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As noted in last week’s iPhone 6s keynote, Apple will be significantly upping the value of its iCloud storage plans by providing much more storage for the money. Apple will be keeping around its free 5GB tier, but it’s upping the amount of storage provided by its $0.99 tier by 30GB, and reducing the price of its highest $19.99 tier.

If you go to the iCloud section of the Settings app today and select the Upgrade iCloud Storage option, you’ll still see the old pricing setup. This has left many to ask the question: when will the new iCloud storage pricing go live? An iCloud user who recently reached out to Apple support thinks they have the answer.

Old iCloud Storage Plans

According to user z4cyl on reddit, Apple will be launching its new iCloud Storage plans on September 25th, the same day that the new iPhone 6s launches.

Here is a screen grab of a chat that z4cyl says he had with an Apple Support rep:

iCloud Storage Pricing September 25th

While we obviously can’t say with 100% certainty that the new storage pricing will go live on the 25th, there’s really nothing to gain by saying otherwise. We know for sure that the new storage pricing will be launching soon, and launching on the same day as the new iPhones kind of makes sense.

What do you think about these new plans? Which one will you choose?

  • LuisFRocha

    I upgraded to the 500GB for $9.99 last Friday. Do you know if this will automatically upgrade to the 1TB, or will I need to do anything to use the new price/capacity? I haven’t been through this transition before; hoping for insight on what’s happened before.

    • I would think Apple would auto update you with the new amount of storage, especially since there will no longer be a 500GB tier. $9.99 is a much better price for 1TB of storage.

      I’d still like to see Apple offer 1Tb for $4.99. I’d be more willing to jump then.

      • Chris

        They did last time the prices dropped.

      • It’s very unlike Apple to undercut the competition like that. $4.99 would beat Dropbox and Google Drive, and even OneDrive’s $7.99 option (which, granted, comes with Office 365).

  • Xee

    Still too expensive…

    • JulianZH

      people just want it all free haha.

  • bigzjoseph

    Will apps data be stored in iCloud storage now or still on the iPhone storage?

    • Guy

      Dude the average person barely knows how to use there phones. Person still have no clue what the cloud is or how to use it

    • App data is still stored locally on the device, and it’s still backed up with the rest of your device data during an iCloud backup.

  • DB

    I have the DropBox 1TB plan which is currently $9.99/mo or $99/yr (which makes it $8.33/mo).

    DropBox really does work great – totally seamless, has automatic camera uploading, versioning, support for lots of apps, etc. If Apple could pull off $4.99/mo – I would consider changing, although I suspect that DropBox would have to lower their prices as well to stay competitive. Let’s see what happens.

    • Henry_3_Dogg

      if you’re using iOS then iCloud storage is far more useful than dropbox storage, so its enough for Apple to match their price.

      • That depends on how you use your cloud storage. I think Dropbox is way more useful for storing and sharing files, and iCloud storage is way more useful for iCloud Photo Library (best photo service I’ve yet used).

    • JulianZH

      Can Dropbox do a backup of my phone and when I reset my phone can I do a 100% restore? Just like iCloud?

      • DB

        No, DropBox only backs up your photos automatically. Apple does not allow third-party apps like DropBox to backup your entire phone. This is a big plus for iCloud. I still use iCloud for my phone backup with the free 5GB, but I don’t use iPhoto, I use DropBox for photos and video (which takes up the most space).

        The main reason for me is that I work on a mac at work and at home and I use DropBox constantly for all of my files. Also, it is only very recently that iCloud began allowing you to backup anything other than Apple files.

      • Greg Warren

        5GB free really is somewhat of a slap in the face. It’s not enough to even do one backup of your phone. I’m appreciative of them lowering the price, but the baseline still isn’t good enough.

      • My device backups are less than 2 GB – but I use iCloud Photo Library. At any rate, I do agree with you – they should increase it to 15 – 20 GB.

      • Well, you could backup using iTunes, and store the backup files in Dropbox yourself. But it’s not seamless like iCloud backup is.

  • GadgetQueenn

    That convo looks so fake. Check out the lack of punctuation and professionalism. I could very well be wrong, but..

    • applefanboyidw

      Can you f*ck off with your negativity already??

      • GadgetQueenn

        You’re quite the lame. Checking out my old posts to fulfill your foolish agenda.

      • applefanboyidw

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  • Tom

    Apple rep told me on the weekend that the new pricing will be effective 9-16-15. Seems reasonable when iOS9 launches