Orange and Blue Planet

There might not be a lot of new contained in today’s iOS 9.1 beta 3 release, but it does come bundled with three new static planetary wallpapers. Actually, the wallpapers are only new in the sense that they’ve been revamped, as they’re still photos of the same three planets, just presented in a way that’s much more appealing and not so dark.

Even if you’re not currently running the latest iOS 9 beta, you can still enjoy these new wallpapers on your current iOS install via the download link inside this post.

If you’re running iOS 9.1 beta 3, you can find the new wallpaper under Settings → Wallpaper → Choose a New Wallpaper → Stills. We have some before and after pictures of the three new wallpapers, starting with the one posted above.

Here are the other two before and after photos. The left side of the photo shows the current iOS 9 wallpaper, and the right side shows the new and improved updated wallpaper from iOS 9.1 beta 3.

Burnt Planet

Blue Planet

If you’d like to try these new wallpapers yourself, I cut them out and made them into iPhone 6s wallpaper. Now, even if you aren’t running the latest beta, you can enjoy these wallpapers on your iPhone 6s. Sorry 6s Plus readers, I don’t have access to the full resolution files to make the wallpaper look nice on the bigger screen.

What do you think about the reimagined wallpapers? Do you prefer the updated ones over the old ones?

  • Merman123

    Nice catch. They definitely look much better.

  • William Melendez

    Bummer for us plus users. I got excited for a minute.

    • James

      The update will be out soon enough.

    • 5723alex .

      You are free to download and install. I am running iOS 9.1 beta 3 on my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 1.

      • Jayy

        Other than new emoji and these wallpapers what does 9.1 actually add?

      • Francisco Estrada

        Make older iphones mores laggy like iphone 5s or iphone 5 users, its what always try to make apple in order to make you buy a newer iphone, thats why i am on ios 8.4.1 on mi iphone 5S

      • Jayy

        It would be crazy if they are actually doing that! You never know with these multi billion dollar companies!

      • Presumably stability.

      • Jayy

        Oh okay, thank you!

  • @dongiuj

    I don’t know what it is but my phone is getting really bad wifi connectivity/usage since iOS 9. Doesn’t want to load things nearly as often as previous iOS versions. Hating the whole iOS 9 experience tbh.

    • Liggerstuxin

      First world problems.

      • @dongiuj

        Unfortunately so. I don’t want to sound like this but yeah, you’re not wrong.

      • and my friend, that is a fact.

    • William Melendez

      Been noticing that too actually. It just happened a few seconds ago before I read your comment.

    • besrate hogsa

      back your device to iTunes or icloud
      do a clean restore that helped me with my iPhone

  • madrigalz

    Its too dark I’ll say for a wp

  • Nirvana

    wallpapers from Apple these days are too dark!

  • Mo

    Does anyone have this one? It is also in iOS 9.1 Beta 3.

  • besrate hogsa

    meh! i have never liked apple stock wallpaper

    • Jason Baroni

      They just removed the best one ever, the stock from the iOS 9.0 beta. Man, that one is legendary.

  • Briggamortis

    Why do I keep getting redirected to an add or an app from your main page? Its really annoying.

  • OMG NEW WALLPAPERS! Is this what we’ve come down to?

  • I could not install 9.1 beta 3 ; had to downgrade to 9.0.2 on the iphone 6. Any others have issues?
    Not only that but the OTA 9.1beta 3 iPad update froze when downloading it at 3 am. Had to restore iPad and install beta 3 from the Dev site.

    • robfol

      Perfectly smooth OTA update to 9.1 b3, glad to say!

  • I have Mars on the iPhone 6Plus and Neptune on the iPad. Would love some super full resolution versions to get Jupiter on my Mac.

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    I made it a wallpaper for the iPhone 6 Plus