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Board game fans already know about Days of Wonder’s decade-old train ride adventure game. They probably already know that the company published a digital version of it in the App Store a few years ago.

Ticket to Ride recently received an update that brings with it new content for the first time in years. Additionally, the game is now cross-platform compatible with asynchronous multiplayer mode, so you can play multiple games at the same time.

The redesigned game now makes it easier to play online and has an adaptive user interface, making the game exactly the same for all devices, but automatically adjusts to the screen’s size. The iPad version is now available on the iPhone too.

Ticket to Ride 2

It now features asynchronous gaming, which means you can play multiple games in turn-based mechanics at once. In the previous version of the game, players had to stay online and in-game in order to finish. Multi-session mode makes it possible to pause and resume a game whenever necessary without being kicked out.

You can also view your opponents move, even if you weren’t online when it took place. If you don’t want your game to drag on for months, you can implement the Player Clock, which limits each player’s turn to a specific amount of time. You’ll get a notification when you are running out of time and when your opponent has taken his or her turn.

Ticket to Ride 3

Days of Wonder has added, for the first time in digital form, a vertical map. Players can now explore India in the new format. It features new rules, like the Mandala bonus. The company has also noted that vertical mapping opens up the possibility for more content in the future.

The social networking features have also been improved to bring gamers more ways to brag to their friends about their recent defeat. With a simple share button, players can send a graphic summary of their game to Facebook, Twitter, Steam, and more.

Ticket to Ride is still just $6.99 and is now available for iPhone and iPad. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you play the digital version of Ticket to Ride? What do you think of this major update?

  • Sean

    As a user of Ticket To Ride on iPhone before the big update I played asynchronously with my mom in another state with no issue, and, of course, no worry about being kicked. I could have played multiple games like that. In fact, sometimes we had multiple games going that we would play over weeks.
    The new UI looks better, but now I can’t play with my mom until we are able to coordinate us both being online at the same time as it no longer uses Game Center to connect to other, but uses Days of Wonder accounts instead.
    Overall, I am not a fan of the new update because I am unable to use it for the specific reason I bought it.

  • Nile Plumb

    The new update is a tremendous failure, if you play on steam it will spam you with notifications that it’s your turn whilst you play, it won’t exit games properly so will relaunch into finished games again, it doesn’t sync owned content across devices, owned TTR Europe on your smart devices? Not anymore you don’t! True Europe map edition was discontinued and added to the new TTR but you have to buy the map again.

    Crashes and other random errors are very frequent and the multiplayer UI is horrid now, was easier to start a private match before with a simple password for your friends. I’d recommend steering clear of this update

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