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The fourth-generation Apple TV has been available for less than two months and already talk is turning to a next-generation model.

A new report by DigiTimes, a hit-and-miss Taiwanese trade publication, cites unnamed supply chain sources as saying that a fifth-generation Apple TV with a brand new CPU and a heat-dissipation solution is entering into trial production in December and volume production in the first quarter of 2016.

The story claims that Apple will, for the first time, adopt a heat-dissipation solution for the Apple TV 5 “to handle the device’s new processor”. The present-generation Apple TV runs the A8 chip.

One could view this as Apple working on a minor Apple TV revision, possibly replacing the current A8 CPU with a more energy-efficient variant. After all, Apple did release a so-called Revision A update to the third-generation Apple TV in January 2013.

On the other hand, the report states that the next Apple TV will gain “new functions.” If true, that would mean that the hardware specifications of the device had been finalized, which doesn’t seem very likely.

Maybe “new functions” include 4K video output?

But more important than that, the report suggests that Apple could be putting a bigger focus on the next Apple TV as a viable alternative to dedicated game consoles in terms of hardware prowess.

“Apple is planning to adopt a new CPU for the fifth-generation Apple TV to dramatically improve the device’s hardware performance and will add new functions to help it no longer serve only as a set-top box,” reads the report.

Production of the device will reportedly be handled by Apple supplier Quanta Computer, instead of Foxconn, which assembles many Apple products.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Andre Matsushima Teixeira

    Would they possibly bring back the optical audio output? This is the main reason I am not considering upgrading to the new Apple TV

    • Nah, optical audio has become a dead end and has never taken off in a major way. Home theater equipment has instead embraced Dolby audio via HDMI. As long as you have a receiver that does Dolbio via HDMI, you should be fine.

      • Jayy

        Some Tv’s aren’t compatible to play you’re surround sounds audio with an hdmi sadly. So that hdmi has to say “ARC” for it to work!

      • Andre Matsushima Teixeira

        I get your point, if I were to buy a receiver in 2015. The point is, my Yamaha RX-V2200, which I bought back in 2004 (pre-HDMI, therefore) is working great, and I see no reason to retire it. Unless Apple devices, which you are supposed to upgrade every 2 years or so, Receivers and TVs have a much longer expected lifespan. Maybe that’s why Apple gave up on the Apple-branded TV set idea… If you listen to any earnings report you will see that the iPad, for example, being long lived than the iPhone, hurts Apple’s earnings (poor things, I know…)

  • indiekiduk

    this has to be the 4k model, probably really hurt sales of the new one being only 1080

    • jeffsters

      Yeah…because there is so much 4K content! Heck the spec isn’t even final and with cable companies adding data caps and sets that are mediocre at best 4K is, like 3D, a farce forced upon us by TV companies that have hit a plateau and have nothing left to sell. Meh!

      • Jurassic

        “Yeah…because there is so much 4K content!”

        You are correct. Think of all the tens of millions of current iPhones (and future ones to come) that are shooting 4K video!

        It makes sense that people will want to watch their videos in 4K on their Apple TV, instead of being downgraded to 1080p.

        Now that 4K TVs are the same price as last year’s 1080p sets, and that 4K Blue-ray movies are to be released soon… Yes, there certainly is “so much 4K content!”.

      • The Pool Man

        The beauty of shooting in 4K is that have you have to zoom in on a part of a shot — to trim something out, say — you’re still above 1080p resolution.

        But the same problem remains upon viewing — in most situations the human eye can’t really make out the ‘big’ difference in resolution.

      • Yeah…because there is so much 4K content!

        There’s plenty of 4K content from Netflix and Amazon and of course any videos of your own shot with a 4K camera.

        Heck the spec isn’t even final

        What do you mean the spec isn’t final. 4K is just a resolution of approximately 4000 pixels wide.

        cable companies adding data caps and sets that are mediocre at best 4K
        is, like 3D, a farce forced upon us by TV companies that have hit a
        plateau and have nothing left to sell. Meh!

