Cydia Substrate 0.9.6011

Saurik recently pushed a small Cydia Substrate update to fix issues with devices running versions of iOS prior to iOS 5. The update, which comes in at version 0.9.6011, was pushed to fix a problem that arose during the 0.9.6xxx series of Cydia Substrate updates.

While this update is small, and probably only affects a handful of jailbreakers, the more important issue of jailbreak stability was mentioned by Saurik recently via Twitter. As you’re likely aware of, some have been experiencing issues with non-recoverable boot loops after restarting their jailbroken devices running iOS 9…

It’s no secret that some users have experienced issues with boot loops when using the Pangu jailbreak, but saurik’s extensive testing, even though I’m at a loss for what happened with the remaining 14.6%, shows that the issue may be few and far between.

I’ve personally never experienced any issues with my iOS 9 jailbreak regarding boot loops, and I’ve jailbroken several times across multiple devices. That said, I know for a fact that this is still a real issue, and it’s very frustrating for those affected.

This issue has been unofficially labeled the Boot Loop of Death or BLoD. It happens upon a force reboot that never progresses beyond the Apple menu, even after 10 minutes of waiting. My best advice is to force reboot your iPhone immediately after jailbreaking. If, after at least a 10 minute wait, your iPhone stays stuck at the Apple logo, then it’s probably best to restore and try again. If you’re able to successfully force reboot, then you should be good.

What has your experience been like with regard to boot loops? Do you have any tips for dealing with them?

  • TheGreatShalaw

    I have iPhone 6s Plus but I can’t jailbreak it, it says jailbreak failed. And stuck at backing up data or what ever, I tried to restore both from iTunes and iPhone, still the same problem, I’m on iOS 9.0.2 🙁

    • That’s strange. I have a 6S Plus and have actually jailbroken & restored it 3x already. I jumped the gun on some tweaks and caused my own issues though.
      I am however about to try a Force Reboot to see if I’m affected by the issue Suarik mentioned. I’ll update this post if it does have issues, but if you read this as is, that means I had no issues.

      • Michael Wilson

        I was able to jailbreak once and do some things I wanted. Then last night at 11 I got a call, and the phone rebooted and was stuck in a boot look for over an hour. I have restored and jailbroken three times and every time it reboots, it loops. Damn

      • Michael Wilson

        iPhone 6sPlus 128 AT&T

    • Eyal Rotem

      Usually restoring and setting he phone as new
      Restoring backup

      Should work.
      That’s my experience anyway- iPhone 5s

    • Are you using encrypted backups? It may not work with Pangu

    • SIMON

      Do you have enough space on C drive? And you have to perform a clean install of iOS, then do Jailbreak and after that restore your backup. When I tried to Jailbreak after restore backup, I had problem like you.

    • Dale

      Mine 6s+ second pangu worked on mine… used for awhile worked great. Then twice I installed the cydia updates you get after opening cydia and then cydia wouldn’t open twice same result… now not installing cydia update & no problems so far with any compatible tweak or cydia opening. this has been my experiences so far. maybe I’m way off but what works works.

    • Tried to disable “find my iphone” from iCloud settings and made the phone in “airplane mode” ?

    • Darshit Patel

      i had same issue. i tried to jailbreak 3 times.
      follow below steps. it will work.
      Precaution steps to follow before starting jailbreak
      1. Force shut down your device. and then start normally.
      2. use different cable.
      3. back up your device to local hard drive ( instead of cloud base back up).
      4. cancel auto sync in itunes and close it.

      Jailbreaking steps:
      Launch Pangu before connecting device.
      1. Connect your device (with backup done).
      2. start jailbreak and follow steps given from jeff.

      1. if you get trouble during backup again. don’t hesitate to re-jailbreak staright away.

      Let me know, how it goes.

      • Michael Wilson

        No go. Tried all these things and others. With a freshly restored phone a get Boot Screen of Death 🙁 each time

      • Adan

        Same here, I’ve been jailbreaking since the iPhone 3G and I’ve never dealt with such a buggy jailbreake. It really is bad.

      • Michael Wilson

        One new thing I have read is to slide to power off right after Cydia installs the file system. Then power back up and that is supposed to clean out the junk from the file system. I will give it a go…

      • Darshit Patel

        sorry mate. it worked for me. dont have any more tricks. good luck.

