Top detachable keyboard folio case

The 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have made it possible for us to do more than ever on a smartphone. One of the benefits is the ability to be more productive with our digital lives. You can send email, edit PDFs, and write novels much easier with the larger screen space.

Top makes a hefty detachable keyboard with a leather folio cover that increases your smartphone productivity even more. Just flip open the cover and start typing.

The keyboard is specifically designed for mobile devices with traditional letters and numbers, plus function buttons for audio controls, returning to the Home screen, and more. Plus it has added features, like navigation arrow keys.

TOP detachable keyboard for iPhone 6s

The keyboard is very thick, in comparison to other keyboard cases. However, the bulk might be useful to some as it adds a level of weight and stability that works well with tabletop typing.

The iPhone 6s snaps snugly into a plastic case that has cutaways and holes for access to all buttons and ports. The rear camera and flash are exposed so you can take pictures with it, as well.

Since the keyboard is so thick, it is not ideal for carrying around with you all of the time, so the company made it detachable so you can leave it at your desk, while still protecting your iPhone 6s with a classy looking leather folio.

You can grab a Top detachable keyboard folio case for iPhone 6s on Amazon for $18. There is also a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for $30.

  • Eli Montoya

    I’ll be the one to say… Lory gil. You need to review some real products worth looking at.

    • Linton Findlay

      I agree, wish the same rules applied to websites as YouTube videos with regards to full disclosure of sponsored content. Post like these are deceiving.

    • besrate hogsa

      It makes sense for tablets but for mobile phones meh

  • George


  • Coatsey

    I’m not sure that’s going to sell given it’s even bigger and thicker than the phone, too much so.

  • At least say that this is a sponsored post. By the way, the case looks ugly.

  • List price was originally $199.90. Yeah right.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Right? It’s just like all the stuff sold on tv- “Regularly sells for 48 billion dollars…but call NOW and it can be yours for just five easy payments of $19.99!” I think they get to write off the difference between $100 and 48 billion… it’s all just clever wording to lower their tax bill. Which, I suppose, I do agree with on principle if that’s the case as I’ve been told it is… because I don’t believe in taxes. AT ALL. So, hey Mr. Tax Man- F off! 🙂

  • Steven S.

    I would love to see a review on this! Just for fun, of corse!

  • Lucian F

    Sponsored or not, at least you should have mentioned the addt’l $15 for shipping. Makes a difference to the bottom line, you know?

  • Wow! I would feel real stupid for writing an article on this product, if this truly isn’t sponsored, because this product is a POS!! Plus every aspect of item’s product page are red flags that something is not on the up & up with this company. From the ridiculous MSRP, to the scam on shipping costs. I would assume I am ordering a knockoff item from eBay, that ships from China.

  • Alfred Stephen

    1. The case makes the iPhone much thicker
    2. It doesn’t seem to offer comparable protection to thinner, more rugged cover like Otterbox or Spigen Slim Armor
    3. The keyboard is practically useless. Even on iPhone 6/6s Plus, the keyboard would be so minuscule, I can’t see any reason using it in contrast to the built-in software keyboard. You definitely can’t touch type on this.
    4. It’s bluetooth so it would be one more device to charge.
    5. If it’s going to sit on your desk every day, why don’t you just buy a full-sized bluetooth keyboard?

    Verdict: Useless gizmo.