iPhone 6s Water Resistant?

While we’ve yet to independently confirm the validity of such a test, a new video is making its rounds on YouTube showing an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus being submerged in bowls of water for over an hour. Each device then emerges from the bath apparently unscathed.

Apple has never touted its devices as being water proof, or even water resistant to any degree, but, assuming it’s legitimate, this video raises some interesting questions…

Although this video sheds no light on the potential long term damage, it looks like both phones performed pretty admirably in the short term. Granted, the phones were literally just sitting in standing water, with no high pressure streams. It’s highly possible that the phones simply held up to the kind circumstances, and that subjecting the phone to a pool or a beach, or a shower would greatly increase the likelihood of water seepage and subsequent damage.

What do you guys think? Is this legit? The same YouTuber, Zach Straley, has other videos showing water submergence for popular smartphones, which makes me believe it’s probably legit. Remember though, just because these two iPhones made it out alive doesn’t make the iPhone 6s water resistant.

Now who’s going to be the first to test this out?

  • Joonyaboy

    I’m nervous just accidentally sneezing on my new phone!

  • Newgunnerr

    Classic Apple

  • :D

    Who wants to check for us?

  • Chris

    I’d imagine the new adhesive strips bonding the screen to the backplate is adding some further protection to the electronics below.

    • Laszlo Gaspar

      I was thinking the exact same thing

  • The Afroman

    Yeah this sounds like a quiet upgrade/update by Apple. Something they did made it more waterproof, but they don’t want to advertise it/make people push it. This should be good on the AppleCare incidents. lower those repairs.

    Fantastic. Bravo Apple.

  • cheesyme

    If applecare+ is fixing water leak damage, it’s only logical that apple’d want to enhance the protection against it.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Everything Apple pro did the tests and they pretty much failed after 27 minutes

    • Jeremy

      27 minutes is still not bad though

    • japplemusik

      Yeah but accidental dropping your phone in the toilet or in the sink for a second is a lot shorter than 27 minutes so this is good

  • Standout


  • It’s totally legit for sure. I just happened to watch a video of another guy doing the same thing. After a hour the 6S Plus was still going strong.
    As for surving drop tests? Umm not much better than any previous iPhones…

  • Morgan Freeman

    They’ve been waterproof for awhile now…remember?

    • Elias Chao

      I’m sure this is iOS 9 only.

  • Submerging an iPhone 6s Plus in water? Lets not; and say we did.

  • the_kero

    and what about the touch id?

  • japplemusik

    Maybe this is a new iOS 9 feature not mentioned?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i just take your word for it. Im not going to bother testing such a feture. I take my apple watch off to wash my hands. I know it safe but the sell only last so long.

  • White Michael Jackson

    What are the point of these videos?

  • alexk

    i don’t encourage it. i have seen a few iPhone get wet with a splash in toilet and ocean and pool.
    The firs thing to go was the sound and the speakers , looks like the headphone post signal to be plugged in..
    then the screen comes up with blue strips and touch no longer works..

    after all that after all that is all works again in one of them…

  • maestro72x

    Prob some iphone that has liquipel and is daring other idiots to submerge their and ruin their phone. This is fake I sure of it…

  • iPhoneWINS

    keep iPhone dry