      • Michael Wilson

        And we are good to go. All is good

      • Darshit Patel

        hey, i just have heard of updated version of pangu. try that. also make sure that you have enough space on your idevice.

      • Michael Wilson

        Everything works great until I install a tweak, like winter board, that requires a reboot. Then I am in the loop, even with the Pangu. This is a very fragile jailbreak and since I do all my phone stuff at work, it sucks when this happens at 10pm at home

  • nonchalont

    Luckily I didn’t experience any issues.

  • Phil Randle

    no issues here, quite the opposite actually, could be due to the increased specs, but the 6S Plus is the best jailbroken iPhone I have had, absolutely no noticeable lag compared to a stock device, running beautifully. Which I actually find strange because, the shipped version of iOS 9 and then 9.0.2 was sluggish and then when I re-downloaded it from the dev portal and installed it was like the 9.1 version I was running, makes me think Apple might be patching current releases.

  • Orion Reyes

    No issues here, I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.0.2 and I had to force reboot the device several times due to problems with Forcy, since it made my home screen laggy and I couldn’t scroll left of right without triggering the menus. I uninstalled this buggy tweak and replaced it with RevealMenu and Hapticle, an no more lag or force reboots, everything works great.

    • Chris Tangler

      try revealmenu…it works great

  • Milad

    It happened to my iPhone 6s Plus 🙁
    had to restore and jailbreak again , everything is fine now …

  • Blip dude

    Yup, ran into the boot loop on iPad Air 2, put into recovery mode, restore, and after a 2nd attempt, everything was a success!! No safe mode crashes, etc.

    With iPhone 6S Plus: Everything went successful, but after installing Apex 2 (yes, after the update), everything began to go bad. Once I removed it, problem solved. It may be because I currently have no tweaks installed and only using Ayeris with Winterboard, that I guess everything is running so smoothly.

  • Michael Wilson

    Installing any Cydia tweak like ShowAllCydiaUpdates causes Cydia to force quite upon launch. I cannot install any Cydia tweak successfully. I have to go into safe mode to uninstall them to get into Cydia

  • Christopher Robin Hernandez

    It happened to me when i first jailbroke my iphone 6s Plus on 9.0.2. I had to restore and jailbroke again. Apparently this BLoD happens when you do an unclean reboot of your iPhone, which consists of forcing the phone to reboot by holding the power+home buttons together for a few seconds. It happened to me after i forced reboot my phone. After 2nd jailbreak I haven’t tried it again nor want to do it. It may be simple to do but i hate restoring my phone back again.

  • ready1take1

    feel bad for those affected. I have been in jailbreak heaven the past couple of days.

    • Michael Wilson

      Thx. I feel bad for me too

  • Michael Wilson

    It would be so much easier if apple would just hire Saurik and provide a “power user” or some other supported way to apply themes and system tweaks. The phone can still be encrypted and secure.

    • Chris

      I’m pretty sure you don’t need Saurik to achieve this dream, just convincing.

      • Michael Wilson

        “need” is too strong of a word…correct, just easier than two days and 15 restores and about 60 reboots and I don’t know how stable this is. I have been jailbreaking for years, know what I am doing and it is getting more and more tricky and developers are slower and slower updating

      • Chris

        I don’t think its strong, Apple is very capable of building this in, but would rather maintain the integrity of the sandbox they’ve built.

      • Michael Wilson

        Not sure what you are saying. I appreciate that Tim stands against the government until they whack him or arrest him, but I appreciate no back doors, but let me have a theme or two, let me have rotating wallpaper, let me choose the color of the badges. These things do not destroy security.

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    All of sudden my cydia won’t open its keeps crashing 1 second into trying to open. I’m still on 8.1.2 jailbreak all I’ve done is update the new updates in cydia but now I’m stuck. Help??

    • Chris

      Does the same thing happen if you boot into substrate safe mode?

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        How do I boot in safe mode sorry I never had to do that b4

      • Rick Hart

        Reboot hold volume up button

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        For how long ? It’s not doing nothing

      • Chris

        You need to hold the volume up button from the time the Apple logo appears until the lock screen.

