Photographer Lisa Bettany, co-founder of the popular iPhone app Camera+, on Monday posted a series of images comparing photos taken with the iPhone 6s with its predecessors. The comparison images feature identical shots taken with each of the 9 iPhone models (sans 5c).

The image you see above shows macro photos taken of colored pencils against a white backdrop. You start to notice more details with the iPhone 3GS, and furthermore with the 4s. After that it becomes harder to discern differences, but the iPhone 6s photo clearly looks the best.

compared 2

The iPhone 4 and 4s also hold up surprisingly well in this backlit macro shot of red gummy bears, but again the clear winner is the 6s. The photo taken with Apple’s latest handset is extremely well balanced, showing great color separation and sharp, accurate details on the tiny bear.

Finally, let’s take a look at this low-light shot of old coins. Admittedly, it’s harder to judge the iPhone 6 and 6s here. The 6 is actually brighter, but the 6s appears to show less noise and more detail. Note that there have been reports of low-light issues with the iPhone 6s and Live Photos.

compared 3

The entire gallery is worth taking a look at, which you can do here. It’s interactive, so you can enlarge each individual photo, and Bettany offers up a number of smart observations. If nothing else, it’s interesting to see how the iPhone’s (rear) camera has evolved over the last decade.

The iPhone 6s features a 12-megapixel iSight camera—a 50% increase over the iPhone 6—and a number of other improvements such as enhanced auto-focus and “Deep trench isolation” tech. The FaceTime camera also received a megapixel boost this year, as well as a simulated flash.

Source: SnapSnapSnap

  • leart

    the colors of photos taken with iphone 4 are so warm, i still my favorite camera just for that

    • Indeed I think the photos taken on the 4 looks second if not the best.

      • leart

        acceptable resolution, good focus even on very close objects, but the when it shines are the colors, are so warm, my photos taken in day or sun condition do not need any filter, they looks awesome straight from the camera, I’ll post some later 😛

    • Looks like the 4 had a spectacular sensor, and quite different than the ones after it. It holds very well against the 6s, even after so many years!

      • leart

        the colors are amazing on the 4, maybe are not exactly realistic but they look so warm, downside of the 4 is in low light ambient, since 4s apple made a big improvement

    • Victor J. Lockwood

      Agreed! Some of my best photos have been taken on my good old iPhone 4.

    • Stefano

      Great observation; interestingly enough, I agree! 😉

  • ClaudieX X

    iPhone 4 was a winner since launch…

  • Jaba Haba

    Does picture from iphone 4s to iphone 6 look the same? or is it just me

    • n00b

      The first pic of pencils I see shadows smoother on the 6s but everything looks almost the same

  • Byambaa

    The biggest improvements are around 3GS

  • leart

    heres some photo between my two main devices 🙂

  • Alan Bynum

    when you open the article to closely examine the photos, the 6S’s most apparent camera improvements are the megapixels and deep trench isolation. I very much have to commend it, as it’s impressive. Although I must say, the iPhone 4 really held it’s own. I was surprised. Apple has shown how the smallest thing can make a change. Even the difference between the 3G & 3GS is staggering.

  • FrankJL

    Hmmm iPhone 6s camera is exactly the same as the 6. I love how media outlets just blatantly throw shit like “IPhone 6s is the best” obviously it is the placebo effect. The 6 and 6s images looks identical.
    If you sk me the iPhone 4 looks pretty great and natural. Personally I think iPhone 4 is better than any other iPhone camera because of its natural warmth.
    iphone4 camera still king