Tage beta iOS 9

Tage is a jailbreak tweak that is well regarded in the jailbreak community. In fact, it was our 2014 tweak of the year.

Tage is a tweak that acts as an App Switcher replacement, and so much more. Up until now, Tage hasn’t been compatible with iOS 9 and the latest Pangu jailbreak, but that’s all changed with today’s 1.2-beta 1 release.

If you want to try out the Tage beta, read the rest of this post for the details. Also, be sure to watch our in-depth walkthrough video explaining why Tage is so loved around these parts.

How to download the Tage beta

Step 1: Open Cydia

Step 2: Tap the Sources Tab

Step 3: Tap Edit

Step 4: Tap Add

Step 5: Type http://apt.clezz.com in the source box and tap Add Source

This should add the Tage beta repo to your list of Cydia sources. From there, it’s just a matter of tapping the Changes tab, and selecting the Tage beta package and installing.

Tage: our 2014 tweak of the year

As you can see, we’re pretty big fans of Tage, and having a working beta for iOS 9 definitely makes this latest jailbreak feel more complete.

Not only does Tage let you invoke the App Switcher via a simple swipe gesture, it features a quick swicther to quickly switch between apps (I wasn’t able to get this working yet), features the ability to swipe directly between apps, and lets you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reach the Home screen. And folks, that’s just the beginning of what Tage allows you to do.

Be warned that not everything works in the Tage beta, as I ran into several issues. But this is certainly a step in the right direction, and it’s free to try the beta.

Are you a big Tage fan? Are you happy to see a working version of the tweak for iOS 9?

  • M@nd0

    I prefer Seng or auxo

    • Jayy

      Same i’m waiting for Auxo to be updated

      • Neil Dsouza

        Any tweak to show weather on the lockscreen out for iOS9 yet?
        like Forecast ?

      • Jayy

        Not that I know of right now!

      • Chris

        Forecast has being discontinued by the developer, Weatherboard 2 is looking like a great alternative when it’s released either this week or next week.

      • Try “Wethr” or “Stride”.

  • dave

    Hrm, what *does* work, as I’m not finding anything that does. :/

    • Rick Hart

      Hence beta

    • Jamie Riley

      Same here. I was able to get left/right swipe up for switcher/close app to work once each in over 200 attempts. Swipe down for the Quit apps menu won’t work at all.

  • Dante Robinson

    Been waiting for this. Exciting to see the developer working on it

  • Rick Hart

    Not working completely like iOS 8 but I’m sure it will get there. Love the tweak

  • Adrian

    Added repo, tweak not even listed.

  • Does it Matter?

    TAGE is the reason I JB my phone. Specially the feature that allows you to lock/sleep your device by just double tapping on blank area on your screen. Just love it

    • Xee

      I prefer Virtual Home tweak – tap and hold (Touch iD) to lock device. Feels more intuitive.

    • jay

      Can you use activator for lock/sleep the device ?

      • Does it Matter?

        I don’t think that’s possible. I’ve tried a few times but failed everytime. That’s the reason tage is best. It’s just out of the box

      • jay

        Worked good on iOS 8

      • Okada San

        Yes, I have mine set up to lock/sleep my IP6 with a single tap of the home button while on the home screen…ios 9.0.2. Works like a charm.

  • Ron

    Something I gleaned from this video… I never knew that the swipe-from-left gesture to switch apps was built into iOS 9. I just tried it and it works… slow swipe from left edge of the screen to switch to the previous app, or swipe half way to stay in the task switcher… all without having to double-click the home button. Very cool!

    • socrates

      That’s honestly my favorite feature of the iPhone 6s. I’ve always been skeptic about pressing the hardware buttons, as I’ve had a couple of them break on me, (repairing them is no fun), so things like 3D Touch and VirtualHome really please me.

      • Ron

        You’re right… the feature I discovered is a 3D Touch feature. While in an app, push down while swiping left-to-right from the edge of the screen. You can either switch apps (drag fully right) or open the app switcher (drag partially right). No jailbreak required for this.

  • notewar

    I think it was taken out of the repo already

  • Works perfectly fine, no wonder this happens to be the tweak of the year. Now all I need is for Bytafont to be supported. Can’t stand the default font!

    • Randomguyloll

      Tweak mode works

  • Dale

    will buy when it fully works…..

  • Norbi Whitney

    So happy to see Tage coming!

    (in other news, you wrote “swicther” in the second paragraph after the video)

  • Adriano França

    still prefer Gridswitcher, but i am loosing hope for an update.No one seems to be working on this tweak.

  • Giango78

    best tweak…my favourite…this is perfect compatible with 9.0.2?