Top Tweaks Late August 2

I think it’s safe to say that jailbreaking doesn’t seem to be slowing down much, despite the just-released iOS 8.4.1. Jailbreak developers are still putting out tweaks at a blistering clip, as evident by our tweaks of the week post this weekend.

Just in case you may be a little behind on what’s new, we’re showcasing 20 recently released jailbreak tweaks in less than five minutes. Watch this video for a quick refresher of what’s recently been put on Cydia, and remember, this is just a portion of the releases to land over the last few weeks.

Here’s a chronological list of all of the tweaks featured in the video:

  • KeySwipe ($1.00)
  • FrontCameraUnMirror (free)
  • SwipeToDelete (free)
  • SongCount (free)
  • Hide Badge Text (free)
  • FastCenters (free)
  • Siria (free)
  • Browsix ($2.99)
  • NoTrending (free)
  • NoNowPlayingStatusBar (free)
  • Floater (free)
  • DarkCC (free)
  • RomanPasscode (free)
  • Gauss 2 ($0.99)
  • Velox Lite (free)
  • Cydia Ratings (free) –
  • SmartSourcePrompt (free)
  • ProximityActivator (free)
  • AniBanner ($0.99)
  • TextSearch (free)

As you can see, the majority of the tweaks featured in this video are free, and only a few of them are paid. There’s lots of really good tweaks featured in the video. Here are a few that especially stood out to me:


It’s basically a mini web browser that you can access anywhere. You can move the browser around the screen, resize it, and open it when tapping on external links in other apps. It’s $2.99, so it’s a bit pricey, but there are lots of options and settings to configure, and it works generally well.


Not only does Floater make it seem like the Control Center and Notification Center UI is floating in mid air, there are options for app icons and other UI elements as well. The icon masks provide you with a cell-shaded look that’s pleasing to the eyes, no WinterBoard needed.


I find that badges are much less annoying when they just appear as red dots and don’t remind me of how many emails I’ve yet to answer.

Cydia Ratings

We’ve already wrote about Cydia Ratings once, but it’s so good I had to show you again. Cydia Ratings brings App Store-like ratings to Cydia. Hopefully more people jump on board with this.

What’s your favorite tweak out of the bunch? Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more tweak goodness soon.

  • o_O

    Ignored QRC for WA again wow….

  • Hex

    Lol. the way you went from Floater to DarkCC was smoooooth.

    • Sofakingstepwit

      T’was smooth. T’was smooth indeed.

  • Loke1988

    FrontCameraUnMirror (free)
    Doesn’t work 🙁 I really wanted it..

    • iPhoneWINS

      it works

      • Loke1988

        Ill try again thanks

  • Robert Delfave

    What tweak did you use to round your icons?!

    • :)

      I use Circulus (Winterboard) for this, but judging on the screenshot the author used a recently released tweak, which I can’t remember.

      • Robert Delfave

        Thanks! Once BigBoss comes back online I will have to give it a shot!

      • :)

        I remembered the tweak: it’s Floater. I use that as well, I just prefer Circulus for the icons. I hope BigBoss is back up soon!

    • Seba

      I use RippleBoard. Works great on my 6 plus 🙂

  • John

    Correction: Anibanner is not free, it’s 99 cents.

  • Victor Molina

    I want to use cydia ratings so bad. But I don’t use Facebook. Wish it supports other comments system or what ever it’s called like discus or something. Really hate Facebook

  • Gilbert L

    I downloaded cydia ratings and now cydia doesn’t open…… What do I do now?

    • Gilbert L

      Nvm got it to open by holding the home button and power off until the apple logo showed up and then held the volume up button until the springboard showed up. Not sure why the tweak didn’t work for me

  • Johnny Bravo

    Floater crashes on my 6 plus but works fine on my 6. Smh, developer is a great dude helped me try to resolve the issue for hours but no luck. Great tweak, love it on the 6, guess I’ll just settle for roundification on the plus.