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Supercharge your Mac with this Black Friday Bundle Deal from the good folks at Parallels. For just $80, you can pick up more than $500 worth of software, including apps like Parallels Desktop 11, Parallels Access, 1Password for Mac, Evernote Premium and more—a total of 8 useful, powerful applications.

Of course you all know what big fans of Parallels and 1Password we are here at iDB—we use the former in all of our virtual machine tutorials, and the latter is regarded as the best password management app for both Mac and iOS. Then there is Evernote and Pocket, neither of which need much introduction.

The final three apps are PDFpen Pro 7, an all-purpose PDF editing tool that allows you to add text and signatures and make corrections/annotations; Camtasia, a combo video editor and screen recorder; and SnagIt. For those unfamiliar with it, SnagIt is a popular desktop image and video screen capture app.

Here is a full breakdown of the bundle and regular app prices:

  • Parallels Desktop 11 – $79.99
  • 1Password for Mac – $49.99
  • Evernote Premium – $49.99
  • Camtasia – $99.99
  • Pocket Premium – $44.99
  • PDFpen Pro 7 – $124.99
  • SnagIt – $49.99
  • Parallels Access – $19.99

If purchased separately, these apps would cost you more than $520. But from now through December 1st (11:59 PM PST to be exact), you can get the bundle for just $80. That comes out to an ~85% discount, and is about what you’d pay for buying Parallels alone—meaning the other 7 apps are essentially free.

If you’re interested, you can take advantage of the Parallels Black Friday Bundle Deal by clicking here.


  • Chris Wagers

    Awesome deal! I might just snag this one. Thank you! For the heads up.

  • Hotrod

    I totally was under the impression that parallels was a subscription that you had to pay for yearly???

    • Chris

      Only for the pro and business editions which allow you to use any version of Parallels, the standard version restricts you to whichever version you purchased the license for.

      • pdrake007

        True but if you don’t keep updating to the latest version (when a new version of Windows / MacOS comes out) it eventually becomes sluggish and they do not guarantee any compatibility (in my experience anyway). So yes you dont need to subscribe but if you don’t keep paying for the updates it becomes unusable

  • -= J$@ =-

    I got offered the same deal via an email for $49.99!!!

    • cashinstinct

      It’s the upgrade price for people who have an earlier version of Parallels

  • Marie-Louise Overgaard

    I swear they had the same apps in a previous bundle too, I have all of them except Parallels 11.