BBC iPlayer for Apple TV teaser 002

BBC iPlayer, the on-demand application for watching live television channels and exclusive content from BBC, is now available on the 4th generation Apple TV.

“Christmas is a popular time for viewers to come to BBC iPlayer, as they unwrap new devices and browse and discover the BBC’s fantastic Christmas programs,” said iPlayer chief Dan Taylor-Watt.

“With the launch of iPlayer on new Apple TV, I’m delighted we’ve been able to give people another way of accessing the full breadth and range of BBC programs.”

Available to owners of the fourth-generation Apple TV, BBC iPlayer provides access to live television programming as well as a catalog of programs from the last 30 days and personalized recommendations.

BBC iPlayer for Apple TV teaser 001

The iOS edition of iPlayer was refreshed yesterday with the new Purchases section in My Programmes and the ability to sign in with your BBC ID to get personalized recommendations across the app, based on things you’ve already watched.


The official BBC iPlayer app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available free of charge in the App Store. As mentioned, the app is UK-only and available to TV license fee payers.

Source: BBC, Apple

  • Shami

    Atlast, some way of watching live tv on the new apple tv for us UK viewers along with catch up. Interesting work around too for live tv making this app something similar to have a Freeview (cable via aerial not sky) because there is no analog tv in the UK anymore.

    • Innes

      There are Apps on the ATV that allow you to watch Live Freeview TV. I cant remeber the name of the one I use and cant check as im not at home but if you search for TV in the app store it’ll be in there 🙂

  • Eric Mason

    Normally when someone says “as mentioned” at the end of the article it WAS actually mentioned. Nowhere in the title or article does it say UK only until you say “as mentioned”.

  • モリ ト

    Non UK people:
    -Make sure you use a DNS service such as Unblock-US etc
    -Create a new UK iTunes store account (with different email as your current one -obviously-)
    -Download the BBC iPlayer in iTunes if you wish.
    -On the Apple TV go to settings/accounts/iTunes and App Store
    -Add your new UK’s iTunes Apple ID
    -Go to Apps and download the BBC iPlayer
    -You can go back and switch to your main iTunes account, the BBC iPlayer willl be kept on the ATV’s Home screen and will run.
    -Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and contemplate what you have accomplised 😛

    • Eric Mason

      How do you create a UK Apple ID? It wants a UK address and credit card.

      • モリ ト

        “How to register an UK itune account without a credit card”
        Results will come right on top.
        You might want to log out of your account and switch to the UK Store (scroll to the botton right hand side) beforehand

      • Eric Mason

        Thanks… I got it working right after posting that question so I deleted it.

  • Mark R

    The subtitles option doesn’t seem to work. You access it by swiping down on the remote and you see ‘Off’, ‘Auto’ and ‘CC’ but neither Auto nor CC show subtitles. Other wise it’s great – especially now you can also use Remote on the iPhone.

  • mspia

    Just in the nick of time for the holidays! Finally, BBC iplayer is now available on Apple TV! For those who live outside UK and want to access BBC iPlayer, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.