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YouTube on Thursday released a new mobile app called YouTube Music. The app lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog of music, and you can use it for free, with ads of course. The ads go away and you get more features if you sign up for YouTube’s recently-launched Red service for $10/month.

So what does it look like? Well searching any video, album or artist in YouTube Music starts a personalized radio station. From there you can check out recommended tracks, trending music, top 40 hits, and up-and-coming artists. There’s also a lot of video content here, such as music videos, concert footage, etc.

Usher discovers Bieber. Psy breaks a billion. Macklemore goes from the garage to the Grammys. Pentatonix top the charts. Over the past ten years, music on YouTube has been magic. We’ve seen established artists reach new heights and new artists explode on the scene. We’ve seen our fans shake, get happy and let it go. And together, they’ve made YouTube the absolute best place in the world to discover new music.

[…] But we want to do even more to support artists and all the fans who turn to YouTube to discover music, so we’re making the experience even better with a brand new YouTube Music app. With YouTube Music, you’ll get a completely new type of experience, designed to make discovering music on YouTube easier than ever.

Again, you’ll get access to most of the service for free, but folks with YouTube Red subscriptions will get ad-free videos, offline listening on mobile devices, background audio, and the ability to listen to music without video. The price is $9.99/month (or $12.99/month via the App Store), and there’s a 14-day free trial.

You can find the new YouTube Music app in the App Store for free.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Seems like another plot to force users to subscribe to Youtube Red. Also, I fail to see the point in using this app: I can find any song on the standalone youtube app and play it (in the background as well).

    • AnoNymouz

      Not everyone can play music in the background. I see it and looks interesting. Certainly has a wider selection of music than Apple Music. I’m subscribed to Apple Music already and might give it a shot once my Nexus 6P gets here.

      • Anonymous

        Where can you find how how many artists are on Apple music versus how many artists are on YouTube?

      • AnoNymouz

        You can’t. Simple search of music that interest you… If it’s on Apple Music vs YouTube. Youtube where you could find just about anything. I can’t say the same thing about Google Music. I still prefer Apple Music of that any day.

      • Anonymous

        That maybe true about youtube. But at least in my case itune/apple music has never faid me.

      • Anonymous

        Ps i like the screen name/profile pic

  • Item not available (as always) for dedicated apps.

  • andyr354

    I kind of like this. It has a station function like Pandora and audio only mode. Also has an offline mix tape function in settings I have not tried yet.

    I signed up for RED as YouTube is my main entertainment source, LOVE old documentaries and YT is loaded with them.

    • nonchalont

      Exactly, YouTube is awesome.

  •  Rich 

    Well, at least I get 2 free weeks of Youtube Red to see if I like it or not.

  • Chris

    Not available in the UK.

  • Axel Strömberg

    Sweden needs this, Apple Music is pretty weak here compared to mothership Spotify.

  • voltik

    waste of time downloading and favorite all my music then found out that closing the phone causes it to stop music……not worth it

    • RayRayBeav

      If you turn on ‘Audio Mode’ on then it will continue playing

  • What’s the difference between this and Google Play Music?

  • Why not just implement this in the YouTube app? Oh and please introduce dark mode for YouTube. Thanks.

  • besrate hogsa


    if it is for Google play and Youtube music

    that will be fair