        This I agree with. 4K is just a thing and this thing is now. Eventually it’ll be replaced with something else which will be the new thing until it is replaced with something else and the cycle continues.

      • jeffsters

        There is not plenty of 4K content. I have all of the above and that’s simply not true.

    • The Pool Man

      4K is a scam. There are only two reasons anyone needs it —

      1. If you routinely use a large TV as a computer monitor, then yeah — it will be a lot sharper and prettier.

      2. If you have a McMansion with a theater sized TV, the picture will look less washed out. Presuming everything you watch is 4K ready. Which it won’t be. Ever.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Most people would go in debt to get this, oh wait, 97% of Americans are in debt to have this.

      • James G

        Was 1080p a scam? TVs were smaller 10 years ago.

        I love my 4K TV. Watching Amazon shows on it in 4K is also awesome. If there was more 4K content id be buying it and watching it.

      • Yeah just ignore the troll above. If 4K was such a gimmick, even companies like Apple wouldn’t be implementing it into their technology (6s/6s Plus)

      • The Pool Man


        If you end up at c/net, that’s the right place.

        It’s a scam.

      • James G

        That article is nearly 3 years old. And sure a 4K 42″ TV is unnecessary. But above 55″ it’s a noticeable and welcome improvement in resolution.

      • The Pool Man

        Try 14 days old.

      • James G

        Looks like I read the old article from Jan 2013 and it was updated in November.

        “In smaller screen sizes, 4K just isn’t worth the money.”

        I agree with that. but an 80″ TV 4K content looks much better than 1080p.

    • Sure hurt them getting my money because the new FireTV is so much better than the aTV.

  • Of course, because this one has lags in it, while playing games .. I must say…

    But still I’m very happy with it.. But waiting for/wanting Infuse, asap please!

  • Jon20

    Damn… Really??!! I just got the damn thing and they are already thinking about putting out a new one?!! I really thought they would keep this one around for a while considering how long it took them to go from ATV3 to ATV4. This is why I hate buying New or 1st Gen devices from Apple other than the iPhone… Cause I always feel they are treating us like Guinea Pigs for the first year model to get it right in the years to come. Uhhh

    • Merman123

      Rumors bro, rumors.

      • Jon20

        I know, I know… but they have been trying to implement stuff little by little and are refreshing things at a faster rate, which makes you want to buy more. Smart people over there at Apple. Lol.

  • Sofakingstepwit

    No way, no how. There’s no possible way they will update this thing in less than a year after making such a big fuss about this new one. I do think they will probably move to a yearly schedule but I can’t see them doing a refresh in early 2016.

    • ericesque

      My iPad 3 begs to differ.
      While it seems unlikely, it’s not like Apple hasn’t done it before.

      • Sofakingstepwit

        The iPad 3 was not ready hardware wise. The new screen and the power needed to push those pixels made that a heavier, overheating iPad 2 with retina. Check the benchmarks. That’s why they updated that so quickly.

        The Apple TV doesn’t have those sorts of issues.

    • Blip dude

      iPad 3 Release – March 2012, iPad 4 Release- October 2012 — Yeah, there is a possible way for them to update this thing in less than a year. Personally, if the only thing a 5th Gen will bring to the table is 4K, I definitely don’t need it as I’m still rocking 720p and loving it. I don’t plan on getting a 4K TV for at least another 5-7 years. Seriously, that’s how much I personally don’t need it.

      • Sofakingstepwit

        Yeah but here’s the difference. The iPad 3 was a heavier device that got really warm during general use. It was the first retina iPad and was undercooked from a hardware perspective. Not only under cooked, maybe actually worse that its predecessor. Hell, they sold the iPad 2 after they stopped selling the iPad 3. The iPad 3 was a mistake, pure and simple. I bought one and returned it within 30 days because I knew it had serious problems.

