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Apple reportedly has plans to deprecate support for QuickTime for Windows, according to a research note issued Thursday by software security firm Trend Micro, which found a pair of new vulnerabilities in the software. Apple will no longer be issuing security updates for QuickTime for Windows, the advisory cautions.

An Apple support document provides the steps that Windows users can follow to uninstall the software. QuickTime for Mac is unaffected.

Two fatal flaws

Trend Micro during its Zero Day Initiative discovered two critical vulnerabilities that could affect QuickTime for Windows users, ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242. “And because Apple is no longer providing security updates for QuickTime on Windows, these vulnerabilities are never going to be patched.”

Trend Micro notified Apple of the flaws last November.

These vulnerabilities could be leveraged to launch attacks on PC machines if users visited a malicious web page or opened a tainted file, putting them at risk of having their sensitive data stolen from them.

“That is the only sure way to be protected against all current and future vulnerabilities in the product now that Apple is no longer providing security updates for it,” said Christopher Budd, Trend Micro’s global threat communications manager.

A spokesman for Apple declined comment.

US government recommends

Reuters says that the United States government has recommended that Windows PC users uninstall the QuickTime software following the Trend Micro report. The Register adds that Apple told Trend Micro last month that QuickTime “would be deprecated on Windows and the vendor would publish removal instructions for users.”

QuickTime for Windows was last updated in January.

QuickTime downloads

The official download webpage no longer detects when visitors use a Windows machine to redirect them to the Windows installer and instead points customers to search for previous versions of QuickTime at the Apple Support website.

Also, standalone QuickTime for Mac installers are no longer being delivered through the Download QuickTime webpage. “To get the latest version of QuickTime X, install the most recent version of OS X from the Mac App Store,” advises Apple.

Apple scaling back its Windows offerings

Windows users can uninstall QuickTime 7 from Control Panel, or use Windows Search to find “Uninstall QuickTime” and start the process that way.

This wouldn’t be the first long-standing Windows app that Apple has stopped supporting. For instance, a few years back, Apple ceased development of Safari for Windows. And before that, it had stopped bundling the Java software and Adobe’s Flash plug-in with OS X.

Moreover, Apple has also disabled Quick Time’s browser plug-in on the Mac. On Windows PCs, the media software is no longer required to use iTunes.

Source: Trend Micro via Reuters

  • Who even uses QuickTime on Windows? Just use VLC.

    • Jerry

      Exactly. They need to scrap QuickTime all together. It’s a piece of crap

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Sometimes you need the codecs installed by QuickTime

      • Bradley Olson

        You can search for QT Lite and install that for those who need the QuickTime codecs.

    • al7oot

      Well not only on Windows also on Mac I never used QuickTime on my Mac

  • Chris Wagers

    Seems like apple either has trouble coding for Windows or wants to leverage those developers for something else or possibly doesn’t want to help users to keep using Windows. I’d say my bet is on leveraging developers for another project. Just a thought.

  • Tommy

    ain’t even mad thou

  • TheShade247

    Good… On windows it runs like s*it anyway.

    • nyangejr

      I never used it

  • k8l

    R.I.P Avid Media Composer for Windows

  • 5723alex .

    “An Apple support document provides the steps that Windows users can follow to uninstall the software.”..
    Apple’s way of uninstalling Quicktime leave tens of leftover files and registry entries.
    Use a professional uninstall app.

    • Jerry

      Which one do you recommend? I’m going to do it as soon as I get home.

      • 5723alex .

        I am using the portable GeekUninstaller in forced mode.

      • Jerry

        Thank you

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      That’s because they (Apple) sees it in the eyes of Apple when it comes to uninstalling software. With OS X, you just drag the app/program in the trash and empty it and it uninstalls it along with the removal of all its files and folders. Not so much on Windows,

  • Tim

    About time. QuickTime for Windows was a joke, it missed a bunch of features like screen recording and audio ripping.

  • M_Hawke

    All who are saddened by this news: crickets.

    All who used Quick Time on Windows: crickets.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    “US govt recommends” that users uninstall QuickTime on their Windows PC for their safety?? Isn’t that what the US govt wants, for users to be more digitally vulnerable to easily carry out surveillance of its citizens? It’s like saying McDonald’s recommends that you don’t eat their burgers and instead eat a salad at the bistro across the street.

    Also, who even uses QuickTime on Windows, or on the Mac for that matter (besides for recording audio or screen recording)? Use VLC or MPlayerX.

  • besrate hogsa

    Good riddance

    Take it away please

    There is no need for QuickTime in windows 10

  • Micke på taket

    Quick time is Rubbish anyway ..

  • Jerry

    Yeah, pretty much everyone I told to uninstall told me they haven’t used QuickTime in years lol with their horrendous large MOV files

  • Mark S

    And no one even cares.