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A week after Apple pushed iOS 9 to the public, it has followed up with the release of iOS 9.0.1. As you may have guessed by the version number, iOS 9.0.1 is a bug fix update. All users running iOS 9 should therefore update to iOS 9.0.1 for increased system stability.

Perhaps most notably, we saw several users in our comments talk about failed upgrades, where iOS would freeze when using the Slide to Upgrade feature in the Setup Assistant. That issue should now be solved thanks to iOS 9.0.1.

Here is the change log for the iOS 9.0.1 release:

  • Fixes an issue where some users could not complete setup assistant after updating
  • Fixes an issue where alarms and timers could fail to play
  • Fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing a video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted
  • Fixes an issue where some users with a custom APN setup via a profile would lose cellular data

To initiate the update, connect to iTunes and check for update via the device summary page, or use the OTA update feature on your iOS device found in Settings → General → Software Update.

Have you been suffering through any of the aforementioned bugs? Does iOS 9.0.1 fix your issues? Sound off down below in the comments and let us know.

  • iPhoneWINS

    damn already …lol OMG

  • n0ahcruz3

    Too much safari lag, choppy animations.

    • a2k

      Ditto on the C-H-O-P-P-Y animations!!!!!

  • philip Mills

    can’t see it in iTunes lol i can ota

    • Vanasian

      Same here

  • Cristian B

    Does it fix lag?

    • I’m waiting for the same response.

      • rockdude094

        same someone ?

      • Heitor Castro 

        The lags are still strong on it.

      • Dayum Apple!

    • AlphaPoppy

      Lag is still the same…hopefully 9.1 fixes this :/

      • xHeavyKevy

        I’m on the 9.1 beta, and I notice it being better, though not perfect. Hopefully they keep working at it. No excuse for this kind of delay when you tap the screen

      • wokkawokka

        This is bullshi***apple
        Didn’t pay $750 for this garbage

      • dj

        EXACTLY!! This is my first IPhone, and so sorry I switched from droid. Nothing but problems. I’m pretty IT savvy and have never had such problems with a phone trying to figure things out. I have NO notification sounds now after downloading this upgrade. Ridiculous. Don’t know why these phones are so popular. THEY SUCK.

    • wokkawokka

      No it does not. I downloaded 9.1 last night and it still lags.
      Especially after pushing “send” when texting. The blue imessage icon is delayed before showing up in window.

  • Same as happened before the iPhone 6 release. I checked the site earlier today to see if there’s something about it. And nothing about the buggy music cover on lock screen, lags, etc. I tought that iOS 9 was just a refined version of iOS 8, as they said, but it worse!

  • TheShade247

    I downgraded my ipad air back to 8.4.1 i won’t update till they release 9.1

    • Jackson Grong

      Wish I could 🙁 iPad Air the lag is terrible

      • TheShade247

        You still can, apple is still signing 8.4.1

    • wokkawokka

      9.1 doesn’t fix much. I downloaded it last night. STILL LAGS

      • TheShade247

        I’m not surprised, it’s called beta for a reason lol

  • I hope Apple fixed the iCloud backup problem. Since the upgrade I’m not able to backup to iCloud (the phone messages that there is not enough free space).

    • BooBee

      I had a similar problem after update for 2 days following update. Then of course when I’m at the Apple Store the tech does an icloud back up and it works as if I were crazy.

    • Techsticles

      Been able to fix backup issues by deleting the old backup, turning off backups, rebooting and then turning backup back on.

      After that, everything just works. Thanks Apple.


      Hey there, my phone wasn’t able to backup since a backup in May 2015. I had tried all the fixes available online, to no avail. This new backup was finally able to fix this issue, for which I am quite relieved.

  • Aman kapoor

    Fix the lag

    • dj

      Fix the NOTIFICATION sounds that now don’t work also. I’m missing phone calls. Don’t know when I get a text. NO notification sounds at all. Many others having this problem as well. This is unacceptable.

  • Hopefully the fixed the buggy push notifications…

    • VITICO

      Sometimes I don’t even get an alert when I get a notification. I thought that was just me..

      • The alert will come to my phone, but it’ll be silent…. and that’s only sometimes. It was really hit or miss.

      • Joe Barnard

        That’s apart of a new feature in iOS 9 to save battery life called Facedown Detection.

