iPhone 6 gray silver gold back camera

Apple on Friday launched the iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus. In a support document, first spotted by MacRumors, the company says it has discovered that, in some devices, the iSight camera has a component that may fail, causing your photos to look blurry.

The program only applies to the iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple says that a very small percentage of devices has been affected. But if your 6 Plus is producing blurry photos, and has an eligible serial number, the company is offering to replace your handset’s rear-facing camera free of charge.

Those interested in the program can visit the support page here, and enter in your handset’s serial number. If it falls in the determined range, you can choose to have your iSight camera replaced via your local Apple Store, Apple technical support, or an Authorized Service Provider.

Apple warns that your 6 Plus must be in working order to take advantage of the free replacement, and if the device has any damage, such as a cracked screen, it will need to be fixed prior to service. The program will cover affected 6 Plus units for 3 years after the original retail sale.

Source: Apple

  • TwinSon

    This actually has been affecting my phone. Every once in a while the camera will get blurry and you can hear this nonstop clicking in the camera like it’s trying to focus.

    • kosho123

      Clicking of the physical camera part or the sound that comes out of the speaker?

      • TwinSon

        The physical camera. Put it up to your hear and itll click nonstop.

  • Blip dude

    Hmm, are they really only going to open up the device and replace the camera, or is it going to be a device swap. I don’t mind risking my Jailbreak for a swapped device but I would much rather do that in November when my warranty expires so that I can get a new device and not have to worry about battery issues afterwards. However, if they are in fact only replacing the camera then I guess I can use Cydia impactor and see when I can go.

    • TwinSon

      Right, the reason I never took it in is because A. I’m Jailbroken didn’t want to remove all my JB stuff. B. I have JUMP! with T-Mobile and I’m trading in my 6Plus anyways for the next iPhone so it’s a moot point to go fix a phone I’m not keeping much longer.

    • Kelvin Lieu

      Same. I find it kinda weird if they open up the phone and replace the camera like that. I would just replace the entire phone. I was thinking, what about replace our phones before the warranty expires and, since THIS program is eligible for 3 years, replace the warrantied phone after a year or so with a newer phone. That would be getting the most value.

    • nitsotepd

      They’ll just replace the camera and that’s it, just take your phone backed so they don’t have to connect your phone to anything and then the updating option suddenly become a “requirement” cause of it.

    • Oscar

      Apple doesn’t replace the camera. They will swap the device. I work at an Apple Store.

  • Moe

    Just checked and my 6+ and my brothers are affected.

  • nitsotepd

    I had to change my camera like 2 week ago cause of this, sometimes if you tap the camera a few times it starts working properly, it was really annoying!

  • The Guy

    I had this happen on day one when I got the phone on release day, they replaced the camera in about 30 minutes and I was on my way. You can find my post about it on apple communities informing others, I’m the reason this is now a program for replacement, yay! My post was recognized by a few sites and CNN last year. You are welcome.

    • M2

      Thank you for being alive.

      • eisforme


      • The Guy

        You’re welcome! Otherwise if I were dead I obviously couldn’t have done this… what?

  • Manuel Molina

    And to the Apple Store I go. This has been happening to me for super long

  • diggitydang

    Only noticed this happening recently and in low light, more than anything. I don’t want to lose my JB though… Wonder if I can turn off all JB tweaks via iCleaner and hide all Cydia stuff in a folder… They really only need to test via it on the lock screen, no??? Hmmmmm… Anyone ever do this?? Will they do other diagnostics that might expose it?? Man, wish this happened a couple weeks ago when a JB was still available!!

  • Looks like a trip to the Apple store is in my future. Now I’m seriously debating on just getting the new phone. I was dead set on not getting it but now with this happening to the older device. Maybe I’ll just get it fixed, sell it and then pay the difference on the new one unlocked. Sadly they won’t have them unlocked on day 1 so ahh.. choices..

  • Jamessmooth

    My 6+ is eligible. The only reason I would consider getting the fix this close to the new iPhones is if it would effect resale price.

  • Lordrootman

    eligible but don’t really care new one due on next month

  • Dan C Dickerson

    Booked in to an Apple Store on Thursday to get this sorted. Anybody know if they replace it there and then, or do I need to leave phone and return another day?