track of your current reading position. With Page Flip, you can turn one page at a time or zoom out to a bird’s eye view of your book to quickly choose the page you want.

A bird’s eye view of your book renders page elements like text, pictures, charts, your highlights and more as pixel-accurate thumbnails, allowing you to visually find what you want. The view automatically adjust as you change your font and margin settings.

“Page Flip automatically saves the page you’re reading in a book, pinning it to the side of your screen for easy navigation,” notes Amazon. “Flip back and forth in a book with confidence, knowing you can instantly jump back to reading with a simple tap of your pinned page.”

Here’s Amazon’s promotional video for the Page Flip feature.

Being able to skim through pages of a book is a great addition to the Kindle devices and apps that should make it far easier to find and reference pictures, tables, bookmarks and highlights knowing that Page Flip will save your place.

The new Page Flip feature will be rolling out to the mobile Kindle app for iOS and Android. Amazon’s Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers will be getting Page Flip via a free over-the-air update starting later today.

To learn more about Page Flip visit

The Kindle app is available free in the App Store and Mac App Store.

Source: Amazon

  • Nice feature; but I had to download some new book samples to preview it. Not available in the older book purchases I have.

    • iByron

      Yeah, it depends on the book. I checked some of my current books and two have it while two don’t. Will check the others as I get to them.

  • Mark S

    I do lots of Kindle app on my phone. Don’t need this feature Amazon thanks anyway. Why don’t you guys have a way to jump to a bookmark when something unexpected happens in the app instead?

  • Stephanie Cohen

    Remember that if you have Kindle Unlimited and read a book in Page Flip mode, that author will not get paid. The authors are being notified now that Amazon is not paying out to them for KU’so read in flip mode. This means less authors will opt to put their books in KU, rendering this paid for service a waste of money. Plus, most books automatically download in flip mode so you don’t necessarily know that you cost the author money until it’s too late. I wonder if Amazon realizes that this may drive new authors to other reading platforms.