letmeswitch new keyboard switcher

One of the things that can be really peeving about third-party keyboards in iOS is how you can only jump to the next keyboard instead of actually being able to pick a new keyboard to use immediately after.

iOS developer PoomSmart has the right idea with a new free jailbreak tweak called LetMeSwitch, which makes switching from a third-party keyboard to a different keyboard easier than ever.

Solving the third-party iOS keyboard problem

Most people just work around this problem; others are still bothered by it and therefore don’t use third-party keyboards on their devices (myself included).

When you are using a third-party keyboard, and you want to quickly get to either the English keyboard, Emoji keyboard, or another third-party keyboard, you are going to have to skip to the next keyboard in line until you get to one of the default keyboards where the keyboard picker button (the key with the globe on it) is actually visible.

On any third-party keyboard, all you’re going to see is a “next keyboard” button, like you see below:

LetMeSwitch Example

Because I don’t want to go to the “next keyboard,” but instead want to go to a specific keyboard, which might not be the next one in line, this keyboard-switching method that has been implemented out of the box by Apple is cumbersome, and is one of the reasons I don’t even bother with third-party iOS keyboards anymore.

In comes a solution: LetMeSwitch

LetMeSwitch is a clever solution for jailbreakers that addresses the inability to select a specific keyboard to switch to when you’re in the middle of using a third-party keyboard.

This tweak re-assigns the keyboard switching button on any third-party keyboard to show an Alternate Keyboards menu rather than a “next keyboard” button.

letmeswitch new keyboard switcher

Now, rather than going to the “next keyboard,” which may not be the one I want, iOS displays a menu that lets me pick the keyboard I know I want for sure. And boom, just like that, I’ve saved my time.

My thoughts on LetMeSwitch

This tweak offers a dead-simple way to fix a problem that exists with third-party keyboards on iOS. By eliminating the “next keyboard” button and giving you a keyboard switcher, so to speak, you can easily get to the keyboard you want instead of wasting time with keyboards you don’t want.

I think this is a solution everybody should have, and I think Apple needs to take note for future iterations of iOS.

One thing to note is that you have to restart all of your third-party keyboards after installing the tweak to get the tweak to work, so this is somewhat of an annoying manual workaround, but once you take care of if, you can use the tweak and take advantage of ongoing convenience throughout your iOS experience.

LetMeSwitch doesn’t have any options to configure, so it’s relatively nice that you can just install the tweak and start using it immediately without any complicated settings.

Wrapping up

To make your iOS keyboard switching faster and more efficient, you can install LetMeSwitch from Cydia’s BigBoss repository free of charge right now. The tweak works on both iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices, so everyone with a jailbreak can cash in on the functionality.

What are your thoughts on eliminating the “next keyboard” button? Share in the comments!

  • Benedict

    Why is there the need to switch keyboards?

    • Axel Strömberg

      I frequently use English, Swedish, Korean, Emoji and Swype English/Swedish. I couldn’t live without this tweak!

    • DOOM

      Why is there a need for more than one language? /s

      • Benedict

        switching keyboards is not equal with switching to another language

    • To get to the one you want to use.

      • Benedict

        If I install a third party keyboard, I use it and do not switch between the stock and the newly installed. If it doesn’t suite me, I uninstall it and go back to the old keyboard – from an Android user’s point of view..
        Do you mean by switching keyboards, switching the language?

  • Douglas L. Warren

    I don’t have this tweak but I can already hold down the “globe” key and it shows me my list of keyboards and I can switch to them.

    • Raynler

      Doesn’t work the same for third party keyboards

    • That only happens in one of Apple’s keyboards. Not in a third-party keyboard like GBoard or Swype.

      • Douglas L. Warren

        Didn’t think of that… my bad!

  • igobythisname

    Yes!! Much needed and depending on functionality it will be greatly appreciated! The whole going down the line thing has been driving me CRAZY!! I’m testing out the new Google keyboard right now, and luckily I’m able to turn off the emoji keyboard and still use emojis, normally I’m using SwiftKey and a language translator keyboard along with the native English one.. Hope this tweak is the answer, thanks for sharing! Long Live Jailbreak!!!

  • cdlenfert

    A little bit of a tangent here, but I was hitting the globe icon too often on my standard keyboard so I disabled emojis. I’d like to be able to use emojis but it wasn’t worth the regular accidental clicks of the globe. Is there a way to change keyboards without the Globe icon being part of the keyboard.

  • Steven S.

    I want this SO bad! I have 13 keyboards (don’t judge me) and I can’t deal with accidentally switching to one!!!

  • diggitydang

    I just wish that when I had a keyboard selected, it didn’t randomly switch back to the stock keyboard every now and then. Entirely frustrating.

  • igobythisname

    can’t get this to work for me.. 6S Plus on 9.0.2.. Emoji/SwiftKey/Gboard..even iTranslate 3rd party keyboards