iOS 9 iconRight on the heels of yesterday’s launch of the iOS 9.2.1 developer beta, Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 to those registered in its public beta testing program.

If you’re already a registered member of the public beta program, or if you’d like to join, just venture over to Apple’s beta website to get going.

To get started with the public beta on your iPhone or iPad, simply log in to the beta program website, and enroll your device. Once enrolled, updates will be conducted in typical OTA style.

Yesterday’s developer-centric release was pushed out with no change log, which isn’t at all out of the ordinary for Apple to do with its minor release versions. There are likely only bug fixes to report in the incremental update.

Are you running the public beta on your iOS device? If so,do you plan on upgrading to 9.2.1?

  • 1.1GB on iPod touch 5th gen. With a x.x.1 update, it’s usually bug fixes and performance improvements. iOS 9.2 was rock solid on my device, so I only hope this .1 update improves on that.

    • Dany Quirion

      When its a beta is reinstall the entire IOS it doesnt just patch the issues like public release. Thats why its 1.5Gb or so

  • Diego Milano

    Incoming jailbreak!

  • Kyle

    What build number?

  • Dao Sasone

    Jb 4 9.2 plz

  • Alberto Espinal

    Off topic but I didn’t know  released the remote app for the new TV (4th Gen) and I haven’t seen any news about it!

  • No change log whatsoever found!