LinkCollector is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to collect multiple links, and open them at your leisure all at once. Instead of opening the links that you collect immediately, you can simply defer them.

When you attempt to open a Safari link from another app, you’ll get a banner notification that informs you that a link has been collected. You can tap the banner to open the link immediately, or you can let the banner timeout, and open the link(s) when you visit Safari later.

LinkCollector 2

LinkCollector is a great jailbreak tweak to use when you’re reading an article with a lot of links or if you’re using an app that contains multiple links. Obviously things like Twitter and RSS feed reading apps have tons of links, and are thus primary candidates for such functionality.

Once you’ve collected all of your links, you’ll see a blue bar at the top of the Safari window indicating that you have collected links ready for viewing. There’s even a status bar icon with a counter that shows how many links you’ve amassed. When you tap on the blue bar in Safari, all of the links that you’ve collected will open in their own separate tabs.

LinkCollector prefs

LinkCollecter works for every app by default, but if you’d like to limit the number of apps that it plays nice with, you can do so by means of the tweak’s preference panel in the Settings app.

I really like LinkCollector. I think it’s innovative and can be useful in real world scenarios. It’s available for $1.49 on the BIgBoss repo, and comes with my recommendation.

What do you think about the premise of link collecting in general? Sound off in the comments down below.

  • This looks like one of those tweaks that’s only a good experience when you want to use it, and otherwise just an annoyance.
    I just wish someone would make a tweak for opening a link in background tab.

    • I think that option is already available in “Settings > Safari > Open links > In Background”

      • That’s right yeah, but it’s not something I want with each link

      • askep3

        No when you click a link it always takes you to the page, but Ihsan is saying that by default when you tap and hold a link it opens a new tab and takes you to it, the setting makes it so you can keep viewing the first page and just open links in he background.

    • Jonathan

      This is why I added the option to only enable it certain apps. While I’d prefer something like long pressing links adds them to the collection, otherwise they open normally, this would mean writing specific code for every app which isn’t really possible.

  • Greensprout

    Pocket works similar, is free and a proven solution without the need to jailbreak.

    • Jonathan

      pocket is more like the built in reading list in Safari. This is meant more for when you’re scrolling through tweets and just quickly want to collect the interesting links without long pressing/etc and open them all at once quickly once you’ve collected them. And it keeps pocket/Reading List clear for things you want to read later rather than in the next few minutes.

  • Linton Findlay

    why not just use the read later function?

    • Jonathan

      I’ve always seen the read later function as something I want to read like when I get home to my laptop or have more time on hand, or it’s a video and I’m out without headphones. This is basically for collecting links in the immediate term (within like 5 minutes)

  • Guy

    This tweak should be in iOS 9. Feels so natural to use.