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Many of the iPhone and iPad applications that have vanished from users’ Purchased histories are now returning to the App Store, TouchArcade reports, suggesting the whole brouhaha was but a glitch in the App Store.

Not all of the pulled games have returned, however, though some classics like Ngmoco’s games and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 can now be re-downloaded through the App Store’s Purchased tab again.

A few days ago, people began noticing that apps and games that publishers pulled from sale have also disappeared from their Purchased history. As a result, not only were users unable to re-download their purchases to other devices but had to ensure their purchases were saved in iTunes to keep them forever.

“If an app that you own is removed from the App Store, you will no longer be able to download it from your purchase history,” an Apple spokesperson confirmed to Pocket Gamer.

In reality, if a developer pulls his or her app from sale but leaves it available on at least one local App Store, it’ll remain in the Purchased tab as a re-downloadable app.

But if an app is removed from sale on all App Stores, it won’t appear under the App Store’s Purchased tab, meaning customers who previously paid for it couldn’t re-download it.

TouchArcade explained the two degrees of removing apps from the App Store:

“The first removes it from sale, but still exists for download in purchase histories (which is the case with 99 percent of apps),” writes the publication.

“The second removes it entirely, which is what developers can use when they want to pull a game completely because it’s broken due to server issues, technical problems, or whatever else.”

As for the previously removed games like Bioshock and Ghost Trick, their developers have promised to bring them back as soon as new updates are approved by Apple. Those games still aren’t available through the Purchased tab because their developers are likely using the second option to remove them entirely.

Have some of the previously pulled apps and games re-appeared in your Purchased history?

Source: TouchArcade

  • At least my Tweetbot 3 is back.

    • besrate hogsa

      same thing here with tweetbot 3

  • Don’t think it’s a glitch if apple acknowledged it already. Maybe it was intended and they changed their mind.

    • IkillYou

      hope that is true

  • Yup. One of my apps that I know for sure was missing is now back (Riffr)

  • Yep, posted this last night. I went back into iTunes and downloaded all previous purchased items. Not letting them go this time!

  • Quadzilla

    Now maybe Apple can bring back transfer purchases to ios9

    • mav3rick

      This will not happen. The new “App Thinning” make a possible transferred purchase app be able to reinstall only on the device from it was originally transferred from. The apps installed on a iOS9 device does not download all their resources to be reused on a different device.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Ghost Trick is available for download in my purchaced history.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    When I go to my itunes purchased section the Itunes freezes. On windows. Any solution to this?

  • sadaN

    AirMusic Play is back for me, it got pulled from the AppStore a few days after it was released, a few years ago. It lets you turn you iOS device into an AirPlay receiver.

    Does anyone know of any alternatives (my phone is jailbroken but I’d rather have another non-jailbreak solution) in case it gets pulled from my purchase history for good?