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With just a few days left until Apple’s ‘Hey, Siri’ iPhone 6s event, the New York Times newspaper reported Friday the event will include announcements of a refreshed keyboard attachment for iPads and new metal finishes for Apple’s watch, including a less pricey version of the Apple Watch Edition.

Earlier this morning, 9to5Mac hinted that the new keyboard will be for a rumored ‘iPad Pro,’ that the site claims is in tow for Wednesday’s announcement.

A person briefed on Apple’s plans told the paper that the media event will also showcase updated iPads and added that Apple is “putting the finishing touches on a revamped iPad keyboard that may be available by the end of the year.”

new watch bands

Additionally, new metal finishes will be announced for the Apple Watch, including a less expensive gold version. Other people in the know have hinted at the possibility of new gold Apple Watch Sport colors, too.

MacRumors corroborated information about Apple’s plans to release at least one new metal finish for the Apple Watch. Prior rumors have mentioned possible white gold, titanium and even ceramic Apple Watches.

In addition to the new iPad keyboard attachment, it appears that a next-generation Apple mice and external keyboard are on their way as well: last month, a new Apple Wireless Keyboard surfaced in the filings with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Apple Wireless Keyboard FCC 001

Resembling the look of Apple’s current wireless keyboard, it should include Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity (the current keyboard has Bluetooth 2.1), backlit keys, a power button and sport a rechargeable lithium-on battery so people will no longer have to swap AA batteries every few weeks. A Bluetooth 4.2-enabled version of the Magic Mouse was also discovered in filings with the FCC.

Apple Magic Mouse FCC 001

As for a major Apple TV hardware refresh, the paper reaffirms that the Cupertino firm has held talks with several leading television groups to offer an Internet-based television service for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. However, it reportedly “will not be ready for an announcement next week,” according to people briefed on the talks.

Source: The New York Times

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  • Mike M. Powell

    Do u guys think if the starting price for the apple watch was like…..$300 would u guys go for it? I have no problem with the initial that they went for. But Ya think it would’ve brought more than expected customers .-.?

    I do know apple reported more than expected sales but a lot (not saying more than like 50%) got returned/sold off cuz the price was to much of what they expected to get from it

    • John

      That’s half the problem with a 1.0 product — No one really knows what to do with it. I mean, when I’m asked about my watch, I can’t really tell people what I do with it except that it tells me about important notifications but I know the watch does so much more than that.

    • Tommy Gumbs

      I have seen some on eBay sell cheap.

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