Spark for iPhone Microsoft Exchange support

Readdle’s incredibly efficient (and free) email client, Spark for iPhone, has just gotten a whole lot more useful with full support for Microsoft Exchange accounts in the latest update in the App Store.

This was the main feature request from thousands of people who wanted to use Spark with Exchange in the workplace, developers tell me.

Even more exciting than that, the team has confirmed that they’re hard at work putting finishing touches on Spark for iPad, which should be released “soon”. In addition, a spokesperson for the company tells me via email that their next step will be “creating the best email client for Mac.”

Spark does Exchange

“Microsoft Exchange powers work email accounts for millions of people in the world,” a spokesperson told me. “Starting today, Spark supports Exchange Web Services (EWS).”

As a result, Spark users can now connect their Exchange accounts on their iPhone and start using Spark for both their personal and work emails. EWS protocol is available since the release of Microsoft Exchange SP1.

Spark on your iPad and Mac

“We are working on the iPad version and will release it soon,” Reader told me. “The next step will be creating the best email client for Mac.”

Spark has evolved significantly since its debut, with prior updates bringing enhancements like customizable quick replies, default From: account, support for email aliases and HTML signatures, new swipe options, moving emails between different email accounts and much, much more.

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Integrations iPhone screenshot 001

Why I fell in love with Spark

This is precisely the announcement I’ve been dying to see from Ukrainian developer Readdle ever since Spark for iPhone’s May 2015 debut in the App Store.

The gesture-driven app lets you triage your email with efficiency, responsiveness and speed that I think no other iOS email client can quite match. There’s a smart inbox which intelligently highlights important emails while tucking away your newsletters and notifications from social services.

The app has powerful search, it integrates with a variety of cloud-storage services and features a rich settings interface with various customization options, including adjusting the frequency of notifications.

As I wrote in my initial Spark review, this app improves your experience with every core aspect of email and will actually make you fall in love with your email again.

I used to be a big proponent of email apps such as Dropbox’s Mailbox, Microsoft’s Outlook and the excellent TL;DR, but Spark has been my go-to email client for the iPhone and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

And as soon as Spark for iPad and Spark for Mac hit, I’ll gladly stop using Apple Mail and those cumbersome desktop email clients for the Mac.


Spark requires an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 8.3 or later and includes a watchOS 2 app and a Glance to check important messages on your wrist, respond to emails with canned responses or dictation and more.

Grab Spark at no charge in the App Store.

  • George V

    I’ve been using it since the day it came out and I have to say its by far the best email client I have used for iOS and I have recommended it to several friends and every single one of them made the switch and use it as their main email client. Cant wait for the iPad and Mac versions

    • Steve R.

      Has there been any word on when a Mac version would be released?

  • Picapollo

    Try outlook by Microsoft, really amazing app if you ask me!

    • Mark

      I used that too for a while actually! But I started to have the same problems with notifications not working as well. That is why I think it is something to do with the phone itself and not the apps.

  • Nikhil Baveja

    Can someone tell me apart from interface is there any functional difference between this one and Microsoft outlook?

  • Robin

    Have you contacted the developers about your issue with Spark app. Have you tried uninstalling the app and reconnect again to your mail account(s)?
    I have no problems with my IMAP (gmail) and POP3 (own domain) e-mail accounts with Spark.

    I can’t wait before the launch the iPad app. Untill that time I only use it on the iPhone and use CloudMagic on the iPad.

    • Mark

      Yea Ive contacted them about it. I have a feeling it is something with my phone itself and not the app, which is a bummer if it is.

  • M2

    Still has the issue with the badge number. There is a delay on the number on top of icon saying how many emails you have. I have this turned on in the settings and I allowed notifications. This was the same issue I had last update and I ended up dumping it. Seems like a simple fix. I emailed the dev to no avail.

  • M2

    Still has problems with badges. No landscape mode. Also the main reason that sucks which is no fault of spark or any other 3rd party app is the inability to change your default mail program. So if you ever want to send a safari link or some other link, iOS opens the stock mail app. Sure there are some ways around it but it’s not good. Spark has had the badge issue for a while. Before it wouldn’t show. Now it shows…only its wrong until you open the app. Seems like a very basic thing for spark to get right.