SoundCloud Go teaser 001

SoundCloud, a Berlin, Germany-based global online audio distribution platform, today pushed a major update to its free audio streaming application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which includes support for the company’s freshly announced paid subscription music service, dubbed Go.

Priced at $12.99 per month through Apple’s In-App Purchase mechanism or $9.99 on the web, Go offers SoundCloud listeners an expanded catalog of tracks, as well as new features and new functionality in the app.

Go is now available in the U.S. via the updated SoundCloud app and on the web.

With a SoundCloud Go subscription, you can:

  • Play all tracks posted to the service and access a newly expanded catalog of everything from Grammy-winners to garage bands
  • Listen to your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere, with or without an Internet connection
  • Listen without any ad interruptions

In fact, you can make all of your current and future likes and playlists available for offline listening as well, with liked tracks and playlists becoming available in real time. Any future tracks or playlists you like or create will automatically save, too.

The new paid service doesn’t spell the end of the road for the free SoundCloud service, which will continue to be available to users around the world, reaching a cool 175 million unique monthly listeners across SoundCloud platforms.

A free 30-day Go trial is available within the app and on the web, but only for those who haven’t previously subscribed to the service. Your trial must be canceled within 30 days of subscribing or will automatically renew for $12.99 per month if you subscribed through the app, or for $9.99 if you signed up on the SoundCloud website.

As mentioned, SoundCloud Go is currently available in the United States.

You can grab SoundCloud’s iOS app free of charge in the App Store.

Source: SoundCloud

  • August Ebbesen

    Nah, i’ll just keep using Apple Music and basic Soundcloud for remixes and bootlegs.

    • nouseforaname

      same same.

  • Miguel Alcibar

    I won’t upgrade soundcloud in my iPhone, which means no adds like Pandora , I prefer stay with the old version

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    how is apple music working out for everyone? i tried it and i didn’t like it. i hate the fact that i have to do an initial setup. and even the recommendations at the start were limited.i had to choose my fav artist, my fav genres, err no. After doing all that i didn’t really like any of the final recommendations. I really liked the old apple music and not the new one with the incorporation of beats. I’m glad spotify still exist. such an amazing app.

    • 9to5Slavery

      Apple Music is great for AirPlay on laptop Apple TV iPad or iPhone and be controlled by all devices anywhere remotely. The only thing is playlist messing up can not sync properly via each devices. It’s more local sync than synced in cloud synced

    • I pay for it purely because the family plan is cheap (much cheaper than any of their competitors) and it’s highly integrated into all of their devices (even if the interface is a little confusing at first). For example, I can’t get Spotify on my Apple Watch nor can I use Siri with Spotify (not that I use Siri that often).

  • nouseforaname

    makes no sense for them to launch that without a complete overhaul of their app. they have no messaging features in their app for heavy soundcloud users and mixmakers, terrible UI, it’s kinda waste. if you want the playback, use soundcloud to mp3 or something.

  • sharmanhall

    SaveCloud for the win.