iPhone 5s (iSight camera closeup 002)

Accessory vendor Spigen has created renderings of a work-in-progress case that it designed for Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone SE’. Spigen often has some of the first cases available for new iOS devices so assuming they know what they’re doing here, it could be concluded that the upcoming iPhone SE might be virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone 5s.

The rumor-mill is in disagreement over the design of the iPhone SE, with one camp claiming the handset is basically a four-inch iPhone with an iPhone 6/6s-like case and the other insisting the device will feature an iPhone 5s-like look and feel.

Spigen shared its renderings with MacRumors, which has heard from “multiple well-known case manufacturers that the iPhone SE will be the same size as the iPhone 5s.”

Spigen iPhone SE case MacRumors 001

As you can see, the renderings suggest that the iPhone SE will adopt the iPhone 5s’s shape and exterior design accents, such as round volume buttons, a power button located at the top and a pill-shaped LED flash on the back. It’s unclear from Spigen’s renderings whether the iPhone SE will have a protruding camera on the back.

Spigen iPhone SE case MacRumors 002

Case vendors often design their accessories based on rumors floating around the blogosphere due to financial incentives for those who are first out of the gate with a case when a next-generation device arrives.

Source: MacRumors

  • hkgsulphate

    that would be great
    5s looks stunning

  • Ds

    wasn’t that the point of the SE?

  • rockdude094

    Perfect more new cases for my 5s

  • Petr

    Design of iPhone 4 was best 🙁

    • Jon20

      I agree. Even though the 6/6S+ design is smooth, there is some thing about the iPhone 4 that made you want to hold it caseless because the build quality felt durable. I wish they would have made the 6/6S+ like that with the current thinness. That would have been awesome.

      • leart

        I’m a senior designer, and never fell I love like i did with the 4/4s design. I’m using them from 4 years now, and still I’m not bored and can’t find something that i would change in their design. masterpiece .. I have 2 iphone 4, one almost new 8gb, one very used 32 gb, and a shiny 4s.. all perfectly working, except for a little degrade of the battery, but considering cycles they had….

      • cizzlen

        I appreciate the 4/4s design but the 5/5s was the best designed phone ever imo, right next to the HTC One M7.

    • leart

      4s was even better considering the symmetry of the antenna lines on the side

    • SIMON

      I totally agree. My 4S is still the best for me.
      All models 6… well… thanks, but no thanks.

  • blu

    I like the feel of the 5/5s, but this is a “new” phone, I think it should be a smaller version of the 6/6s design.

    Regardless, I will be getting one. I just traded in my 5 and a 4s for $300 credit, so most of the cost of this new phone is already paid for.

  • rahnolds

    I miss the 5s design and form factor, I’d still be using mine if it weren’t stolen while on vacation. Now using a 6 and while I enjoy the larger screen I’m not a fan of the slippery design.

    • Ghani Alta Pradita

      I’ve never use any case on my iphone 5, but now I have a 6 can’t live without case -.-

  • Sleetui

    4-inch screens are the best ;D

    • GottiCrime

      Could never go back to that little toy phone, although I still love them and how they look.


    iPhone SE rose gold – please, nooo…

  • cizzlen

    It’s beautiful! I appreciate your pics but still think the 5/5s was more refined and industrial/sleek look to it. Plus they got rid of the ugly square in the home button.

    • leart

      just got yesterday my new sealed in box iphone 5 on iOS 6.0.1… very good iOS version 🙂
      just.. to be completely honest .. the iphone 5/5s look is great… but…. believe it or not, the back of my iphone was a little scratched 🙁 instead my iPhones 4/4s are still shiny like new… the Steve jobs era was the golden one… in everything

      • cizzlen

        You’re right time does make you bored of design. I think Apple finds a perfect blend between simple, stylish and functional which is why you see people like us holing on to older iPhones lol.