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Despite having a smaller battery capacity, the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus achieve the same battery life as their predecessors, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. PhoneArena spotted a scene in Apple’s promotional video showing a 1,715 mAh lithium-ion battery, a reduction from the 1,810 mAh package inside the iPhone 6.

But as per Apple’s Tech Specs webpage, the iPhone 6s provides the same ten hours of 3G or 4G data use, eleven hours of video playback and fourteen hours of talk time on 3G as its predecessor, the iPhone 6.

Here’s that scene.

iPhone 6s promotional videoi battery 001

And here’s the iPhone 6s promotional video that I set to start at mark 2:48, just before the camera shows off the interior of the device.

If you don’t see the video embed, watch it on YouTube.

The following screenshot was taken from Apple’s Compare iPhone Models webpage. You can clearly see that Apple rates the latest iPhones as having the same battery life as their predecessors.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 battery life comparison

The same run time with a smaller battery capacity is achievable with increased optimization. For example, there are fewer chips on the logic board and the new A9 microchip is more power efficient because it uses smaller transistors that consume less energy.

Besides, it’s not that a difference of 95 mAh makes a major impact, it’s close to negligible. The company may have been forced to use a smaller battery due to a thicker display assembly that accommodates force sensors for features like 3D Display and Taptic Engine.

To be precise, Apple’s battery endurance figures rate both the new iPhone 6s and the previous-generation iPhone 6 as having up to 14 hours of talk time over 3G, 10 hours of browsing on LTE, 11 hours of HD video playback, 50 hours of audio and up to 10 days on standby.

The iPhone 6s Plus is rumored to use a 2,750 mAh battery versus a 2,910 mAh battery inside its predecessor, the iPhone 6 Plus.


The iPhone 6s Plus is officially rated by Apple as providing 24 hours of talk time and 12 hours of browsing—again, the same as the previous-generation iPhone 6 Plus.

Following yesterday’s ‘Hey Siri’ event, Sony took to social media to publicly ridicule the iPhone 6s battery life, saying its latest Xperia Z5 smartphone offers up to two days of run time on a single charge.

To be clear, a few Android phones can last up to two days.

The new iPhones were announced alongside the iPad Pro, the refreshed Apple TV, the Apple Pencil and other goodies at yesterday’s media presentation in San Francisco.

Source: PhoneArena

  • Merman123

    It’s also the fact that iOS9 is much more power efficient. Apple is usually good about squeezing a lot from a little. What I want to know is it the 6+ will have 2GB of ram.

    • mav3rick

      New haptic engine, Siri listening all times, smaller battery… mostly same 1GB RAM “ought to be enough for anybody”

    • Shinonuke

      What you say is 100% true; however, it would be nice to have an iPhone that can run without charge for a couple of days. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • just imagine how many more hours it could have achieved with the same mAh battery.. Ill stick to looking on the bright side, the next phone will have an even better battery life.

      • Nope it’ll be smaller, thinner phone with same life.

      • darn why crush my dreams so soon lol

      • By the time it comes out you’ll have come to terms with it.

      • yep just deal with same as every year…

    • White Michael Jackson

      Why do people always have an excuse when apple chooses to releases weak products?
      People did the same when Apple released an iPad without retina.

      • Merman123

        It’s not that. It’s that people think that every release from Apple is weak. It’s just a thing now. People bitched about the 6 and said they would wait for the S. Now the S is here they bitch about that and say they will wait for the 7. Happens with every product Apple releases. It gets old. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s so simple.

      • Obaid Yasin

        Still the iPhone 6 was a HUGE HIT

  • Dany Quirion

    Gonna be the same since iphone 6s uses less power in general.

  • Dany Quirion

    Does anybody besides me experience battery drain on iOS 9 GM version, my battery lasted twice longer on ios 9 beta 5..

    • Dexter

      Don’t hold me to it but I think it could be calibrating… I honestly don’t know for sure.

      • Dany Quirion

        Calibrating how

    • Yep, my battery drains ways faster than on beta 5. That’s not good 🙁

  • askep3

    Wow this is surprising considering 3D touch and always on hey Siri will use extra battery, but does it benefit from the 1 hour boost iOS 9 is supposed to give? Because otherwise it will last 1 hour shorter than the iPhone 6

    • HamptonWalley

      Yeahh, damn, I’d like to disable that M9 processor at least. Even if just consume 0.1W that is a problem through the whole day or two.

      • Dany Quirion

        The M9 processor actually helps extend battery life lol

      • askep3

        I know that lol, but if it also has hey Siri going, maybe I can improve my battery life by like 30 mins or an hour if I turn it off

      • Pulkit Maloo


      • HamptonWalley

        How? Will work in standby instead the big cpu?

      • askep3

        I like the features, but if I want a battery boost I’d like to turn it off.

  • Nirvana

    Given iOS 9 has low power mode, a shrunken battery is not considerable.

  • rockdude094

    On the other hand faster charging time. The haptic engine is the cause of the shrunken battery.

    • Benedict

      For faster charging, they should have included some QuickCharge technology like others are using. Moreover with those new features, display resolution and new camera I don’t really believe that it lasts for about 10 hrs. I’m looking forward for the reviews…

      • Niclas

        They already have “QuickCharge”.
        Just charge with an ipad charger.

      • Benedict

        Thats not a build in QuickCharge Technology like Qualcom’s or Samsung’s. It just charges a little faster because of the stronger ipad charger.

      • Niclas

        Thats why I used the “”. It accomplishes the same goal though, faster charging.
        “A little faster”? You can charge the iphone 6 in half the time with an ipad charger.
        You just got no clue.