        The Apple TV, while not perfect, doesn’t have those sorts of problems. It’s got plenty of power for what it’s trying to do. The problems it does have can largely be rectified though software updates. Sure it could use more ram or more resolution but those won’t meaningfully change the experience for a majority of people.

        I’m sticking with my “no way, no how” proclamation. We’ll see an update in late 2016

      • mrgerbik

        I got ipad3 as a gift for my mom – she still has it.. I have never noticed it getting warm……

      • Sofakingstepwit

        It was definitely a thing back in 2012.

      • Out5poken

        People always mention how bad of an experience the ipad 3 was but personally i bought one on release and had two straight years of pure joy with mine until I sold it on and bought the Air 2.

        I never had the weight issues, or heat.. It was only until i updated it to ios7 when started to notice the sluggish performance.

      • mrgerbik

        Maybe it was just me, but I updated it to 8.1 and it seemed to fix alot of that. Then I read other people claiming its slower…
        Eh who knows….

      • The iPad 3 is so bad the iPad 2 beats it in benchmark tests.

      • mrgerbik

        Dont even remember any of that… interesting.

      • Out5poken

        Neither do i. Sometimes things just get blown out of proportion- the IPad 2 may have beaten the iPad 3 on some geekbench scores but at the end of the day its down to real world use and personal experience and like i mentioned earlier i had no issues with mine. The retina screen blew me away at the time compared to the iPad 2.

        Even now owning an iPad Air 2 i dont get that same wow feeling like when i used to use the iPad 3.

  • James Bogdanski

    I JUST bought the Apple TV 4 🙁

  • Eikast

    This is literally impossible. There’s a better chance of me winning the lottery ticket (and I don’t buy lottery tickets). Maybe late 2017. The Apple TV may no longer be a hobby but it’s still dwarfed by the sales of Apple’s other products.

    Also the revision changes for the Apple TV 3 did not affect performance in any way. They originally had the A5 with the second ore locked/deactivated, then they eventually just start to put a single core A5 into the Apple TV 3.

  • The Pool Man

    … you mean Apple might have screwed a bunch of customers on a pricey TV box with the hopes of releasing an even pricier one a year from now? THAT doesn’t sound like Apple at all!

    • Out5poken

      Id be betting the price will stay the same.

  • Kenneth Delgado

    Wait a minute, I just bought my ATV4! 🙁

  • iPhoneWINS

    hahahahhaahahhahhahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha pass

  • Vince Reedy

    rectal screen lol

    • Xee

      He meant rectal Touch ID lol

  • James G

    Little early to pull the trigger, I think.

  • I call complete bs on any of this rumor being true.. Guess I’m conditioned to not believe aTV rumors after all the wrong ones, for years, that were spread around over the latest one.

    • William Melendez

      You’re a beta tester aren’t you ? Lol jk

  • I just wish they wouldn’t bury the Bluetooth head phone connection so deep in the hierarchy of selections.

  • Xee

    Good, Apple got leapfrogged by the competition having 4K. Hopefully Apple will learn a lesson not to be so stingy with updates and features and stop trying to string thing out so much.

  • Lordrootman

    it maybe true because nobody is buying the new one only few geeks i bought one and return it jn a few minutes latter when i got to know that no support for remote app and theres no clear advantage over the ATV 3

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Slowly but surely the Apple TV could very well replace a casual gaming console. Maybe not the Playstations and Xboxes, at least not in the near term, but it sure is heading that direction. Only thing left to do is give enough incentive for game publishers and developers to port the “Legend of Zeldas”, “Tomb Raiders”, “Call of Duty”, “Tekkens”, “Resident Evils” and “Silent Hills” to the Apple TV. As far as hardware goes, the Apple TV is perfectly capable.

    • I’m just theorizing here but I think in the future if Internet speed improves game publishers won’t even have to port their titles to a particular device and everything will be streamed using something like NVIDIA GameStream.