      • dj

        NOPE….not you. Haven’t had notification sounds since I upgraded this horrible update. This is just crappy!!! Pay hundreds of dollars for this kind of BS?

    • Daniel Tolman

      This happens to me as well. I always leave my iPhone face up. The screen lights up but no sound. Not always and with several apps. Outlook, gmail, what’s app… I updated but not sure if it the problem is gone.

  • Sandeep Roy

    After iOS 8 fiasco, i will wait for 9.1 🙂

    • Jeffrey

      That’s totally unnecessary

  • B.A.M.F.

    sorry folks… the lag is still very noticeable on my 64GB 6 plus…. maybe 9.0.2 or its just gonna be like this until late october when they push out 9.1… sucks

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Anyone else getting the App Store making you redownload app updates that you previously updated in the past week? My iPhone says I have 18 new updates and they are all apps that I previously updated…i get this occasionally and it’s rather annoying

    • AlphaPoppy

      Yep same here…

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Glad it’s not just me

      • Vinnie

        happened to me today, never seen it before. I’m on 8.4

    • VITICO

      I had this problem last week..

    • Gregg

      Same here

    • I’ve seen this a few times before on previous software updates from Apple. Happened again this time.

    • pauleebe

      I could be wrong, but I think this is app thinning in effect. Check the update size and compare against prior size.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        This happened to me before ios 9 as well so I don’t think it’s app thinning.

    • NoBeef_ImVegan

      Hey I thought it was only with my phone! I had to update the same apps with same update description for more than three times 🙁 Plus most of the time they complete 100% download but fails to show “installing” and it starts to re-download again, consuming even much memory and battery, it happens in a loop! DAMMMMNN

  • iltas

    Any one helps can I update using OTA I mean inside setting and software update is it same like ITunes restore
    Plz help

    • mynanolife

      Yes, you can!

      • iltas


  • Kree Terry

    Anyone have any tips on setting up icloud keychain? whenever i set it up it asks for my code and i put it in and it sends me a text with another code but it never accepts the verification code, just says “could not setup icloud keychain.” any way to completely disable it and delete its data and start over? i have an iphone, an ipad, and a macbook and none of them have been successful in setting it up.

    • iphone72

      If you use keychain on one of your other iDevices, use the other device to verify keychain on your iPhone. I use keychain on my Mac. When I attempt to turn keychain on my iPhone, a notification pops up on my Mac allowing me to verify and turn on keychain on my iPhone.

      • Kree Terry

        I think what happened was my iphone 5 was setup with itn and not my other devices and i sold it and got an iphone 6 plus and now none of my devices will take it. I think im gonna have to call apple to have them reset it or something bc there doesnt seem to be any other way to get it working.

  • Techsticles

    Besides lag on animations, I have some clients experiencing major battery loss.

    Maybe that’s just new features because remember guys, it just works.

    • Eni

      That what she said

  • bub

    i did a clean install of ios 9 and i can’t sync any music to my iphone anymore..the sync process finishes but the songs doesn’t get transferred..the songs remains greyed out under the music section of the phone in tunes.any help will be appreciated????

    • samyg

      Go to settings>music> turn off icloud music library. Then connect your iPhone and sync (make sure “sync music” is checked in itunes).

      • bub

        thanks for the reply but i can’t see the option to turn off..i don’t backup to icloud neither am subscribed to apple music..can you suggest me any other solution???

  • TwinSon

    My mail was getting through ever since I updated. Often hit with a “Cannot Get Mail” connection to server failed. Updated to 9.0.1 and it seems to have remedied the issue.

  • Picapollo

    Don’t understand how people complain about lag on iOS 9/9.1 iPhone 5s running amazing no lag or nothing and battery life is amazing! Here you go 2 different picture from the last 2 days

    • Vote4Pedro

      You don’t understand because aren’t facing the issue -_- but the issue is present.

    • socrates

      It seems to happen after using the camera inside another application. I’m running the iPhone 6 and it happens to me. It’s not necessarily “lag”, more so just no animation.

  • Quadzilla

    Jeff maybe you can do a discussion of the fact Apple removed transfer purchases in iOS 9. So basically if you want to move your apps from your device to your Mac or PC you can no longer do that . So i have a 128gb iPad Air 2 and Mini 4 and now with TONS AND TONS of apps on both i cannot move all that back to my computer i just have to dump it all if i restore to a NEW iOS .

    This should be big deal and spoken about more in great lengths all over the internet.

