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The Apple TV Remote Loop is a $12.99 accessory for the Apple TV Siri Remote, and it essentially functions as a lanyard to keep the remote securely within your grasp. This can be important when using the Siri Remote to play games, as some titles may require you to wave the remote around, sometimes aggressively, to control certain on screen elements.

But the Remote Loop is sold separately, and doesn’t come bundled with the Apple TV. With this in mind, should you consider buying it? Is it a wise decision for gamers who’ll be using the Siri Remote’s sensors to play Wii-inspired games? Read our full review to find out the answer.

Unboxing and installation

The Remote Loop comes in a small black retail box with little fanfare. Inside the box, you’ll find it attached to a piece of cardboard with a piece of tape. Simply slide the cardboard out of the box, and detach the Remote Loop to get started.

Remote Loop 7

Apple has designed the Remote Loop in a way so that it securely attaches to the bottom of the Apple TV Siri Remote using hooks that lock into two small holes found inside of the remote’s Lightning port. Once the Remote Loop locks into place, it cannot be removed without depressing two small buttons on each side of its base. It works similarly to how the now defunct 30-pin connectors attached and detached on older iPhones.

Remote Loop 1

I’ve heard some people suggest that they could create their own makeshift Remote Loop using old Lightning connectors. This, of course, isn’t possible, because normal Lightning cables don’t have the hooks necessary to lock into place. In fact, the Remote Loop doesn’t really have a Lightning connector at all. It features a small nub that lacks any sort of contact points; it’s there for stability and nothing more.

The actual lanyard portion of the Remote Loop is made out of a faux leather-like material. If memory serves correctly, it feels much like the iPod touch Loop from the original 5th generation iPod touch.

Real world usage

The Remote Loop features a small piece of material that slides down the lanyard to make it fit snugly on your wrist. The mechanism isn’t nearly as robust as what you’d see on a Nintendo Wii Remote lanyard, and is prone to loss because there’s nothing preventing it from sliding off the lanyard completely when it’s not on your wrist.

Remote Loop 2

That said, the Remote Loop, when fitted correctly, does result in a nice fit that doesn’t irritate your wrists, and it will keep the remote secure and within reach. If you’re playing intense games that require slashing motions or throwing motions, then you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Siri Remote isn’t going to go flying across the room and into your TV.

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Another factor to consider is the revelation that the Siri Remote may shattered when dropped on a hard surface. With this in mind, users might be more inclined to use the Remote Loop, even when not gaming.

Worth it?

I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that Apple decided to not include a Remote Loop with every Apple TV and Siri Remote purchase. Even the old 5th generation iPod touch included a Loop in the package.

I understand that Apple didn’t become the world’s richest company by giving away stuff for free, but the decision to not include one of these in the package definitely feels like a nickel and dime scenario.

Remote Loop 6

The Remote Loop isn’t an absolute must have, but I find it useful. Not only does it help keep my Siri Remote secure during gaming sessions, but I’ve discovered that it makes the remote easier to find when it’s laying around the living room. Plus, I can use the Remote Loop to hang the Siri Remote on a hook when not in use.

Have you purchased a Remote Loop for your Apple TV’s Siri Remote? Why, or why not?

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  • Manor

    I can’t believe they are charging 13$ for this thing

    • They should have put it aside to the remote in the box.

      • George

        The fact that the Wii has one in the box and apple that is the richest company in the world is charging $13 for it. Next they will release new colors for them and riase the price to $20

      • Morgan Freeman

        Well, they didn’t get rich by giving things away. That doesn’t make it right, of course, but it’s their choice and it’s our choice to buy their stuff or not. I like Apple products a lot… but even if I had this new Apple TV… I would not pay $13 for a freakin’ lanyard! LOL..

      • George

        Do you realize that this remote is like $80??? You can’t add in a free lanyard with that huge profit?

      • Andrieux Querido

        I Paid $199 on My ATV, should have a Freaking cord in it

      • Morgan Freeman

        As I said, they did not get rich by giving things away.

    • Bro, in Brazil it costs us R$109 in a 4-to-1 currency (R$4 = US$1). Considering your dollar (1-to-1), it would cost us US$27.25.

  • Aman kapoor

    that little loop will launch here after 3-4 months , can i use the apple tv loop with my iphone 6 so that it remains tied to my wrist just like the ipod touch 5th gen(it comes with a loop that i love)

    i mean if someone could tell me if the loop is able to hold , and suspend the iphone 6 in place , can it take the weight of the iphone compared to the light siri remote or will my phone fall to the ground if i suspend it with my loop

    a loop for the iphone would be super handy

    please answer

    • Theoretically, the Remote Loop’s connector would fit in your iPhone’s lightning port. However, the metal hooks on it could damage the port, so I’d not recommend that.
      However, you could get a case for your iPhone that allows you to attach a loop.

      • Morgan Freeman

        How do you know the lightning ports aren’t identical between the two devices? I just looked in the one on my iPhone 6 and it appears that this lanyard’s little hooks might do just fine in there.. though it’s a bit dark and I could be wrong of course. Wouldn’t hurt to try. I doubt seriously that the little hooks have enough spring pressure to damage anything inside the iPhone’s lightning port. Seems like a little test is in order, and I don’t think it’d be a destructive test. Just my two cents!

      • It doesn’t work. It was one of the first things I tried. The iPhone lacks the notches needed for the hooks to snap into.

      • Thanks for testing, Jeff!

    • no.

  • Buck

    This is SUPER ripe for a China eBay product before long.

    • TechnoBuff

      i second that motion. LOL

  • mrgerbik

    Welcome to the new world. Where everything is overpriced, shiny & magical.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    $13 for a loop? Wow! Apple really knows their customer will pay anything.

  • James G

    Nope. Not giving them the accessories revenue bump on this. Rip off.

  • nonchalont

    Yeah I’m disappointed too. That should definitely have been included. Give something to the consumers that made you the rich company. I’m sure it’s pennies to the dollar to make. ….truly nickle and diming. However, from a business standpoint it’s a great way to increase revenue. Charge for EVERYTHING.

  • Mark S

    Use a rubber band or string. Seriously?

  • Noohar

    Very short review lol