Siri Give Me a Hint 4

When Apple sent out invitations for its upcoming iPhone and Apple TV event, it included the tagline: “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” Asking Siri to lend a hint encourages the personal assistant to troll users with comedic “answers” about the big event.

Well, apparently Apple isn’t done having fun, as it’s updated Siri’s responses with some new answers just ahead of its event on Wednesday. Some of the answers are quite clever, and in one of them, Siri even responds with message in binary.

Siri Give Me a Hint 3

The binary code actually translates into the word “gotcha”, so don’t bother wasting your time trying to decode what it says. 🙂

Siri Give Me a Hint 1

Notice Siri’s reference to Tomorrow, which just happens to be Wednesday—the day of the big shindig.

Siri Give Me a Hint 5

Yet another reference to tomorrow.

Siri Give Me a Hint 6

It’s good to see that Apple’s Siri team has a sense of humor. It’s a great way to keep fans engaged and anticipating the big event tomorrow.

Siri Give Me a Hint 2

Have you found any new Siri responses to the “give me a hint” query? Which response is your favorite?

Source: Reddit

  • Andres

    “Sorry. I missed the super secret keynote meeting because I was busy telling 3 million people why the chicken crossed the road.”

  • ravinigga

    Never knew Siri was so funny 🙂

  • Baron DonXone Del Hameed

    I don’t know, but i think Siri is on for a huge personality update,I think IBM Watson AI research boost?

  • alshehhi

    also this one

  • leart

    i got this

  • leart

    and this 😛

  • I got one xD

    • dan

      name of font plz ?

      • Champagne and Limousines 🙂

  • モリ ト

    Bleh…. 😛

  • Raymond Acevedo

    FYI the binary hint that Siri gives spells out “Gotcha.” Not cool Siri, not cool haha

  • bigzjoseph

    I said give me a hint, it wrote ahead

    • M_thoroughbred

      Pervert lol

      • Juschan