Getting the perfect shot using a smartphone is not easy. Even though the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have huge improvements in camera technology, there are still times when a little outside help is needed.

The Camkix Universal 3 in 1 lens kit is just the help you need to get in close, or widen the shot and the universal clip makes it possible for you to carry the kit along with you to future generations of iPhones.

The kit comes with three lenses made from aluminum. The wide angle and macro lens are combined into one. To use the wide-angle lens, attach both to the clip. To use the macro lens, unscrew the wide-angle one first. The third is a fisheye lens. This particular fisheye produces the black circular frame around the image. Some iPhone photographers like this look. Others don’t. It’s a personal preference.

The lens clip is designed to work with a number of different smartphones. It lines up perfectly with all iPhone devices back to the iPhone 3G (does anyone even used an iPhone 3G anymore?). It also works with the iPad 2 through 4 and iPad Air.

The clip is capable of opening up to a half inch. So, you can potentially use it with a thick case. However, users have noted that, because the lens doesn’t lay flush on the back of your iPhone, it might cause problems with focusing. Users have also noted that the back of your case must be flat or the clip won’t lay flush with it.

The Camkix kit comes in a variety of colors and ranges in price from $13 to $27, depending on your choice. It is available on Amazon where it has a four-star rating from nearly 1,500 reviews.

  • Brandon

    random, but i have an uncle that uses an iphone 3G and still loves it. Seemingly never updates it either.

    • Hi

      that makes two of us

  • lou111

    nope, these clip lenses are crap. iPhone can’t keep a focus, and getting crazy. Not worth it

  • diggitydang

    I find that these types of lenses can’t fit if you have any type of case on it (I use a mophie battery case) or require you to glue a base (not on the one above, but other models) around the camera lens. These seem to be designed with a completely nude iPhone in mind and I have NEVER gone with a completely nude iPhone.

  • Mark S

    Yet another article on these junky clip on lens kits. I’ve yet to see 1 of these in public.

  • Thomas Hopkins

    By the way, missing punctuation after ‘personal preference’