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Apple is currently planning to hold a media event on Tuesday, March 15, to formally unveil a rumored new four-inch iPhone 5se, a third-generation iPad Air and new Apple Watch band options, according to a report this morning by 9to5Mac’s reliable Mark Gurman.

“As the scheduled event is still a month-and-a-half away, the date could conceivably still shift or turn into an online announcement,” cautioned Gurman.

iPhone 5se

If the rumors are accurate, the iPhone 5se should give customers who prefer smaller form factors something to be excited about. The handset will have a four-inch screen like the iPhone 5s, but run Apple’s in-house designed 64-bit A9 chip.

iPhone 5se leak 001

Claimed iPhone 5se, at right, versus the iPhone 5, at left.

Other features in tow for the iPhone 5se: NFC for Apple Pay, enhanced cameras and Live Photos. The device will be priced the same as the iPhone 5s, according to Gurman’s sources, starting at $450 for 16GB (a 64GB model will also be offered).

iPad Air 3

As for the iPad Air 3, claimed design drawings suggest the 9.7-inch tablet refresh boasts four speakers and the Smart Connector like the iPad Pro. It could also support the Apple Pencil and have a LED flash on the back.

iPad Air 3 case NowhereElse leak 001
First iPad Air 3 case out of China.

New Apple Watch band options

While a second-generation Apple Watch is not expected to make an appearance at the March event, Apple will introduce several new band options and an updated software for the device, sources claim.


“The new band lines will include multiple new colors for the rubberized Sport Bands, new Hermes bands, a Space Black version of the Milanese Loop, and an entirely new band line made of a new material,” reads the report.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • InfinitePlusOne

    it’s unlike of Apple to release phone in March?

  • Nolan I.

    I still don’t know why you guys are thinking it will be called the 5se. Why not the 6s Mini? 5se doesn’t seem that Apple-esque and is quite a mouthful…

    • Jaleon

      6s mini would fit perfectly if it’s curved like the 6/6S but I really hope they stay with the 5S sharp edge design 🙁

  • Amit

    “Claimed iPhone 5se, at right, versus the existing iPhone 6, at left.”
    That’s not the iPhone 6 to the left, it’s likely a 5.

    • fixed

      • the hood

        Apple have said no such thing. Wow just wow!

      • No one is saying that Apple specifically said that. The headline reads “Apple said to unveil new iPhone.” In English, this wording means “Apple rumored to unveil new iPhone”

      • the hood

        Then why don’t you have the title state, “Apple rumoured to unveil new phone?”
        In english the current title can be interpreted to mean that Apple have stated such.
        What title would you have if Apple indeed did state they would unveil said items; I’d say your current title, would you agree?

      • the hood

        ps I am partially tolerating your condescending response and clear misunderstanding on a language that clearly is not your first language. Your expectation that people have to now ‘second guess’ a theoretical title is palpable at best and only serves to mask what is ether a ‘click bait’ title or one written by an ignoramus. Please spare me the lecture on the english language.

  • Buck

    I think my only disappointment will be if the new 4″ phone is using the design aesthetic from the 6/6s line – Really not a fan personally.

    I know – I’ll be out of luck as I’m sure that’s what they are doing, but whatever they do in the new 4″ phone – I’ll be buying

  • Cristian B

    If they name it the iPhone 5se im gonna kill my self

  • mav3rick

    WOW!! The most innovative Co. (long time ago), the most valuable Co. (no longer since yesterday the rebranded Google ABC pasted them), they’ re-releasing an old model phone with updated internals, put a flash and extra speakers in ipad, and launch thousands $… watch bands … Way to go, investors also looks very confident… ↓

    • Fanboy 

      This grammar tho……

      • mav3rick

        A fanboy says… U got it, tho…

  • DTT255

    Would love to get rid of the home button on this next version.

    • rockdude094

      Maybe in iPhone 20 since we are currently going backwards in terms of innovation by apple

  • rockdude094

    This might be the push I needed to head over to android if iPhone 7 will resemble anything from the current iPhone line up. Im actually sick of the iPhone 6 design its really old and literally everyone has it.. and it makes my 5s look newer b/c of its scarcity.

    • butterfield

      Right, because the android phone designs are so ground-breaking and unusual…

      • rockdude094

        Its 2016 not 2008 … Android phones have actually crossed leaps ahead of the iPhone in terms of hardware advancements

    • mrgerbik

      so incredibly banal and shallow…

      • rockdude094

        Whoa whoa relax man… I have the right to chose my phone and express my opinion about an inanimate object, but still its true so i can’t argue.

      • mrgerbik

        Lol I am completely and totally relaxed – Do you think I am angry or hysterical?

        Of course you have the right to express your opinion. But you understand that some people may not agree and call you out on your opinion right? That is what freedom of speech looks like when you are surrounded by other beings who have rights as well.

        Just sayin

  • butterfield

    That new smaller iPhone is exactly what I want. I don’t want a big iPhone and even the 6s is too big for me.

  • mrgerbik

    I dont understand the ‘5se’.. why not call it the 6c????