OS X El Capitan

Apple on Wednesday seeded the fourth beta of OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 to developers and public testers. The new build is available to registered developers via the Updates section of the Mac App Store or through Apple’s Developer Center. Public testers can also find it in the Updates section of the MAS, or via the public beta portal.

Today’s release comes just under a month after the first beta of OS X 10.11.1 landed, and exactly a week after beta 3. We aren’t expecting many changes in the first major El Capitan update, outside of stability, compatibility and security improvements, and of course support for Unicode 8, which brings about a number of new emoji images.

On September 30, Apple released OS X El Capitan with several improvements and a handful of user-facing changes. Those changes include a new system-wide font, a revamped Mission Control with split view multitasking, refreshed stock apps like Notes and Mail, and an enhanced Spotlight search that can perform several new functions.

  • f96lrs

    jeff have u done a hard reboot

    • Rick Hart

      Wrong damn thread dude. Shit seen this on the others. Did you restore jb then back up?

      • iOS Kush

        It is the wrong thread but I was having issues myself a couple hours ago.. Was running Parallels everything worked fine until 90%. The phone would restart Cydia was there but it would crash or an error would appear. Finally figured it out Hard Reset, Start iPhone as New, JB, then login to iCloud account.. weird how no one mentioned the Hard Reset in all the videos?

  • f96lrs

    after JB

  • Sketch

    Can anyone clarify? It has just dawned on me that Airdrop is broken on El Capitan. Tried to use it today and it is completely broken. Macbook can’t detect iphone and iPhone can;t detect Macbook. It was working prior to the latest update though…

  • rockdude094

    Im not sure if everyone has this problem with the official el capitan version, but whenever i open pdf’s on preview they appear to be out of focus. This never happened on mavericks or yosemite its kind of an annoyance considering apples claims of improvement. ps. I opened the same files with adobe reader and they were crisp clear.

    • Chris

      I just looked at a couple and they are crisp.