    I like to do fresh installs and tinker around with my devices but because Apple removed this huge deal its going to be a nightmare.

    No 3rd party program will backup your apps to your computer i have tried EVERYTHING.

  • Shady

    iPad mini 2 is suffering from the lag although it’s A7 64 bit and it’s like remove this junk and downgrade

  • Lucus Bendzsa


    • TwinSon

      8.4.1 patched them and their hasn’t been a JB since 8.4 so updating to 9.0.1 is the same difference until a new JB is released and they proceed patch that.

    • samyg

      Calm your tits, man.

  • Brittany Hoist

    Is anyone having issues with their cellular data? I can only use my apps if Im connected to wifi. The only app that will work when I turn on my data is FB. I individually clicked each app I wanted to use with data but they keep “unchecking” themselves. Hopefully Apple will have an update for this really soon.

    • White Michael Jackson

      This happens for me on 8.3 also

      • Picapollo

        He what’s up Michael! Best troll on WorldStar

      • White Michael Jackson

        My nigga

    • Commythug

      I have the exact same problem, I have an iPhone 5 and just updated my phone to iOS 9.0.1 and this hasn’t fixed the issue

      • Brittany Hoist

        I tried a few things to see if it would resolve the issue but nothing has changed. Not sure if I should go to Verizon to see if they can do anything or go to the Apple Store. Hopefully the next update fixes this issue because I’m growing impatient.

  • Sleetui

    So users are having issues with the device being laggy.

  • Does anyone know if this fixes the Apple Pay glitch after restore?

  • navrattan jain

    how to fix spotlight search overlapping network towers in iphone 5…even after ios 9.0.1 update..please help?

    • philip Mills

      same here i can’t even download photos lol iPhone 6 plus

  • therealist

    Anyone havin trouble sending pictures messages? Couldnt send any tday til the second part of the day and it wasnt my signal. Also experiencing glitchy lag.. Smh

  • 5723alex .

    iOS 9.1 Beta 2 is out

    • philip Mills

      what does 9.1 do more bugs lol

  • Jeffrey

    Damnit, early today I missed a mandatory class because my alarm didn’t go off lol

    – Fixes an issue where alarms and timers could fail to play

  • doorsunopened

    Why can’t I get the update to show up OTA? Shows 9.0 is up to date

  • meepmeep

    I’m having trouble downloading games from safari. :

  • Alicia Pontes

    I went from having none of those issues to now my camera not working and photos not opening smh

  • dre

    Apps for cellular data is not working

  • londoner2015

    I have just upgraded my new iphone 6s to 9.0.1 and when I restore the
    backup from jailbroken 8.4.1, the phone is stuck on apple logo. Anyone
    have any ideas?

  • Missy

    Anyone else have issues saving photos to your camera roll after updating to 9.0.1?? It was just fine before the update this morning, now none of my pics save!

  • wokkawokka

    What about texting? The text has a huge delay after pushing “send” and the blue icon popping up to be delivered.
    Ever after 9.1 install it still does this.

  • NoBeef_ImVegan

    Anyone having trouble updating to iOS 9.0.1 from iOS 9.0 OTA?
    Each time I check for software update, I get an error.

  • Tarra

    Safari constantly crashes on my iPad mini 64gb. The 9.1 update did not resolve this.

  • Cesar Francis Sta Maria

    Creating a new message lag:::::;If i create a new message, after sending it , then press [message again(back)] it lags, its not smooth. Does anyone experiencing this also? After updating to ios 9.0.1, iphone6

  • Waseem Afridi

    ios 9 iphone 6
    itunes sync completes but do not sync music and movies any one can help me out ? i have delete music data from settings–>general–>usage

  • dj

    downloaded this stupid update, and now have NO notification sounds. This is my first IPhone and have had NOTHING but problems since I got it. Every time there is an update, I have issues. Can not do anything to fix this issue with sounds. Already missed phone calls. Can’t hear texts coming through. THIS SUCKS!! These phone are ridiculously expensive and the DON’T work more than they do. Wish I would’ve stuck with droid.

  • Well they may have fixed some bugs, but if my experience is at all representative they must have introduced 100 new bugs with this release. Every few days Safari freezes up my Macbook Pro and I am forced to do a hard restart. I’m having all kinds of problems with pdf files. Safari just displays the file as garbage or with pieces of other files. This is the worst browser I’ve ever used in 21 years!