iTunes Radio (teaser, iPod touch, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV)

Apple on Friday began sending out emails to listeners of legacy iTunes Radio stations, informing them that it will be shuttering all ad-supported stations on Apple Music this month. The move will take place on January 29, leaving Beats 1 as the only free music stream available to non-subscribers.

As a listener of ad-supported radio on Apple Music, we want you to know that it is being discontinued starting January 28. Beats 1 will now be the premier free broadcast so you’ll continue to get all the best music and culture there with world-class DJs like Zane Lowe and specialty programming from artists like Dr. Dre, Drake, Pharrell Williams, and more.

Additionally, with an Apple Music membership, you can access dozens of radio stations handcrafted by our team of music experts, commercial0free with unlimited skips. Or you can create your own stations based on your favorite songs and artists. Start your Apple Music membership now and get a free three-month trial* to enjoy unlimited access to everything radio offers along with the entire Apple Music catalog.

Apple launched the $9.99/month Apple Music service in June of last year, after declining iTunes music sales and failed ad efforts with iTunes Radio forced it to join the on-demand streaming music space. Earlier today, the company also announced that it will be shuttering its iAd app network in June.

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  • Andrzej

    So what now? If I don’t want to pay for Apple Music because I simply don’t need it? From time to time I just want to listen randomly generated songs like I have been doing before. What with people like me?

    • Jaba Haba

      use spotify, pandora, iheart, or many other better apps than what apple provide.

      • Amac25

        Yea I don’t use any very often but I’ll use iheart radio when I do from now on it looks like

  • guess its time to go back to spotify :/

  • Ernie Marin

    Apple radio really isn’t worth, their “expert” just take whatever was a billboard top 100 from your selected artist and loop it for hours, there’s really isn’t that much variety on the stations.

  • 5723alex .

    Will the shutdown include the ad-supported iTunes Internet radio stations as well ?

    • Amac25


      • The Guy

        WTF are you talking about? iTunes internet radio has nothing to do with Apple music radio.