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One of the biggest complaints about the new Apple TV is the lack of discovery when it comes to the App Store. The initial version of the App Store only featured three sections: Featured, Puchased, and Search. As such, there is was way to discover great new apps outside of Apple’s own recommendations.

Apple has partially remedied this issue by adding a new Top Charts section to the App Store. This section should prove to be immediately useful for early Apple TV adopters. Although I’m not currently seeing the Top Charts on my Apple TV, even after a reboot and a force quit of the App Store app, it may take some time to propagate to all devices and regions.

Top Charts Apple TV App Store 1

The new Top Charts feature contains Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps, and Top Grossing apps, just like iOS.

Top Apps Apple TV

Are you seeing Top Charts in your Apple TV App Store as of yet? If so, please let us know in the comments.

  • Zane Kleinberg

    I don’t see it yet, I live in New York, Where does it show up?

    • Just wait on it, it’ll come.

    • Merman123

      I wasn’t seeing it either. Go into settings and restart your Apple TV. Should be there when it’s back.

  • On my Dev Kit, I’m located in Arizona.

  • Ashutoshkhurana5

    Bytafont 3

  • AwkwardApple

    Another great feature of Apple TV is when I turn it on the main TV also turns on to the correct input setting.

  • philip Mills

    can’t see it in the uk yet

  • Martynet

    Just got my refund for SimpleX. What a piece of shit.

    • Give a try to Video Explorer, it works both with Plex and NAS Servers!

      • Martynet

        it’s ok now. Got the official Plex app and it works great.

  • Victor Molina

    Does these games and apps have iap and or ads on the screen or anywhere??

  • Not everyone has seen the Apple TV App Store yet, as the feature is slowly rolling out to the new devices still.