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Another week, another steady flow of new tweaks. We’re still waiting for that one tweak that could potentially take the crown of best tweak of the year, but in the meantime, we’ll remain grateful for what we have.

Slightly off topic, if you haven’t yet, you should listen to this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak where I talk to Kevin Bradley (aka nitoTV) about the history of Apple TV jailbreaking.

AnySpot for iOS 9: lets you launch Spotlight from anywhere ($2.99)

BackupAZ 2: an alternative backup solutions for your jailbroken device ($2.99)

Cairo: replaces the Music app icon with the artwork of the album currently playing ($1.45)

Circle: adds circular shape to app icons shortcuts in Control Center (free)

CycleBluetooth: automatically restarts Bluetooth after a restring (free)

Eclipse 3: systemwide dark mode for your iPhone ($0.99)

HideAppMenu: hides app setting options in Settings app (free)

IconArt: puts the album artwork on the currently playing app’s icon (free)

Libnet: a framework for low level network packet construction (free)

Lylac: a tweak to enhance the App Switcher ($1.99 – review)

MusicExplorer: share or backup music from your library ($0.99)

NCCards: a new way to display notifications with cards in Notification Center ($2.99)

NetflixImproved: a suite of enhancements for the Netflix app (free)

NoEmergency: hides the Emergency button on the Lock screen (free)

Palin: makes Lock screen passcode and notifications transparent (free)

PhoneAppNoFav: removes the Favorites tab from the Phone app (free)

QuickReply for WhatsApp: Quick Reply and Quick Compose for WhatsApp (free)

Reform: lets you customize and resize various elements of the Springboard ($2.99)

SetBack 9: allows you to save some of your preferences for easy revert back ($2)

Share Widget Plus: a social sharing widget (free)

SpotBrowser: replaces Spotlight with a browser ($0.99)

SmileBattery: replaces battery percentage with emoji (free)

WAReply: enables WhatsApp stock Quick Reply feature (free)

My picks of the week are BackupAZ, Eclipse, Lylac, and NCCards. What are yours?

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Seems like iOS 9 tweak list is evolving nicely. I’m still on 8.3 but I try to keep up to date with the latest tweaks. Thanks to iDownloasBlog I can suggest tweaks to people asking on JailbreakQA or /r/jailbreak.

    • Oscar Miranda

      Do not update ios9 is slower

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Don’t worry, I won’t. I leanred my lesson a long time ago: Never update the OS. Not to mention that iOS 9 has the 8.4 apple music app.

  • katli10

    Wish I could jailbreak. I’m a big fan yet i’ve never jailbroken due to the possibility of bricking. Oh well. The tweaks look promising, anyway.

    • Skoven

      Bricking? I’m pretty sure you always have the possibility of restoring the iPhone, even if you totally screwed up iOS.
      But i’m sure someone more knowledgeable can answer this…

      • Merman123

        You are correct.


      I’m pretty sure bricking is a thing of the past. There is almost no possibility of you bricking your device. If the device turns unresponsive you can probably fix it with a restore.

      • Manuel Molina

        Only things I’ve bricked in my life was a Wii, PSP and a Samsung Vibrant.

        That was years ago. Bricking is hard to do these day.


        I know, right? It’s really rare to hear about someone bricking their phones, specially iPhones. Question. Were you trying to Homebrew the Wii and PSP when you bricked them? What about the Samsung?

      • Manuel Molina

        Home brew the Wii, and I ran the wrong CIOS on it. The system glitches and bricked entirely. I sold it to gamestop because of how stupid they were on buying used things. The PSP was more emulators, and I remember using a pandora battery and magic memory stick. It was a challenge just to create those things. My vibrant was just a bad root on my end for not reading. I spent hours reading how to unbrick. I did it and got rid of it quick too.

      • Ugh… I went through 2 Wii’s until I finally figured out what I was doing. I kid you not that one of them bricking has a lot to do with my long term relationship ending as well! Lol That damn bricked Wii I never heard of the end of, until we finally just broke up.

    • Yeah the posters that responded are correct. It is impossible to brick an iPhone nowadays. I mean you’d have to like go in and purposely delete system files or something, but just getting it jailbroken is completely safe and very easy to do.
      You’re really missing out and it sounds like it wasn’t even necessary.

      • katli10

        Maybe if I get an extra phone in the future I’ll have a go at it.

  • I download quick reply for what’s app however it asks me activate and pay $1.49.

  • Mark

    Any word on when there will be a update for cydia impactor for ios 9?

  • Merman123

    Sebastien, you must have not installed NCCards if you picked it as your tweak of the week lol it’s plagued with bugs and crashes.

    • Mark

      Yes there are tons of bugs and crashes with that tweak.

    • Joey Jreij

      Hey, i am one of the team members that developed NCCards! And first i want to say sorry, with the release we had hoped to receive a lot of positive comments but NCCards was just shit. We rewrote a lot of code and we are testing with 10+ people on different ios and devices to make sure everything works!

      We’ve tested it now for 2 days and there were no crashes! But we as a team understand that it was just a piece of shit that’s why we also finished LSCards and NCCards for iPad! You people asked for it!

      NCCards should get a update very soon and everyone who bought it on the first day will get LSCards for free (cards on the lockscreen)!

      It’s a little gift from us to make the things we’ve messed up a little bit better! Believe me if i say that we were kinda sad when we saw those bug reports, bcs we worked hard on it to finish it and make something cool for you guys!

      So again, sorry for the problems, we’ve fixed it for real and are testing it with different combination of tweaks to let it work perfect!

      Happy tweaking!

      • Hey at least you’re aware and actively doing something about it to fix it. That’s a ton more than you could ever say about dev teams like A3Tweaks! Lol They’re obviously just in it for the money cause most of their tweaks will have bugs, yet they rarely ever ouch out updates. They do just enough to get some revenue coming in and then they disappear until the next jailbreak.
        So I commend you and your team for all the continued hard work! Nice looking tweak too!

  • Feivl

    I wonder why Traverse never gets mentioned.

    • Mark

      Traverse sucks, it doesnt really work.

      • LBizzle

        Why do you say it sucks or doesn’t really work? Works just fine.

      • Mark

        It worked for me then they updated it and it just stopped working completely.

  • DopamineAddicted

    Waiting for a tweak to quick reply in whatsapp and found WAQuickRepky Enabler now this list has two tweaks for that feature, which is the best to use???

  • kokeropie

    Is there a tweak similar to OpenOther since it has not been updated to iOS 9?

  • Achmed Rauf

    Hi. Im using iphone 6s+ jailbreak device. After jailbreaking my device. My game center is not working only white screen. Please help me to fix this problem.

    • I’ve honestly never heard of this happening before. You sure you don’t have some tweak installed that is effecting it?

  • theapple99

    You need to correct restring to respring on cycle bluetooth

  • Ali Majid

    hi all
    i need a pc program to save my iphone apps then installing them on my ipad
    i use itools , i fun box : they both says backup failed since ios 9
    any help 🙁 ??
    my iphone 9.0.2 jailbroken
    ipad is 9.1
    both can’t back up apps to pc