Apple’s dispute with the United States government over a court order demanding that it create an insecure version of iOS to help the FBI break the passcode of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c has gained support from more than 40 parties, according to The New York Times.

Samsung, however, likely won’t be one of them.

As reported by Bloomberg, Samsung generally supports the notion that “any requirement to create a backdoor could undermine consumers’ trust,” but stopped short of voicing open support for its rival.

“Ensuring trust in our products and services is our top priority. Our phones are embedded with encryption that protects privacy and content, and they do not have backdoors,” the South Korean firm said.

“When required to do so, and within the law, we work with law enforcement agencies. However, any requirement to create a backdoor could undermine consumers’ trust.”

“Protecting our customers’ privacy is extremely important, but we have not decided whether to file an amicus brief in the current case,” said Samsung. I think Samsung should put aside for a moment rivalry with Apple and just do the right thing.

A list of the supporting amicus briefs was published this morning on Apple’s website.

All told, about 40 companies and organizations are expected to file court briefs today to support Apple’s standoff with the United States government, including companies like Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Snapchat and Yahoo.

Apple’s list of submitted amicus briefs includes organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of Northern California, ACLU of Southern California, ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, United Nations Special Rapporteur David Kaye and Salicin Kondoker, whose wife Anies Kondoker was shot three times in the December 2 attacks.

Source: Bloomberg

  • thunderqus

    Wonder how it would have been if the situation was other way around? and to be honest, Apple is hell of a company, they dont need their support, but shame on Samsung anyway…

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Typical Samsung..

  • :D

    Samsung just wants to piggy back on Apple’s publicity

  • lookHOWMADheis

    I find my iPhone very useful, but the specs could be better imo

    • Jerry

      specs to do that? I honestly find that when I want to do anything that requires top specs I prefer a desktop/laptop especially for the area to work with also.

      • Rowan09

        He must be talking about the specs on paper.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        So you’re telling me you wouldn’t want 16 gbs of ram or, 1 tb of storage?

      • lookHOWMADheis

        damn camera can be better too

      • Rowan09

        For what reason would you need that most ram on IOS, plus they have wifi hard drives, etc now so space isn’t as bad as it was in the past.

      • Jayy

        Yeah what are you possibly doing on a phone where you need all that?

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, you should be thinking what can be done on a phone with such capabilities!

      • Don Walker II

        16GB of RAM and 1TB of NAND storage in a smartphone is most certainly attainable. Simply foot the bill to develop the nonexistent technology in an energy efficient and cost effective way, and voilà. My 2 cents: if you’re not contributing to the actual development and have no reasonable suggestions, just sit tight and let the professionals do their job.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Keep your change Donald!

      • Don Walker II

        There you go again with the insufficient information. If you’re going to respond, make sure your comment has some value, or at the very least accurate. You couldn’t even get my name right. Also, you sound like you could use all the change you can get, as you are the only one complaining about the price of a smartphone on this feed.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Every iPhone I’ve received has been free, and I upgrade every year, even if I couldn’t get the phone for free I wouldn’t mind paying for the upgrade! So price isn’t a issue for ME, but if you’re happy with the specs of the phone be happy, I said in the beginning IMO. ANDROID HAS BETTER SPECS but the designs of the phones and OS are crap again IMO.

      • Don Walker II

        If this is true, your basis for commenting has absolutely no grounds, making you, in fact, an internet troll as previously mentioned.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Don, Donald your name is irrelevant

      • Don Walker II

        If my name was irellevant, this reply as well as your initial botched comment wouldn’t exist.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Redmi Pro IS BETTER THANK IPHONE 7

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        What’s wrong with Mac desktops? a base-model starts at 8GBs of RAM, as for the laptops, a 15″ rMBP is equipped with 16GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM.

  • Zencowboy007

    My ole South Korean friend said Samsung is so “in-bed” with their government that they Can’t say anything

  • Nabeel hammad

    Shame on Samsung

  • Samsung Knox LOL

  • Dao Sasone

    Its different overseas. Government officials over there do as they please without any consent. Maybe they told Samsung to zip it or they just want apple to fight its own fight lol

    • tariq

      I was thinking the same thing

  • leart