      • Rick Hart

        Hey Chris are you having any problems? On the fence about updating from 8.4 on my i6

      • Chris

        None thus far on 9.0.2, there’s a couple of minor things but nothing that stops me from using my phone the same way as I would without a jailbreak.

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        Sorry I’m on 8.4

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        Ok I put it in safe mode and updated the new subtract and deleted last tweak I upgraded which was AdBlocker2 and I am back in business Thank You

      • Chris

        No worries.

      • Fatejester

        I’m new to this discussion. But seen a lot of your responses Chris. I just jailbroke today. Everything works fine so far. But I read about BLoD. Should I unjailbreak to be safe in your opinion? Or do you think my iPhone will be ok?

      • Chris

        You can keep your jailbreak, you just need to be careful about which tweaks you install.

        Make sure you visit the compatible tweaks article on iDB which has a link to the spreadsheet.

      • Fatejester

        Hey Chris. I ran into my iPhone rebooting on its own twice. Then when I rebooted on my own once for cydia, it got stuck on the apple logo and I could not get past it. I had to restore. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I rely on my phone for work and using gps a lot. Is there anything different I can do to prevent it again or should I hold off until a possible 9.1 jailbreak may come out ?

  • Rick Hart

    Running it on my iPad Air everything is so far so good limited tweaks installed force reboot working fine. I’m still wondering if I should do my i6

  • askep3

    Mine did that, but while it was stuck on the boot up screen I force powered it down but didn’t let it restart, and then started it up after a couple minutes and it was fine

  • Manuel Molina

    I guess I should hold off on updating my 6Plus to 9.0 and jailbreak, eh?

    • Seba

      Why is that? I did JB my 6S & iPad Air and have no problems at all. The key to success is back up your iPhone/iPad then restore it to stock. Set it up as new. Do not log in to iCloud. Do not set passcode or Touch ID. Put it into “Airplane” mode and then run Pangu tool. Follow instructions & wait for JB to finish. Then restore your iPhone from your latest backup and don’t worry about Cydia it will still be there after restore from your backup 🙂

      • Manuel Molina

        Because a lot of stuf on Cydia isn’t really updated and the bugs sound rough, it’s a chance I don’t think I wanna take right now. I also use my phone from 8am to 9pm for work, and boot-loops aren’t going to be nice after calls.

      • Seba

        I hear ya but I use my 6S plus from 6AM to 6PM and no issue at all. Not even one boot-loop. I am happy 🙂

      • Manuel Molina

        At least it works for you. I’ll be torn by using a JB and my phone is spinning in circles like a break dancer.

      • Seba

        LMFAO 🙂

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I got Cyfia but it crashes on every single open!!! And no I don’t want to restore

    • Julio Hernandez

      Restart your iPhone or whichever device you’re using but as its booting back up make sure to hold down on the volume up button. That resolved the issue for me

  • J.D

    i get random reboots on my iphone 6s after jailbreaking. didnt see alot on the web about this issue so i figured i messed up somehow during the jailbreaking process but glad this is an actual issue that hopefully gets resolved with an update. i’ll say i had 4 random reboots this week but phone does boot up back to homescreen.

  • JulianZH

    no reboot here. oh wait, my phone is not jailbroken… sorry.

  • Yep

    I JB mine no real issues, some issues with Pangu but worked through it, found out that I had to do my restore on the computer not iCloud. Come to think of it I had to do a clean reset of the latest iOS about two months ago, hard download straight from iTunes. Tried with my buddies 6s+ and worked great, did all those things whats his face said was causing issues and no problems, but some links in Safari won’t click right away but seems like i could live with it. though I’d post, seems like we are all having a kumbaya moment of gripes…

  • Platy


    “I’m at a loss for what happened with the remaining 14.6%”

    The untether exploit did not beat the kernel patch protection when booting. This led to a kernel panic and the device rebooting, it then races the KPP again and if it beats it, the device will successfully boot.

