Paste and Go Safari iOS 9

Here’s a handy new under-the-radar feature in iOS 9’s Safari browser: the ability to quickly paste an item from your pasteboard, and submit a search via Safari. iOS 9 also allows you to quickly paste a URL and submit the URL.

Both of these features require that a user have text copied to the pasteboard, whether that be a full URL, or general text for performing a search. Of course, this isn’t a huge groundbreaking feature, but it can save you seconds, and over time, seconds add up.

Paste and Search iOS 9

When you have text or a URL copied to your pasteboard, simply tap and hold on the address/search bar directly in Safari. You’ll then see the address bar turn a darker shade of grey, followed by the iOS copy & paste menu.

The copy & paste menu will automatically feature a Paste and Go or a Paste and Search option, depending on the contents of your pasteboard. As stated, if you have a URL saved to your pasteboard, you’ll be presented with a Paste and Go option. If you have general text saved to your pasteboard, you’ll be presented with Paste and Search instead.

If you’re not seeing these new options, make sure that you’re tapping and holding on the address bar directly. If you tap on the address bar and it goes into edit mode, where you can edit the text or URL in the address bar, then you will not see the new options.

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    • I think so too. Love this feature. It’s the little things that make iOS so great.

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    How is this a big deal?

    • It’s a big deal because this is an iPhone blog first, and it’s a new feature for the iPhone that lots of people probably never realized was there. Make sense?

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        Not at all, an iphone user would still find it the next time he was gonna go to a website he copied or search something he copied.

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  • HoodFlow

    Can someone help me? Who has the same issue in iOS 9???

    the volume of my device automatically turns down after unknown time. Every time I turn on the volume in control center but later it turns itself down. How can I solve this issue?

    • applefanboyidw

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  • Xee

    About time Apple added this feature. Won’t need that Safari tweak soon/now.

    Anyone know how to add Audiobooks to iBooks via iFile etc??

  • dbesiryan

    nice one! any jailbreak tweak out there which can do the same job?

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      • dbesiryan

        thx man:)

  • Lobo555

    Is it just me or are the “hidden” features of iOS not just iOS 9 but iOS in general that make it so great.

  • al7oot

    Actually this is a very good post because i didn’t realize these features are there in iOS 9. What I do remember “Correct me if I’m wrong” there was a JailBreak tweak for that. Thanks Jeff.

  • siddique

    feature copied from google chrome ,,,

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  • Jonathan

    Another thing Apple stole from my Canopy tweak 😛 (though I prefer my version of it :D)