Apple TV 4

As promised by Tim Cook, Apple new 4th generation Apple TV just went on sale on Apple’s online store. Coming in both 32 and 64 GB flavors, the new Apple TV starts at $149 for the lower storage tier, and caps off at $199 for the higher storage tier.

The new Apple TV 4, which comes bundled with Apple’s new Siri Remote, is the first Apple TV to be able to run full-fledged apps from the App Store thanks to its new operating system, tvOS. The ability to run apps and search with Siri are two of the big headlining features for the refresh. Users can also expect a modern looking UI with a familiar, yet refreshed, interface.

Apple TV 4 image 001

The set top box itself, sports a very similar design to the 2nd and 3rd generation units, except this version is taller to accommodate the extra components and extra heat generated by the powerful A8 chip and 2GB of RAM stuffed inside.

Apple TV 4 ports and interfaces back 001

While the Apple TV has always been seen as a “hobby” device by the executive brass at Apple, this launch signifies the first major push that Apple is making to capture the living room. Not only has Apple opened up the device to developers, but it’s also been long-rumored to be courting TV networks to eventually add a true live streaming service to the table.

If you order your Apple TV 4 now, you can expect the unit to ship by the end of this week. We’ve already ordered ours, and you can expect a full unboxing, impressions, and a review in the coming days and weeks.

Are you ordering a new Apple TV 4? If so, which storage level did you decide to go for? I went for the 64GB version, just because I plan on installing lots of games, and emulators, too.

  • [RECON1]

    Same. Went with the 64GB just in case. Can’t wait for those emulators.

  • sparksman

    I got the 64GB version also

  • ShawnTXDFW

    I did the same. Went with a 64GB. Will you have the ability to side load apps/games even if your a non developer?

    • Vince Reedy

      It is done through Xcode, Videos already exist for the iPhone.

  • MomoGhaffar

    Just ordered mine here in Germany the 32GB version. Hope it will be enough storage..

    • Dany Quirion

      Its been said many times that 32gb is more then enough since the app are 200mb and the rest are saved in the cloud

      • MomoGhaffar

        That’s a valid point, but I don’t think it will stay like this. Apple might reverse their decision and I want to be ready.

  • That_Fruitarian

    32 gb here!!! Thinking of ordering the game controller too.

  • jalexcarter

    what time did this become available? I ordered mine like an hour ago maybe but did it drop at midnight like the phones and everything else did?

    • [RECON1]

      Woke up about 6:30 AM PST and saw that they were available. I was up at midnight and it wasn’t available yet.

    • Nah; I stayed up till 3:00 EDT; but the purchase button was still greyed out in the Apple Store.

  • AwkwardApple

    I bought the 32 gig. My attitude is if Apple is not offering the basic model without enough space then I will quit buying apps at their loss. Not sure why you would need space for movies since they are on demand and not stored on the device.

  • Hasan

    64GB version .

  • Is it possible to know who launched already for tvOS ?

  • I had no reason to purchase but again the community here talked me into the 64gb edition. So now I play the waiting game. No one is talking me into an iPad pro, I mean it!!! 🙂

  • Chindavon

    Time to upgrade…finally!

  • Is it true you need iOS 9.1 to use it with your phone? I know Apple products usually want you to upgrade when you first get them.

    • Not sure yet, but we shall know soon…

      • londoner2015

        9.1 will be needed to set up the Apple TV initially.

    • Ike

      Yea they did say u have to be on the 9.1

      • philip Mills

        yes am on 9.1got the 32 GB lets see if it works

      • That’s a deal breaker for me as I probably won’t be upgrading until a jailbreak is out.

  • Pre-ordered the 64GB first thing in the morning. I wonder if its sold out by now.

  • Kenneth Delgado

    64GB please!

  • Chris Wagers

    Wonder how much games will cost? Somewhere between iPhone/iPad and Mac game prices?

    • If Guitar Hero is anything to go by games will be priced more like they are for the Mac than they are for the iPhone / iPad…

      • Chris Wagers

        Man that sucks. I’ll probably wait till I see some game prices first. Cause if that’s the case I won’t be buying many games. Don’t play them enough to spend that kind of cash. 10 bucks here and there not a big deal but 40-50 yea ill pass. 🙁

  • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

    Cancelled my order on this twice today. Somethings telling me not to get it, aleays find my self buying every product they release but this isn’t cutting it

  • Claire wine

    Earlier I made a purchase of 32gb then changed my mind and got 64gb with a strap better to be safe then sorry when it comes to space…am in uk am I gonna regret this because there isn’t enough app variety we shall see in time

  • Henry Kike Perez

    Does the new siri controller works with the apple tv 3rd gen???