      • Benedict

        Haha.. are you serious?! I guess you have no clue what you are talking about. Better read some info about Motorola’s TurboPower feature. Something like this is not available for Apple devices! That’s the stated point. I also use a 2 A charger for all my other devices because they charge a little quicker. But this is not comparable to QuickCharge!

      • Niclas

        lol dude, sorry to break it for you here but there is no magic. The power the charger can output and the power the battery can receive determines the speed of the charging.
        You can call it “TurboPower” or “QuickCharge” if you want, all it is is upping the ampere. And the bigger the battery is, the faster you can charge it.
        The iPad charger is 12W and some QC2 are 18W so sure, it offers more juice, but the ipad charger charges the iPhone 6 twice as fast as the iPhone charger.
        And charging batteries much faster than ~1C (mAh/1000) is not a good idea and degrades batteries.

      • Benedict

        I can do this trick also with my tablet charger which has more Watt. But this is not the point, also – like “concluded” by the author of the article below – the iphone has Qualcomm chip for power management which does not mean it supports this charging technology.
        You can’t charge an iphone with a tablet charger as fast as an S6 or a Moto X. That’s a fact.

      • Niclas

        You’re missing the point.
        First, you seem to think that QC does something special. It doesent. It just turn up the ampere (about 3-3,6A).
        With a bigger battery that is okay. But the small iPhone 6 battery would get damaged at that ampere.

        Second, the iPad charger charges the iPhone 6 as fast as it can be charged, if you charge it faster the battery will degrade fast.

  • What’s the mindset behind this decision? Is it “We can save X amount per unit by decreasing the battery capacity”? If they can achieve the same battery life with a smaller battery capacity then wouldn’t leaving the capacity the same i.e not reducing it result in longer battery life?

  • Yujin

    It is true a lot of Android phone last two days or so but also you may run out on day two in the middle of the day. I rather just charge overnight and get a full day everyday. The thing with Apple is that they manage their batteries well and it is not a power sucking phone like android phones are.

  • Ryan


  • n0ahcruz3

    Wall huggers rejoice!

  • If this is the reason then I guess it makes sense although could they not have compromised somewhere else rather than sacrificing battery life? I guess an iFixit teardown will reveal all…

    • Niclas

      That would have been size.

      • How? If the OS, processor, GPU, or display etc were more energy efficient keeping the capacity the same would theoretically increase the battery life even if it’s only by a couple of seconds, minutes, or hours etc…

      • Niclas

        They needed an beefier cpu and gpu so they did the best they could in that regard.
        The display is thicker and the only option is to increase the size.

  • Disqus

    What I want to know is why people don’t charge their phones at night? Every screenshot ever… near zero battery. Even if you’re playing on it all day, ok, I’ll accept that.. but does this really happen every day for people? Put it away and watch where you’re walking. Sheesh. Not that difficult.

    Or…maybe people just party so much all day every day, fall asleep wherever their body lands, and don’t have a charger… hmm… given the general attitudes and lack of any kind of personal responsibility, maybe that’s a good possibility.

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      oh buddy if only this was true. I have been using the 4,4s and now 5. I hated the batteries on the iphones forever now. This charging whole/night overnight is not good for your battery at all. And lets just say i charge it at 9pm and remove it of the charger at 11pm(considering it’s fully charged). The battery drains so fast. And everyone i know has been complaining on the battery life of the iphone 6. The 6 plus is a different story and is good in battery department. It’s unacceptable that iphones decrease the size of battery

      • Niclas

        Actually, charging is good for your battery and you should charge it all and every time you can.

      • Batteries only have so many recharge cycleswhen an iOS device gets to 100% it discharges and then charges some more none of this is good for your iOS device. Of course with Apple Care or some other insurance / warranty you can replace the battery should it be necessary.

      • Niclas

        When you reach 100% the phone draws power from the outlet and stops charging the battery.
        The trickle charge is slow and gentle on the battery.

        If you pull it out you draw juice quickly from the battery and waste charge-cycles in vain.

      • If you pull it out you draw juice quickly from the battery and waste charge-cycles in vain.

        True. If people turned their phones off when it reached 100% and they didn’t need to use it immediately (i.e late in the evening) this wouldn’t be an issue.

        Then again if people use their iPhone as an alarm clock then it would not be possible to turn it off so it’s a choice between needlessly wasting battery or leaving it on charge at the risk of damaging your battery (which likely wouldn’t happen until over a long period of time).

        I guess the only real answer to poor battery life is to buy a portable battery or battery pack case of some sort.

      • Niclas

        Yea, battery pack + use the damn phone™ And when it goes bad after two years or so, get a new one for $30.

      • Niclas

        Another thing you could do is to use a 500mA charger. It would increase the charging time and lower the battery wear even more.

      • Disqus

        I’ve been charging my cell phone the entire night for years, iPhones, Samsung, etc. etc. Never had a problem, and never had a battery turn to mush. Just plug your phone in at night and forget about it. You are over-thinking things way too much.

  • Niclas

    For the third time, it is not linear 🙂
    Don’t argue against facts.

    I charged my iPhone 6 0-30% in 17minutes with the iPad charger yesterday.

    • Benedict

      Then please look at a charging graph of a Li-Ion battery. You will see a roughly linear curve between 20-80%. That’s a fact.
      The video above showed different results. Strange. You should check your battery condition.

  • Niclas

    I already know about QC, I’m good thanks.

    So you want to tell me that an iPhone cannot be quick-charged?
    Checkmate dude.