Spigen’s case renderings suggest iPhone SE may be nearly indistinguishable from iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s (iSight camera closeup 002)

Accessory vendor Spigen has created renderings of a work-in-progress case that it designed for Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone SE’. Spigen often has some of the first cases available for new iOS devices so assuming they know what they’re doing here, it could be concluded that the upcoming iPhone SE might be virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone 5s.

The rumor-mill is in disagreement over the design of the iPhone SE, with one camp claiming the handset is basically a four-inch iPhone with an iPhone 6/6s-like case and the other insisting the device will feature an iPhone 5s-like look and feel.

Spigen shared its renderings with MacRumors, which has heard from “multiple well-known case manufacturers that the iPhone SE will be the same size as the iPhone 5s.”

Spigen iPhone SE case MacRumors 001

As you can see, the renderings suggest that the iPhone SE will adopt the iPhone 5s’s shape and exterior design accents, such as round volume buttons, a power button located at the top and a pill-shaped LED flash on the back. It’s unclear from Spigen’s renderings whether the iPhone SE will have a protruding camera on the back.

Spigen iPhone SE case MacRumors 002

Case vendors often design their accessories based on rumors floating around the blogosphere due to financial incentives for those who are first out of the gate with a case when a next-generation device arrives.

Source: MacRumors