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Beginning this Friday, acquiring an Apple Watch model from the Apple Watch Hermés Collection will no longer require a visit to a physical Apple Store. That’s because you’ll be able to order an Apple Watch Hermés directly from the comforts of your own home.

According to a report from fashion news outlet Fashionista, the Apple Watch Hermés, which actually includes three models—the Single tour, Double tour, and Cuff—will all be available for sale on both Hermés’ and Apple’s online store. That’s big news, because previously, only a few physical Apple Stores in select big cities, along with Hermés boutiques, even carried models from the collection.

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As mentioned, the Hermés Collection features the following models:

  • Single tour
  • Double tour
  • Cuff

All in all, the collection features 10 possible size and style options.

Hermes Double Tour

The Single tour is the least expensive option of the three, coming in at $1100. The Double tour and Cuff come in at $1,250 and $1,500 respectively. Pricey, for sure, but these bands use high quality leather, and the stainless steel cases feature exclusive Hermés watch faces. I’ve maintained for some while that the Apple Watch is a fashion device first, and Apple’s September partnership with Hermés makes a strong case for that being true.

On January 22nd, which is this Friday, you’ll be able to purchase your very own watch from the Hermés Collection via Apple’s online store. Will you be getting one?

Source: Fashionista

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    To rich for my blood.

    • Andres


  • Dave

    Stainless Steel cases – not aluminum.

  • I love the watch face on this series. It’s both minimalistic and has the numbers so that I can tell what time it is with more precision. I think it’s a watch face that should have come bundled with the apple watch to begin with and can’t fathom why Apple couldn’t come up with something like this on their own. But since only the Hermés watches have it, I’d need to shell out way more money than I’m willing to just to get this watch face. The other big problem I see is that if I want to upgrade my watch in the future I can’t just get a stainless steel watch and put the leather band on it, as I’ll loose the watch face unique to the model series, so to keep the watch face, I need to buy another full Hermés band/watch combo. It’s too bad really, because it’s my favorite watch face of them all.