  • maderfader

    Anyone noticed that ios 9.0.2 has game center issue?n that is stock ios,not even jb’d my 5s,my 1st restore i jb’d,n i thought it was because of the restore 2nd time without jb it,its still the took me about 5-10 minute to log into gamecenter before the game can be played like ff7 legacy..i have 3 other games that can play without the subtle notification by gamecenter(coc,mortal kombat x,cooking dash)..but when the notification comes in,the game will freeze for awhile for the notification to appear before the touch screen capability is restored

    • maderfader

      Btw,i’ve encounter no issue on the jb’d 5s in the 1st restore..i’ve reboot a couple of times after jb’d,it went well

    • Walter White

      who cares about game center anyway?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    For those who are experiencing problems with their jailbroken devices regarding boot loops and such…it’s because of 3 things: (1) restoring from backups and not setting device as new, and/or (2) OTA updates, and/or not reading the instructions of the jailbreak beforehand.

    Just FORGET about restoring your data, forget about it, back it up nonetheless, but never restore from it. And avoid OTA updates if you plan on jailbreaking later. It’ll save you tons of heartache and you’ll avoid any potential issues. Start anew, not only will you avoid potential issues like this but you’ll also have a much faster and better performing system. I know it’s a traumatic experience having to start anew but there’s no way around it. Plus you can get your essentials (contacts, notes and apps) back easily.

    • maderfader

      Sorry,but i disagree with your 1st point,restoring from backup may cause problem..i’ve my data from my 1st iphone,the iphone 4,then 4s,then the 5s(2 times cause lost my 1st 5s) not talking about apps,im talking about msgs, notes,pictures from my 2010 iphone 4..n i jb’d all my devices without any problem..while i agree u have to read instructions VERY carefully,restore from backup doesn’t make u have problems from the jailbreaks..i can search back my 1st anniversary msg from my 2010 iphone 4 in my current 5s..can u?of course not,lol

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        It does certainly open the possibility to unneeded issues as opposed to just starting as a fresh new device, any corrupt files and junk gets left behind when you start anew. You can’t deny that starting fresh is better overall in terms of reliability, long term stability and battery life. Also, something as memorable as a 1st anniversary message, I’d remember the contents of that message rather than hang on to it. If I had to keep some kind of physical souvenir of it, I’d screenshot it and save it somewhere safe. The point is, if potential problems can be avoided via a simple fresh restore, better to get on with it. Better to get used to it than one day have your device screw up royally and you wouldn’t know how to deal with having to start anew, I’ve gotten used to it.

  • Adan

    It just happened to me, after installing ‘Activator’. Had installed and uninstalled several tweaks in the last few days that needed a force reboot without a problem until now 🙁

  • tim cook

    I had this issue with my 6s at first. It would get to 90% and not complete the process.

    I restored to fresh iOS install, then jailbroke, and then restored from backup to get all my settings and data.

    Worked flawlessly.

  • Who knows. I followed none of the advice and jailbroke my 6s+ that had been updated OTA and not restored new and had no problems at all.

  • Bravotango19

    I had that issue did a re jailbreak on the newest update (pangu) and had no problems after, and yes I did a fresh restore and did everything correct

  • Nicacio Sandoval

    Will this new Pangu update 1.0.1 work on a 6+? I can’t seem to get past the 0A error…Any advice???

  • Michael Wilson

    According to Saurik, the test on whether the jailbreak was good is to reboot right after activating Cydia. I tried that test four times today and failed each time. After activating Cydia I rebooted and waited ten minutes and each time, the phone stayed at the Apple Logo. So after four times which is an hour of work, I have given up until Pangu fixes the memory space thing Saurik is talking about to until Saurik finds a work around. This is sad. I am wondering if there is a difference between the Samsung and TSMC chips in the 6S Plus. I have a TSMC chip anyone else with a TSCM chip not having Boot Screen of Death?

  • Eliijah Moss

    Too bad you can’t “virtually” jailbreak someone’s phone from another computer with an ip-address. I know that it sounds far fetched, and ridiculous, but it might be able to solve the problem for some people.

  • Michael Wilson

    HEY I FIGURED SOMETHING OUT. I was a boot loop. I rebooted holding the up volume. I then went to Cydia and uninstalled the substrate. It deleted all my tweaks, but cured the boot loop. So I put everything back in and I am golden. So nuke the Lydia substrate and get your bootable jailbreak back