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Amazon is exploring the creation of a live, streaming television service, reports Bloomberg. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet says the online retailer has reached out to major media companies including CBS and Comcast’s NBCUniversal to discuss carrying their channels.

The talks are assumed to be in the preliminary stages. Analyst Dan Rayburn wrote on Tuesday “those I have spoken with haven’t disclosed how far along Amazon is with regards to a live OTT service.” He added that it’s possible Amazon is simply examining the economics of the business.

Amazon of course already offers an on-demand video service, similar to those from Netflix and Hulu, and the company is quickly becoming a force in the content creation space with several original TV series. In fact, its popular show Transparent took home five Emmy Awards last month.

All of this being said, live TV is a completely different animal. Not only is the cable TV provider space extremely crowded, but offering OTT live television service has thus far proven challenging from a technological and licensing standpoint. Just ask Dish Network’s Sling TV group and Apple.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Anonymous

    This will be intresting to see play out. To bad apple hasnt gotten it to work. Id love to ditch the cable box. Oh wait i never had one. Just go in on halves with my neighbors bill.

    • I’m sure Apple has prototypes of a live TV service(s) they just need the licensing deals to go ahead. Unfortunately the entertainment industry is incredibly reluctant to enter the twenty-first century.

      • George

        I feel like the problem with apple is that they are probably asking for a certain percentage which the cable providers don’t want to go with.

      • Rowan09

        That’s everyone’s problem. TV networks love commercials and hate sharing the profit, but the fact that people aren’t traditionally watching tv anymore should wake up the industry.

  • Moviebox and YouTube will continue to be all I need. Kodi is also a nice edition.

    • George

      Can you explain to me how people use kodi for live TV? I still can’t figure it out lol, is there a special forum I can find out about it?

      • Rowan09

        Google it there’s different repos (sports devil is a popular one), there’s actually paid tv subscriptions as well like UStvnow.

      • Anonymous

        Its tricky for sure. Or i dont have the time to figure it out.

      • Yeah, Google kodi. There’s an official forum for it.